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Number: 424/246.1
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Antigen, epitope, or other immunospecific immunoeffector (e.g., immunospecific vaccine, immunospecific stimulator of cell-mediated immunity, immunospecific tolerogen, immunospecific immunosuppressor, etc.) > Bacterium or component thereof or substance produced by said bacterium (e.g., legionella, borrelia, anaplasma, shigella, etc.) > Bacillus
Description: Subject matter wherein the bacterium is of the genus Bacillus.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8703150 Methods of using Bacillus anthracis protective antigen sequences for vaccination Apr. 22, 2014
8685721 Stable constitutively high expression vector for preparing HPV vaccine and recombinant lactic acid bacteria transformed thereby Apr. 1, 2014
8673311 Bacterial spore having therapeutic agent adsorbed on its surface Mar. 18, 2014
8663926 Detection of anthrax pathogenicity factors Mar. 4, 2014
8574853 Monoclonal antibodies that neutralize anthrax toxins Nov. 5, 2013
8551498 Solid composition containing Bacillus-type non-pathogenic bacterial spores Oct. 8, 2013
8524223 Bacillus subtilis KS1 as a plant disease control agent Sep. 3, 2013
8492519 Protease-stable, cell wall-lysing enzymes Jul. 23, 2013
8481055 Method of preventing infections from bioterrorism agents with immunostimulatory CpG oligonucleotides Jul. 9, 2013
8481043 Nasal immunization Jul. 9, 2013
8425880 Metal-containing materials for treatment of bacterial conditions Apr. 23, 2013
8414878 Irilis biopreparation based on bacillus-strain bacteria, bacillus subtilis and bacillus licheniformis contained therein Apr. 9, 2013
8409590 Anthrax antigens and methods of use Apr. 2, 2013
8409591 Methods and compositions for the dietary management of autoimmune disorders Apr. 2, 2013
8404247 Antitoxin and vaccine platform based on nodavirus VLPS Mar. 26, 2013
8398995 Method of inducing immune tolerance to type I diabetes Mar. 19, 2013
8394387 Recombinant modified Bacillus anthracis protective antigen for use in vaccines Mar. 12, 2013
8389469 Bacteriophage lysins for Bacillus anthracis Mar. 5, 2013
8388933 Multimeric protein toxins to target cells having multiple identifying characteristics Mar. 5, 2013
8383084 Destruction of spores through glycoconjugate enhanced phagocytosis Feb. 26, 2013
8343495 Equine antibodies against Bacillus anthracis for passive immunization and treatment Jan. 1, 2013
8329187 Compositions of spores of non pathogenic bacteria Dec. 11, 2012
8313928 Expression system Nov. 20, 2012
8277816 Bacillus anthracis antigens, vaccine compositions, and related methods Oct. 2, 2012
8252291 Bacteriocins and novel bacterial strains Aug. 28, 2012
8246965 Bacillus isolates and methods of their use to protect against plant pathogens Aug. 21, 2012
8227418 Alpha-defensins as anthrax immunotherapeutics Jul. 24, 2012
8206726 Zwitterionic polysaccharides for promotion of immune system maturation and health Jun. 26, 2012
8202514 Bacillus subtilis strain having antagonistic activity for controlling plant diseases Jun. 19, 2012
8192720 Compositions and methods for detection, prevention, and treatment of anthrax and other infectious diseases Jun. 5, 2012
8187611 Anti-peptide antibodies that cross react with protective antigen of Bacillus anthracis and uses thereof May. 29, 2012
8133498 Use of polynucleotides encoding small acid-soluble spore protein for inhibiting bacterial cell growth and/or treating bacterial infections Mar. 13, 2012
8114582 Fluorescence polarization instruments and methods for detection of exposure to biological materials by fluorescence polarization immunoassay of saliva, oral or bodily fluids Feb. 14, 2012
8105613 Vaccine formulation Jan. 31, 2012
8092810 Use of polypeptides having antimicrobial activity Jan. 10, 2012
8071100 Monoclonal antibodies that neutralize anthrax toxins Dec. 6, 2011
8044189 Bacillus anthracis protective antigen nucleic acid sequences Oct. 25, 2011
8039006 Solid composition containing bacillus-type non-pathogenic bacterial spores Oct. 18, 2011
7998487 Antitoxin and vaccine platform based on nodavirus VLPs Aug. 16, 2011
7985837 Two component Bacillus lantibiotic and methods for producing and using the same Jul. 26, 2011
7947289 Multimeric protein toxins to target cells having multiple identifying characteristics May. 24, 2011
7927598 Broad-spectrum .delta.-endotoxins and method and kit for detecting same and for detecting polynucleotides encoding same Apr. 19, 2011
7910115 Polypeptide absorbable into digestive organs Mar. 22, 2011
7901687 Antibodies for the detection of Bacillus anthracis and vaccine against B. anthracis infections Mar. 8, 2011
7902344 Antibodies with increased affinities for anthrax antigens Mar. 8, 2011
7888490 Process for the preparation of non-toxic anthrax vaccine Feb. 15, 2011
7883711 Use of polypeptides having antimicrobial activity Feb. 8, 2011
7858762 Phosphate limited inducible promoter and a Bacillus expression system Dec. 28, 2010
7833775 Modified free-living microbes, vaccine compositions and methods of use thereof Nov. 16, 2010
7824691 Use of RIP in treating staphylococcus aureus infections Nov. 2, 2010

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