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Class Information
Number: 428/544
Name: Stock material or miscellaneous articles > All metal or with adjacent metals
Description: Subject matter drawn to stock-material* or an intermediate-article* which is metallic* or to a shaped metal configuration designed for melting.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
428/545 Component of composite having metal continuous phase interengaged with nonmetal continuous phase 200
428/570 Composite powder (e.g., coated, etc.) 290
428/615 Composite; i.e., plural, adjacent, spatially distinct metal components (e.g., layers, joint, etc.) 543
428/599 Defined configuration of both thickness and nonthickness surface or angle therebetween (e.g., rounded corners, etc.) 74
428/608 Embodying fibers interengaged or between layers (e.g., paper, etc.) 179
428/606 Foil or filament smaller than 6 mils 299
428/596 Having aperture or cut 293
428/610 Having composition, density, or hardness gradient 375
428/611 Having magnetic properties, or preformed fiber orientation coordinate with shape 611
428/571 Having marginal feature for indexing or weakened portion for severing 45
428/598 Having member which crosses the plane of another member (e.g., t or x cross section, etc.) 98
428/546 Having metal particles 291
428/600 Having variation in thickness 169
428/592 Helical or with helical component 85
428/593 Honeycomb, or with grain orientation or elongated elements in defined angular relationship in respective components (e.g., parallel, inter- secting, etc.) 336
428/577 Intermediate article (e.g., blank, etc.) 162
428/614 Laterally noncoextensive components (e.g., embedded, etc.) 662
428/609 Macroscopically anomalous interface between layers 97
428/605 Mass of only fibers 72
428/612 Microscopic interfacial wave or roughness 216
428/603 Nonplanar uniform thickness or nonlinear uniform diameter (e.g., l-shape) 161
428/595 Nonplanar, uniform-thickness material having symmetrical channel shape or reverse fold (e.g., making acute angle, etc.) 121
428/594 Plural layers discontinuously bonded (e.g., spot-weld, mechanical fastener, etc.) 216
428/613 Porous (e.g., foamed, spongy, cracked, etc.) 283
428/576 Shaped configuration for melting (e.g., package, etc.) 53
428/687 Surface feature (e.g., rough, mirror) 482
428/573 Width or thickness variation or marginal cuts repeating longitudinally 83
428/591 With provision for limited relative movement between components 35
428/587 Workpiece mimicking finished stock having nonrectangular or noncircular cross section 21
428/588 Workpiece of parallel, nonfastened components (e.g., fagot, pile, etc.) 8
428/586 Workpiece with longitudinal passageway or stopweld material (e.g., for tubular stock, etc.) 126

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8701967 Method for manufacturing a cooling element and a cooling element Apr. 22, 2014
8684388 Head tube weld joint Apr. 1, 2014
8679640 Al alloy member, electronic device manufacturing apparatus, and method of manufacturing an anodic oxide film coated al alloy member Mar. 25, 2014
8613886 Nickel-rich wear resistant alloy and method of making and use thereof Dec. 24, 2013
8572828 Component mounting structures Nov. 5, 2013
8529828 Molten metal pump components Sep. 10, 2013
8518521 Composite molded article Aug. 27, 2013
8507104 Metal coating, forming method thereof, and metal wiring Aug. 13, 2013
8507107 Electronic device housing and method for making the same Aug. 13, 2013
8479970 High corrosion resistant equipment for a plant Jul. 9, 2013
8431206 Multipurpose adhesive tape Apr. 30, 2013
8343255 Forged product and crankshaft manufactured from it Jan. 1, 2013
8337904 Magnesium-substituted hydroxyapatites Dec. 25, 2012
8333923 High strength gray cast iron Dec. 18, 2012
8240540 Structure for joining members including a nut and an auxiliary member Aug. 14, 2012
8221822 Medical device coating by laser cladding Jul. 17, 2012
8216658 Laminated panel with discontinuous internal layer Jul. 10, 2012
8202646 Battery can with cutting-edge portion higher than cutting start portion, manufacturing method and manufacturing device therefore, and battery using the same Jun. 19, 2012
8147750 Gold alloy wire for ball bonding Apr. 3, 2012
8138303 Polymers Mar. 20, 2012
8136716 Soldering work piece, soldering method and heat exchanger Mar. 20, 2012
8129035 Structural component for automobile, two-wheeled vehicle or railcar excellent in impact-absorption property, shape fixability and flange cuttability, and method for producing the same Mar. 6, 2012
7975896 Friction plug welding methods and systems Jul. 12, 2011
7967182 Dissimilar metal joint product and joining method therefor Jun. 28, 2011
7960495 (Meth)acrylate/aspartate amine curatives and coatings and articles comprising the same Jun. 14, 2011
7954692 Structure and method for joining members of structure via friction stir processing Jun. 7, 2011
7901977 Data protection by detection of intrusion into electronic assemblies Mar. 8, 2011
7874471 Butt weld and method of making using fusion and friction stir welding Jan. 25, 2011
7854363 Structural assemblies and preforms therefor formed by friction welding Dec. 21, 2010
7841507 Fusion welding process to join aluminum and titanium Nov. 30, 2010
7829198 Lens for spectacles and method for forming lens for spectacles Nov. 9, 2010
7775247 Steel cord for reinforcement of off-the-road tires Aug. 17, 2010
7748601 Brazed articles, braze assemblies and methods therefor utilizing gold/copper/nickel brazing alloys Jul. 6, 2010
7690552 Joining method and structure of metal members Apr. 6, 2010
7682649 Medical devices and methods of making the same Mar. 23, 2010
7682703 Microfabrication using patterned topography and self-assembled monolayers Mar. 23, 2010
7670690 High strength vacuum deposited nitinol alloy films and method of making same Mar. 2, 2010
7651023 Nickel-based braze alloy compositions and related processes and articles Jan. 26, 2010
7650964 Arrangement of parts and a respective manufacturing method Jan. 26, 2010
7648782 Ceramic coating member for semiconductor processing apparatus Jan. 19, 2010
7562802 Friction stir welding method and structure body formed Jul. 21, 2009
7553381 Crystalline metal film Jun. 30, 2009
7407693 Ornamental device Aug. 5, 2008
7374823 Welded portion constitution and welding method May. 20, 2008
7354637 Damper and process thereof Apr. 8, 2008
7335426 High strength vacuum deposited nitinol alloy films and method of making same Feb. 26, 2008
7285331 Ultraphobic surface Oct. 23, 2007
7188653 Steel cord and method for producing a steel cord Mar. 13, 2007
7146727 Multisheet sandwich panel using superplastic forming and adhesive bonding Dec. 12, 2006
7046921 Radiant heating element reflective bracket with ventilation openings May. 16, 2006

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