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Number: 428/477.4
Name: Stock material or miscellaneous articles > Composite (nonstructural laminate) > Of polyamide > Next to aldehyde or ketone condensation product
Description: Product where the polyamide is adjacent to a layer of a polymer formed by removal of the oxo oxygen from an aldehyde or ketone and interaction of the carbon, from which removed, with another molecule.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7858202 Composite bodies having a polyacetal portion and a thermoplastic vulcanized elastomer portion, processes for making the same, articles including such bodies and uses therefor Dec. 28, 2010
7267738 Synthetic material and methods of forming and applying same Sep. 11, 2007
7175916 Composite material and method for preparation thereof Feb. 13, 2007
6977117 Thermoplastic resin integrated structure Dec. 20, 2005
6939591 Polyester laminate materials Sep. 6, 2005
6864348 Polyetherpolyamide elastomer having low water absorption Mar. 8, 2005
6811864 Tacky base material with powder thereon Nov. 2, 2004
6720071 Tip seal and seal material for scroll type compressor Apr. 13, 2004
6517949 Polyacetal composite and process for producing the same Feb. 11, 2003
6488893 Polyamide substrate having stain resistance, composition and method Dec. 3, 2002
6451444 Wood based plate provided with surface and method to provide the surface Sep. 17, 2002
6361666 Gas diffusion electron, process for producing an electrode an carbonizable composite Mar. 26, 2002
6284334 Multi-layer thermoplastic composites Sep. 4, 2001
6180197 Multi-layer tubing having at least one intermediate layer formed from a polyamide/polyketone alloy Jan. 30, 2001
5980851 Transparent electrically conductive plate Nov. 9, 1999
5770314 Transparent electrically conductive plate Jun. 23, 1998
5756407 Stain resistant polyamide substrate treated with sulfonated phosphated resol resin May. 26, 1998
5733823 Prepreg for printed circuit board and substrate for printed circuit using said prepreg Mar. 31, 1998
5662975 Composite tubular article consisting of a . . . petrol pipe and process for the preparation of such an article Sep. 2, 1997
5610239 Two component adhesive Mar. 11, 1997
5549963 Polyamide materials with durable stain resistance Aug. 27, 1996
5460891 Substrates treated with bis(hydroxyphenyl)sulfone stain-resists Oct. 24, 1995
5457259 Polyamide materials with durable stain resistance Oct. 10, 1995
5443867 Articles incorporating barrier resins Aug. 22, 1995
5262219 Composite film having slippery, electrically conducting surface Nov. 16, 1993
5252406 Support for toner transfer Oct. 12, 1993
5153062 Process and device for producing laminated safety glass and laminated safety glass produced thereby Oct. 6, 1992
5098777 Compressed non-asbestos sheet containing novaloid and aramid fibers Mar. 24, 1992
5019439 Thermoplastic resin film matrix with continuous tapes May. 28, 1991
4948650 Stain-resistant textile substrates Aug. 14, 1990
4916031 Surface-treated steel plate and bonded structure of metal material Apr. 10, 1990
4857392 Stainblocker and fluorocarbon oil repellents Aug. 15, 1989
4800111 Deformable resin laminate sheet Jan. 24, 1989
4617207 Thermoplastic resin sheet Oct. 14, 1986
4501787 Flame retardant B-staged epoxy resin prepregs and laminates made therefrom Feb. 26, 1985
4482604 Bonded reinforced plastic structures Nov. 13, 1984
4387178 Compressible soft asbestos free gasket material Jun. 7, 1983
4278733 Epoxy modified aniline-phenolic laminate Jul. 14, 1981
4264669 Bondable adhesive-coated poly(parabanic acid) film and laminates Apr. 28, 1981
4261473 Molded container having wall composed of oriented resin blend Apr. 14, 1981
4229567 Copolyamide resins from piperazine and polyoxyalkylene diamine having improved creep resistance Oct. 21, 1980
4169914 Three-dimensional substrates coated with the reaction product of an amino resin and a high molecular weight sulfonic acid Oct. 2, 1979
4122235 Resole resin binder composition Oct. 24, 1978
4112188 Resole resin binder composition Sep. 5, 1978
4031288 Bonding tire cord to rubber Jun. 21, 1977
3993841 Steel plate coated with thermosetting phenol resin and bisphenol A type epoxy resin Nov. 23, 1976
3969568 Aramid floc reinforcement of rubber using particular adhesive Jul. 13, 1976
3956566 Method for bonding polyamides to rubber, adhesive for the same, and adhesive coated polyamide reinforcing elements May. 11, 1976
3933714 Dip formulation additive for protection of adhesive-coated fabrics and single end cords Jan. 20, 1976
3932559 Adhesion of olefin copolymer rubber to nylon textile Jan. 13, 1976

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