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Number: 424/DIG.1
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Aerosol hair preparation

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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4117853 Film-forming vinyl acetate copolymerizates in an improved process for setting hair and as hair setting agents Oct. 3, 1978
4118423 Aminated .gamma.-dialdehyde; methods for preparing the same and cosmetic compositions containing the same Oct. 3, 1978
4107289 Use of substituted pyrans as deodorant chemicals Aug. 15, 1978
4087550 Hydroxylated amine thioethers for improving the greasy and unaesthetic appearance of the hair and skin May. 2, 1978
4080465 Topical application of cis or trans 3,4-thiolannediol to reduce or substantially eliminate the greasy appearance of the skin Mar. 21, 1978
4073898 Composition for reducing the oily appearance of the hair and skin Feb. 14, 1978
4070533 Terpolymer of (a) crotonic acid (b) vinyl acetate and (c) allyl or methallyl esters Jan. 24, 1978
4059688 Hair fixing compositions containing fluoroterpolymers and method Nov. 22, 1977
4054147 4,4-Disubstituted diphenylamines in dye compositions for keratinic fibers Oct. 18, 1977
4046786 Indoanilines Sep. 6, 1977
4044121 Hair spray containing fluorocarbon compounds as additives Aug. 23, 1977
4036241 Film-forming carboxy-containing resin and a polyvalent metal salt in a hair spray and a method of using the same Jul. 19, 1977
4030512 Hair lacquer or setting lotion containing bi- or tri-sequenced copolymer Jun. 21, 1977
4025301 Azo dyes derived from 3-amino pyridine in hair dye compositions May. 24, 1977
4023926 Diaminobenzoquinones in hair dye compositions May. 17, 1977
4015612 Film-forming polymer modified with a fluoroaliphatic radical containing compound and hair styling composition thereof Apr. 5, 1977
4014990 Animated-.gamma.-dialdehydes in hair strengthening compositions Mar. 29, 1977
4013787 Piperazine based polymer and hair treating composition containing the same Mar. 22, 1977
4012501 Hair-care composition containing a thermoplastic polymer Mar. 15, 1977
4010872 Oxidation hair dye in a plural-fluids dispensing package Mar. 8, 1977
4007005 Hair setting compositions which display high resistance to high humidity Feb. 8, 1977
3993745 Perfluorinated compounds in hair treatment compositions Nov. 23, 1976
3986825 Hair coloring composition containing water-soluble amino and quaternary ammonium polymers Oct. 19, 1976
3984402 Indoanilines for dyeing keratinous fibers Oct. 5, 1976
3984443 Indamines for dyeing keratinic fibers Oct. 5, 1976
3984536 Cosmetic composition containing essentially homogeneous vinyl acetate/crotonic acid copolymer Oct. 5, 1976
3981987 Hair setting compositions containing easily removable neutralized copolymers Sep. 21, 1976
3980091 Quaternary ammonium compounds in pretreatment of hair before shampooing with an anionic shampoo Sep. 14, 1976
3977825 Indoanilines in keratinic fiber dye cmpositions Aug. 31, 1976
3977826 Terpenoid stabilizers in aerosol co-dispensing hair coloring systems Aug. 31, 1976
3972998 Hair preparation containing a fluoropolymer Aug. 3, 1976
3972336 Hair fixatives based on sulfonated styrene polymers Aug. 3, 1976
3968218 Cosmetic composition containing a hydroxylated amino thioether for application to the hair and skin Jul. 6, 1976
3966404 Hair laquer or hair setting composition containing a terpolymer Jun. 29, 1976
3966403 Hair lacquer or hair setting composition containing a tetrapolymer Jun. 29, 1976
3966087 Aerosol dispensing device containing a hairsetting preparation having a low propellant content Jun. 29, 1976
3963764 Indoanilines Jun. 15, 1976
3959463 Hair dressing compositions containing a hair substantive quaternary resin May. 25, 1976
3959462 Hair care products containing flourocarbon polymers for keeping hair cleaner longer May. 25, 1976
3958581 Cosmetic composition containing a cationic polymer and divalent metal salt for strengthening the hair May. 25, 1976
3954725 Alcohol soluble acylated protein hydrolyzate reaction products May. 4, 1976
3951156 Improving curl retention and mechanical properties of hair by glyoxal-pentaerythritol complex Apr. 20, 1976
3950532 Topical application of cis of trans 3,4-thiolanediol to reduce the greasy appearance of hair and skin Apr. 13, 1976
3946749 Hair cosmetic compositions based on grafted and crosslinked copolymers Mar. 30, 1976
3937802 Sprayable hair-setting composition containing a sulfonate containing hydrophilic copolymer Feb. 10, 1976
3934595 Lacquers and wavesetting lotions containing methyl methacrylate-dimethylamino-ethyl methacrylate-octadecyl methacrylate terpolymers Jan. 27, 1976
3931912 Two-part hair dye or hair bleach package Jan. 13, 1976

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