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Number: 424/432
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Preparations characterized by special physical form > Implant or insert > Vaginal, urethral, uterine > Iud or ring
Description: Subject matter in which the special physical form is a structured article intended for insertion in the uterus.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8580294 Platinum-catalyzed intravaginal rings Nov. 12, 2013
8580293 Monolithic intravaginal rings comprising progesterone and methods of making and uses thereof Nov. 12, 2013
8552042 Use of combination preparations comprising antifungal agents Oct. 8, 2013
8506988 Process for making a multicomponent bioactive intravaginal ring Aug. 13, 2013
8404272 Fiber-reinforced composite rings for intravaginal controlled drug delivery Mar. 26, 2013
8399013 Partially absorbable fiber-reinforced composites for controlled drug delivery Mar. 19, 2013
8399012 Degradable therapeutic delivery device Mar. 19, 2013
8333983 Drug delivery system Dec. 18, 2012
8323679 Flexible, compressed intravaginal rings, methods of making and using the same, and apparatus for making the same Dec. 4, 2012
8235047 Methods and devices for deployment into a lumen Aug. 7, 2012
8226972 Vaginal delivery of drugs Jul. 24, 2012
7883718 Methods and devices for the sustained release of multiple drugs Feb. 8, 2011
7850986 Delivery system Dec. 14, 2010
7838024 Methods and devices for the sustained release of multiple drugs Nov. 23, 2010
7833545 Methods and devices for the sustained release of multiple drugs Nov. 16, 2010
7829112 Methods and devices for the sustained release of multiple drugs Nov. 9, 2010
7824383 Vaginal drug delivery system and method Nov. 2, 2010
7803574 Medical device applications of nanostructured surfaces Sep. 28, 2010
7744916 Coated vaginal device for delivery of anti-migraine and anti-nausea drugs Jun. 29, 2010
7691403 Non-absorbent tampon containing additives inhibiting TSST-1 Apr. 6, 2010
7521064 Non-hormonal vaginal contraceptive Apr. 21, 2009
7438836 Dispersion and coating preparation containing nanoscale zinc oxide Oct. 21, 2008
7262164 Polymeric thiol-linked prodrugs employing benzyl elimination systems Aug. 28, 2007
7041310 Pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of gynecological diseases May. 9, 2006
7005138 Method of systematically delivering SSRIs Feb. 28, 2006
6951654 Intravaginal drug delivery devices for the administration of an antimicrobial agent Oct. 4, 2005
6899890 Bioadhesive drug delivery system May. 31, 2005
6646144 Dimethicone copolyol cranberriate as a delivery system for natural antioxidants Nov. 11, 2003
6596297 Biodegradable microbicidal vaginal barrier device Jul. 22, 2003
6592894 Hydrogel-isolated cochleate formulations, process of preparation and their use for the delivery of biologically relevant molecules Jul. 15, 2003
6572875 Biodegradable microbicidal vaginal barrier device Jun. 3, 2003
6544546 Ring-shaped devices Apr. 8, 2003
6537566 Compositions and methods for the non-invasive treatment of uterine fibroid cells Mar. 25, 2003
6455034 Method for inhibiting the development of body odors Sep. 24, 2002
6436428 Device and method for treating urinary incontinence in females Aug. 20, 2002
6420336 Methods of using cyanovirins topically to inhibit viral infection Jul. 16, 2002
6416779 Device and method for intravaginal or transvaginal treatment of fungal, bacterial, viral or parasitic infections Jul. 9, 2002
6416780 Intravaginal drug delivery devices for the administration of testosterone and testosterone precursors Jul. 9, 2002
6361780 Microporous drug delivery system Mar. 26, 2002
6294188 Methods involving changing the constitutive and stimulated secretions of the local reproductive system of women Sep. 25, 2001
6264973 Apparatus and method for anesthetizing the cervical region of a female Jul. 24, 2001
6197327 Device and method for treatment of dysmenorrhea Mar. 6, 2001
6165493 "Methods and compositions for decreasing the frequency of HIV, herpesvirus and sexually transmitted bacterial infections" Dec. 26, 2000
6126958 Intravaginal rings with insertable drug-containing core Oct. 3, 2000
6103256 Intravaginal drug delivery device Aug. 15, 2000
6086909 Device and method for treatment of dysmenorrhea Jul. 11, 2000
6074660 Absorbable polyoxaesters containing amines and/ or amido groups Jun. 13, 2000
6068851 Formulation for use in the prevention of pathogen induced diseases including HIV and HSV May. 30, 2000
5994151 Selenium carrier conjugates Nov. 30, 1999
5989581 Drug delivery system for two or more active substances Nov. 23, 1999

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