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Class Information
Number: 426/193
Name: Food or edible material: processes, compositions, and products >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
426/1 Bait, attractant, or process of preparation 152
426/104 Imitated, simulated, ornamental, three-dimensional product or confectionary product having child-oriented utility 539
426/105 Meat filled casing, sausage type 299
426/106 Packaged or wrapped product 555
426/132 Product with added inedible feature other than that which constitutes a package 202
426/138 Edible casing or container 306
426/143 Product having open-ended cavity 42
426/144 Product is grooved or corrugated 86
426/2 Treatment of live animal 849
426/231 Measuring, testing, or controlling by inanimate means 508
426/234 Treatment of packaged product by electrical or wave energy 524
426/235 Application of a gas, mist, smoke or vapor to a food material under the influence of electrical or wave energy 32
426/236 Involving treatment of a gas by electrical or wave energy and subsequent contact of said treated gas with a food material 22
426/237 Direct application of electrical or wave energy to food material 160
426/249 Preparation of frozen or shaped product wherein the product is of various external colors, e.g., variegated, etc. 184
426/250 Addition of dye or pigment, including optical brightener 399
426/253 Removing natural color by chemical reaction, e.g., bleaching, etc. 31
426/262 Preserving or modifying color by use of diverse additive 172
426/271 Involving ion exchange, sequestering or chelating material 279
426/272 Adhesion of foods by a base supplied constituent other than a dry product 85
426/273 Coating of nondry food other than animal flesh by a base supplied constituent 26
426/274 Assembling plural edible preforms having extraneous binder, release agent or diverse food interposed between preforms 97
426/276 Shaping by extruding into chemically reactive fluid 53
426/278 Nontransitory chemical addition to edible animal derived packaging material 31
426/279 Creating cavity by displacement of mold-held fluent or plastic edible, and filling formed cavity with diverse edible 41
426/281 Internal application of nontransitory fluent material to solid edible by injecting, artificial pore formation or external pressure 258
426/282 Filling cavity in edible solid preform with edible material 130
426/285 Building up units from diverse edible particulate material to form dry product, e.g., agglomerating, tableting, etc. 214
426/286 Removal of pesticidal residue 16
426/287 Involving removal of exterior portion only of plant material by chemical addition 17
426/289 Applying diverse edible particulate solid to coat or impregnate a solid core, i.e., surface coating or impregnation 258
426/297 Coating or spreading plastic on an edible preform and subsequently shaping the preform 85
426/298 Treating unshelled egg 53
426/3 Normally noningestible chewable material or process of preparation 693
426/302 Surface coating of a solid food with a liquid 671
426/311 Including vitamin processing 76
426/312 Contacting food in liquid or solid state with exteriorly produced gas 192
426/321 Inhibiting chemical or physical change of food by contact with a change inhibiting chemical agent other than an antioxygen agent 384
426/530 Renovating butter 6
426/531 Products per se, or processes of preparing or treating compositions involving chemical reaction by addition, combining diverse food material, or permanent additive 202
426/61 Dormant ferment containing product, or live microorganism containing product or ongoing fermenting product, process of preparation or treatment thereof 560
426/66 Potable water or ice compositions or processes of preparing same 94
426/663 Preparing or treating lacteal butter or lacteal butter substitute 27
426/665 Processes 68
426/68 Ice coating and coated product 23
426/69 Containing non-proteinaceous nitrogen source convertible to available nitrogen or process of preparation 152
426/7 Fermentation processes 199
426/71 Product for promoting the effect of an alimentary canal microorganism 66
426/72 Product with added vitamin or derivative thereof for fortification 658
426/74 Product with added plural inorganic mineral or element fortification 939
426/75 Product having safety feature in use 11
426/76 Frangible food having defined score line or weakened portion 39
426/77 Foraminous material infusion type, or foraminous container per se 285
426/800 Geriatric 81
426/801 Pediatric 209
426/802 Simulated animal flesh 257
426/803 Simulated fruit or vegetable 23
426/804 Low calorie, low sodium or hypoallergic 866
426/805 Pet food for dog, cat, bird, or fish 604
426/806 Salt or mineral substitute 31
426/807 Poultry or ruminant feed 962
426/808 Starch base snack product 241
426/809 Including harvesting or planting or other numerous miscellaneous processing steps 11
426/810 Energy rations, e.g., emergency rations, survival rations, etc. 69
426/811 Utilizing surface parting, antistick or release agent 69
426/85 Product with drinking tube 56
426/86 Cup having soluble charge therein 37
426/87 Product with defined indicating means, e.g., indicia, etc. 225
426/89 Surface coated, fluid encapsulated, laminated solid composite of self sustaining dissimilar edible material 415

Patents under this class:

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