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Class Information
Number: 425/192
Name: Plastic article or earthenware shaping or treating: apparatus >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
425/1 Means utilizing force from explosive or thermic composition 27
425/107 With means lubricating cooperating apparatus parts 103
425/108 Rod end to rod end splicing or joining type 21
425/11 Product or preform repair or restoring means 101
425/110 Distinct means to feed, support or manipulate preform stock and means for shaping fluent or bulk stock to form united product 255
425/130 Means feeding fluent stock from plural sources to common shaping means to form composite product 613
425/135 Control means responsive to or actuated by means sensing or detecting a condition or material triggered 484
425/151 With safety feature 102
425/155 With control means responsive to independently operated timer 77
425/161 Interlocked diverse function elements 41
425/162 With electrical control system 164
425/168 With means adjusting synchronization or compensating for wear 77
425/169 With indicator, signal, recorder, illuminator, or inspection means 216
425/174 Means applying electrical or wave energy directly to work 135
425/175 Means forming a mold; or flask, per se 118
425/181 Convertible 9
425/182 With apparatus assembly or dismantling means or with idle part 217
425/197 With upstream screen or perforated plate for straining, homogenizing, or mixing material to be shaped 192
425/2 Shaping means employing anatomical body or portion thereof (i.e., animal or plant) 106
425/200 With separate and distinct upstream agitating or kneading means 94
425/210 With means cleaning and purifying atmosphere surrounding molding device 67
425/211 With sound muffling or dampening means 19
425/212 With means to reset operation cycle 3
425/213 With personnel support means 14
425/214 With means to retard or stop moving element (e.g., brake, etc.) 55
425/215 With means to gather excess or rejected stock material 160
425/218 Female mold and cooperating stock smoothing means or excess stock removing means 87
425/222 Tumbling type agglomerating means for particulate material 141
425/223 Endless casting surface and cooperating harvesting means 69
425/224 Means casting fluent stock operably associated with shaping surface to form indefinite length product 330
425/225 With separate apparatus cleaning means 153
425/233 Sets of press couples comprising registering female mold cavities 97
425/238 Dough divider type including trap chamber 51
425/253 Female mold, pallet handling means and means to charge female mold 89
425/256 Female mold and means to feed measured charge of fluent material thereto 127
425/262 Means withdrawing trowel type shaping member from within open ended mold to shape material therein 59
425/263 Pottery wheel type support and profile 20
425/269 Dipping type shaping means 14
425/276 Means excavating from a bulk source with simultaneous shaping (e.g., ice cream scoop or plugger, etc.) 27
425/28.1 Reshaping, resizing or vulcanizing means for tire, tire tube, or drive belt 268
425/287 Former of the die expressing type making doughnut shapes 22
425/289 Preform severing means 178
425/3 With direct application of magnetic force to manipulate shaping means or work 216
425/317 Combined 67
425/318 Hand manipulable shaping couple 75
425/319 Means to form preform from bulk and means to convolute or twist the preform 54
425/323 Pretzel bending type 16
425/324.1 Diverse distinct type shaping means 120
425/329 Three or more endless surfaces cooperating to define a shaping aperture 71
425/330 Three or more platens movable on intersecting paths to define a shaping cavity 71
425/331 Traversing roll pressurizing means operably associated with downstream perforated plate 87
425/332 Means imparting rolling action to discrete charge of stock to form a ball 51
425/334 Sets of convoluting or twisting means 38
425/335 Sets of shaping couples comprising an endless surface for press forming, reshaping (plural stage or pass) or vulcanizing 189
425/338 Gang-press, plural parallel leaves or platens 91
425/340 Plural reshaping means or plural vulcanizing means including conforming preform support 42
425/344 Plural sets each comprising a female mold and opposed coaxial dynamic press members 49
425/346 Sets of male-female press molds 55
425/352 Female mold and opposed coaxial dynamic press members 181
425/356 Plural shaping plungers or rolls coacting with a single female mold 68
425/357 Plural female mold cavities cooperating with single press member 19
425/363 Press forming means, press reshaping means, or vulcanizing means is endless surface type 585
425/375 Pattern control of travel for a forming means (e.g., depositing, etc.) 293
425/376.1 Stock pressurizing means operably associated with downstream shaping orifice 346
425/383 Preform reshaping or resizing means: or vulcanizing means including a conforming preform support 241
425/404 Shaping means and subsequent product treatment means 255
425/405.1 Means to create a vacuum or apply fluid pressure within a press forming mold 422
425/406 Press forming apparatus having opposed press members 299
425/424 Female mold vibrator or tamper, and product release means 52
425/425 Female mold including tamping means or means utilizing mold motion to distribute or compact stock therein 121
425/436R Shaping surface including means to release or remove product from shaping surface 262
425/445 Means treating shaped work 255
425/447 Forming surface and means feeding fluent stock thereto 213
425/450.1 Mold opening and closing means and segmented female mold 310
425/451.9 Segmented female mold and mold clamping means 430
425/452 Female mold and pallet handling means 57
425/453 Dynamic support or dynamic carrier and female mold 164
425/456 Vibrating means (e.g., tamping rod or jarring means, etc.) including mechanical movement or power means 206
425/457 Dynamic male shaping means including mechanical movement or power means 107
425/458 Hand movable, substrate traversing, plural dimension shaping means 210
425/459 Profile, jigger tool or potter`s wheel per se 29
425/460 Shaping member for traversing the interior surface of hollow work 47
425/461 Means providing a shaping orifice 485
425/468 Core and positioning means therefor 257
425/469 Tamp rod, plunger or male shaping member 62
425/470 Shaping or casting surface (e.g., plastering or gunite type, etc.) 221
425/472 Miscellaneous 104
425/4R With mechanical means forming or expanding pores (e.g., foaming, etc.) 297
425/5 Means encapsulating normally liquid material 70
425/500 Preform assembly means and means for bonding of plural preforms involving preform reshaping or vulcanizing 53
425/522 Female mold and means to shape parison directly by internal fluid pressure, (e.g., blow mold, etc.) 270
425/542 Female mold and charger to supply fluent stock under pressure thereto in fluid-tight relationship (e.g., injection mold, etc.) 392
425/59 Utilizing subterranean feature as shaping means 64
425/6 Means making particulate material directly from liquid or molten material 270
425/60 Boom mounted depositing and forming means of the carrousel type 23
425/61 With ship or boat launching means or drydock 1
425/62 With transportation device for relocating molding apparatus to different site (e.g., land vehicle, etc.) 108
425/63 Building forms or construction engineering type mold with repositioning means for progressive molding 118
425/66 Continuous filament forming or film casting means with stretching means comprising product advancing means 215
425/67 Immersed shaping orifice discharging directly into liquid bath or shower means 130
425/71 Including means advancing continuous length work through downstream liquid bath or shower means 337
425/72.1 Shaping orifice and downstream work contacting gaseous treating means 368
425/73 Including ventilating type hood or chamber encasing a material handler 128
425/76 Means imparting irregular denier to filaments 20
425/77 Ultra high pressure generating device 87
425/78 Means for molding powdered metal 355
425/80.1 Air felting type shaping means 123
425/801 Button 4
425/802 Cable tube or rod splicing 4
425/803 Candle or crayon 67
425/804 Capsule making 37
425/805 Comb or brush 32
425/806 Flash removal 120
425/807 Lace tipping 0
425/808 Lens mold 732
425/809 Seal (bottle caps only) 131
425/810 Sound record 442
425/811 Stencil 11
425/812 Venting 584
425/813 Water bottle 3
425/814 Zipper 93
425/815 Chemically inert or reactive atmosphere 22
425/816 Gas mask 3
425/817R Means molding pore formable material 359
425/818 Belt 33
425/84 With foraminous or absorbent means for removal of vehicle or component in liquid form during or after shaping 143
425/86 Including handling means or feature for treating liquid or vehicle liquid, or condensate 39
425/87 Hand movable, substrate traversing, plural dimension shaping means including molding material supply 126
425/88 With factory structure feature 44
425/89 With interposed non-adhering web or sheet type parting means 158
425/90 With means applying coating (e.g., parting, etc.) material to work or work contact means 95
425/DIG.1 Accumulator 2
425/DIG.10 Core positioning 43
425/DIG.101 Aggregate and pellet 12
425/DIG.102 Air ejection 15
425/DIG.105 Brace 2
425/DIG.106 Chamber 4
425/DIG.107 Connection 2
425/DIG.108 Conveyor 28
425/DIG.109 Frangible connections 8
425/DIG.11 Dental injection 16
425/DIG.110 Heated mold 21
425/DIG.111 Hollow block 2
425/DIG.112 Inflatable form 18
425/DIG.113 Inner roll 0
425/DIG.115 Lubricator 24
425/DIG.116 Mold cleaning 11
425/DIG.117 Pallet 7
425/DIG.118 Pallet feeder 13
425/DIG.119 Perforated or porous 32
425/DIG.12 Destructible mold and core 39
425/DIG.120 Pottery appendage 3
425/DIG.121 Projection 2
425/DIG.122 Reinforcing and aggregate 1
425/DIG.123 Repress 1
425/DIG.124 Rubber matrix 8
425/DIG.125 Sand mold 1
425/DIG.126 Silo mold 2
425/DIG.127 Spring 21
425/DIG.128 Swinging top press 2
425/DIG.129 Wedge 19
425/DIG.13 Electric heat 82
425/DIG.130 Wire reinforce 1
425/DIG.131 Yielding plunger 1
425/DIG.132 Portable 1
425/DIG.14 Expansible and collapsible 61
425/DIG.15 Explosive 11
425/DIG.16 Extrude and mold 8
425/DIG.17 Filament stretching apparatus 6
425/DIG.19 Flexible fluid pressure 56
425/DIG.2 Air support 8
425/DIG.20 Fluidized bed 12
425/DIG.200 Molding plant(s) 11
425/DIG.21 Frictional drive 1
425/DIG.217 Spinnerette forming conjugate, composite or hollow filaments 50
425/DIG.218 Pipe machine: socket forming apparatus 113
425/DIG.219 With stick inserting means for edible product (e.g., popsicles) 2
425/DIG.22 Friction heat 5
425/DIG.221 Injection mold closing and locking clamp, wedge or retention means 38
425/DIG.223 Injection mold closing means utilizing variable closing pressure 32
425/DIG.224 Injection mold nozzle valve 20
425/DIG.227 Injection nozzle; positioned flush with mold or cavity 22
425/DIG.228 Injection plunger or ram: transfer molding type 58
425/DIG.229 Injection mold runner valve 12
425/DIG.23 Glazing 5
425/DIG.230 Hay wafering or pelletizing means 133
425/DIG.235 Calendar 36
425/DIG.236 Attenuating 4
425/DIG.237 Varying density foam 1
425/DIG.238 Boat hull mold 9
425/DIG.239 Modular mold 2
425/DIG.24 Gora 0
425/DIG.240 Pre-fab mold 0
425/DIG.241 Wall panel mold 1
425/DIG.242 Pipe joint seal mold 0
425/DIG.243 Extrusion or injection molding 11
425/DIG.244 Die and matrix 1
425/DIG.245 Heat 9
425/DIG.246 Mold heating 11
425/DIG.247 Multipart injection molds 8
425/DIG.248 Uniting 1
425/DIG.249 Character 3
425/DIG.25 Gutter 1
425/DIG.26 High pressure 30
425/DIG.27 Hot water bottle 1
425/DIG.28 Impact 1
425/DIG.29 Jigs and dies 16
425/DIG.3 Appendage 4
425/DIG.30 Laminated mold 33
425/DIG.32 Lipstick 30
425/DIG.33 Magnet 95
425/DIG.34 Morin 24
425/DIG.35 Opposed plunger 10
425/DIG.36 Patching 0
425/DIG.37 Perforate 35
425/DIG.38 Pre-form 9
425/DIG.39 Pre-heat 26
425/DIG.4 Back pressure 1
425/DIG.40 Pulling wheel 2
425/DIG.41 Reshape 15
425/DIG.42 Ring 16
425/DIG.43 Rocket fuel core 6
425/DIG.44 Rubber mold 186
425/DIG.45 Safety 15
425/DIG.46 Scrap 43
425/DIG.47 Seal ring 135
425/DIG.48 Sheet clamping 89
425/DIG.49 Spinnerette mixer 10
425/DIG.5 Cammed 139
425/DIG.50 Spray 6
425/DIG.51 Sprue removal 43
425/DIG.53 Stretch 27
425/DIG.54 Through travel mold 4
425/DIG.55 Teflon™ 26
425/DIG.56 Telephone 1
425/DIG.57 Toy molding 47
425/DIG.58 Undercut 386
425/DIG.59 United parts 7
425/DIG.60 Vacuum 140
425/DIG.61 Venetian blind 0
425/DIG.7 Coil 14
425/DIG.9 Cooling and color 11

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