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Class Information
Number: 424/535
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Extract, body fluid, or cellular material of undetermined constitution derived from animal is active ingredient > Milk or colostrum (e.g., butter, whey, etc.)
Description: Subject matter in which the material is or is derived from milk or colostrum; e.g., butter, whey, etc.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5683984 Enteral tube feeding composition with a native micellar casein protein component Nov. 4, 1997
5681586 Enzyme-modified soy and soy/casein combination healing compositions Oct. 28, 1997
5667839 Human recombinant collagen in the milk of transgenic animals Sep. 16, 1997
5667797 Anti-viral composition and kit and use for treating rotavirus infection and diarrhea Sep. 16, 1997
5654019 Bone enhancing factors from whey and compositions containing the same Aug. 5, 1997
5650175 Anti-inflammatory factor, method of isolation, and use Jul. 22, 1997
5645830 Lactobacillus and skim milk compositions and methods for preventing microbial urogenital infections Jul. 8, 1997
5643880 Product for inhibition of attachment of H. influenzae to human cells Jul. 1, 1997
5639501 Separation of minerals from whey permeate Jun. 17, 1997
5635401 Method to detect hormone treatment in animals Jun. 3, 1997
5591443 Synergistic insecticide composition Jan. 7, 1997
5576300 Method for inhibition of human rotavirus infection Nov. 19, 1996
5576027 Hydroxylated milk glycerides Nov. 19, 1996
5550106 Low buffer nutritional composition Aug. 27, 1996
5538952 Inhibition of infection of mammalian cells by respiratory syncytial virus Jul. 23, 1996
5531988 Bacteria and immunoglobulin-containing composition for human gastrointestinal health Jul. 2, 1996
5531989 Immunoglobulin and fiber-containing composition for human gastrointestinal health Jul. 2, 1996
5506209 Product for inhibition of infection of mammalian cells by respiratory syncytial virus Apr. 9, 1996
5500229 Colostrum fraction, a process of preparing it and its use as a supplement in cell culture media Mar. 19, 1996
5478579 Method for treatment of osteoporosis Dec. 26, 1995
5456924 Method of treatment of HIV-seropositive individuals with dietary whey proteins Oct. 10, 1995
5451412 Biologically active undenatured whey protein concentrate as food supplement Sep. 19, 1995
5447961 O/W type emulsion containing milk Sep. 5, 1995
5427769 Prevention of dental caries Jun. 27, 1995
5397577 Method for obtaining beta casein Mar. 14, 1995
5352462 Anti-inflammatory factor, method of isolation, and use Oct. 4, 1994
5344820 Infection protectant Sep. 6, 1994
5290571 Biologically active whey protein concentrate Mar. 1, 1994
5242691 Anti-inflammatory factor, method of isolation, and use Sep. 7, 1993
5230902 Undenatured whey protein concentrate to improve active systemic humoral immune response Jul. 27, 1993
5229136 Low caloric density enteral formulation designed to reduce diarrhea in tube-fed patients Jul. 20, 1993
5194255 Antihypertensive hyperimmune milk, production, composition, and use Mar. 16, 1993
5194591 Isolation of an immunoglobulin rich fracton from whey Mar. 16, 1993
5188842 Edible plastic compositions Feb. 23, 1993
5182302 Method for enhancing growth of mammary parenchyma using a prostaglandin Jan. 26, 1993
5120527 Paramagnetic oil emulsions as MRI contrast agents Jun. 9, 1992
5106618 Method of treating protozoal gastrointestinal disorders by administering hyperimmune milk product Apr. 21, 1992
5102669 Method of producing remedies and products of the method Apr. 7, 1992
5093143 Dietetic nutrient compositions for patients with kidney insufficiency Mar. 3, 1992
5064636 Paramagnetic oil emulsions as enteric MRI contrast agents Nov. 12, 1991
5028437 Treatment of animal diarrhoea Jul. 2, 1991
5019390 Anticancer agent--IMIC May. 28, 1991
4980450 Phosphopeptides from casein-based raw material Dec. 25, 1990
4970072 Bath preparation Nov. 13, 1990
4956349 Anti-inflammatory factor, method of isolation, and use Sep. 11, 1990
4944944 Dietary compositions and methods using bile salt-activated lipase Jul. 31, 1990
4879110 Antihypertensive hyperimmune milk, production, composition, and use Nov. 7, 1989
4843065 Method of producing products for use in the treatment of bacterial and/or virus infections Jun. 27, 1989
4822601 Cosmetic base composition with therapeutic properties Apr. 18, 1989
4816563 Process for obtaining transfer factor from colostrum, transfer factor so obtained and use thereof Mar. 28, 1989

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