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Class Information
Number: 428/253
Name: Stock material or miscellaneous articles >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
428/ Web or sheet containing structurally defined element or component (428/221) 0
428/ Composite (nonstructural laminate) (428/411.1) 0
428/1.1 Liquid crystal optical display having layer of specified composition 1,780
428/12 Collapsible article (e.g., jointed, elastic, etc.) 278
428/13 Display in frame or transparent casing; or diorama including or imitative of a real object 496
428/15 Three dimension imitation or "treated" natural product 617
428/2 Compacted trash or refuse bundle 105
428/221 Web or sheet containing structurally defined element or component 635
428/28 Finial or pendant type article 108
428/29 Article having latent image or transformation 184
428/3 Religious artifact (e.g., cruciform, etc.) 90
428/31 Vehicle body ornament 846
428/32 Article having ornamental wound or woven strands 24
428/32.1 Ink jet stock for printing (i.e., stock before printing) 288
428/32.39 Receiver for thermal transfer ink 227
428/32.6 Thermal transfer donor (e.g., ribbon, sheets, etc.) 154
428/33 Plural parts with edges or temporary joining means each complementary to other 228
428/34 Light transmissive sheets, with gas space therebetween and edge sealed (e.g., double glazed storm window, etc.) 631
428/34.1 Hollow or container type article (e.g., tube, vase, etc.) 1,275
428/357 Coated or structually defined flake, particle, cell, strand, strand portion, rod, filament, macroscopic fiber or mass thereof 894
428/37 Spirally flat-wound strand or strip (e.g., braided rug, etc.) 72
428/38 Mass transmissive of light through all layers and having opaque border (e.g., stained glass, wired glass, etc.) 317
428/39 Collage representative of real object 43
428/4 Bow, pompom or rosette 156
428/40.1 Layer or component removable to expose adhesive 1,878
428/408 Self-sustaining carbon mass or layer with impregnant or other layer 2,989
428/409 Surface property or characteristic of web, sheet or block 1,022
428/411.1 Composite (nonstructural laminate) 2,277
428/43 Sheet, web, or layer weakened to permit separation through thickness 1,292
428/44 Two dimensionally sectional layer 238
428/53 Three or more coplanar interfitted sections with securing means 218
428/539.5 Metal continuous phase interengaged with nonmetal continuous phase 211
428/54 Longitudinally sectional layer of three or more sections 161
428/540 Impregnated naturally solid product (e.g., leather, stone, etc.) 119
428/542.2 Decorative article 571
428/542.8 Article of intermediate shape (e.g., blank, parison, preform, etc.) 653
428/543 Miscellaneous (e.g., treated surfaces, etc.) 236
428/544 All metal or with adjacent metals 153
428/57 Sheets or webs edge spliced or joined 549
428/6 Plume 28
428/63 Patched hole or depression 306
428/64.1 Circular sheet or circular blank 1,405
428/67 Nonparticulate element embedded or inlaid in substrate and visible 302
428/68 Sheet including cover or casing 583
428/7 Special occasion ornament 232
428/77 Sheet facing and longitudinally noncoextensive with web or other sheet 330
428/80 Nonrectangular sheet 143
428/800 Magnetic recording component or stock 115
428/81 Perimeter or corner structure of sheet (excluding mere rectangular) 293
428/85 Pile or nap type surface or component 370
428/900 Magnetic feature 4,095
428/901 Printed circuit 2,093
428/902 High modulus filament or fiber 958
428/903 Microfiber (less than 100 micron diameter) 450
428/903.3 Recycled materials 338
428/904 Artificial leather 302
428/904.4 Wall and shelf covering 220
428/905 Odor releasing material 322
428/906 Roll or coil 834
428/906.6 Embroidery 46
428/907 Resistant against plant or animal attack 287
428/907.7 Layer or article rendered light-transmissive by pressure (e.g., blushed, etc.) 3
428/908 Impression retention layer (e.g., print matrix, sound record, etc.) 74
428/908.8 Wear-resistant layer 375
428/909 Resilient layer (e.g., printer's blanket, etc.) 202
428/910 Product with molecular orientation 1,897
428/911 Penetration resistant layer 685
428/912 Puncture healing layer 84
428/912.2 Mirror 197
428/913 Material designed to be responsive to temperature, light, moisture, etc. 5,345
428/913.3 Decorative article for viewing from one side only (e.g., plaque, etc.) 298
428/914 Transfer or decalcomania 3,015
428/916 Fraud or tamper detecting 523
428/917 Electroluminescent 2,924
428/918 Material abnormally transparent 123
428/919 Camouflaged article 272
428/920 Fire or heat protection feature 1,090
428/922 Static electricity metal bleed-off metallic stock 280
428/98 Structurally defined web or sheet (e.g., overall dimension, etc.) 365

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued

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