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Number: 424/148.1
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Immunoglobulin, antiserum, antibody, or antibody fragment, except conjugate or complex of the same with nonimmunoglobulin material > Monoclonal antibody or fragment thereof (i.e., produced by any cloning technology) > Binds virus or component thereof > Immunodeficiency virus
Description: Subject matter wherein the virus is one that is associated with an immunodeficiency syndrome such as AIDS in humans or an AIDS-related syndrome in animals.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8673307 HIV-1 anti-core neutralizing antibodies that target a conformational epitope within the ALPHA5-helix of GP120 Mar. 18, 2014
8617553 Use of goat serum for veterinary treatment Dec. 31, 2013
8536137 Methods for treating nucleoside-induced pain Sep. 17, 2013
8535684 Methods of inhibiting HIV infectivity Sep. 17, 2013
8512702 Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment Aug. 20, 2013
8246957 Lupus antibodies for passive immunotherapy of HIV/AIDS Aug. 21, 2012
8110192 Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)-neutralizing human single-chain antibodies with improved breadth and potency Feb. 7, 2012
7993647 Monoclonal antibodies to HIV-1 and methods of using same Aug. 9, 2011
7897332 Methods for the detection of HIV-1 or -2 antigens employing monoclonal antibodies that recognize a shared HIV-1/-2 epitope in the capsid p24/p26 proteins Mar. 1, 2011
7858298 Methods of inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection through the administration of CCR5 chemokine receptor antagonists Dec. 28, 2010
7744887 Human antibodies interacting with HIV gp41 Jun. 29, 2010
7595050 Human IGM monoclonal antibody capable of inducing apoptosis in HIV-infected cells Sep. 29, 2009
7595049 IGG1 monoclonal antibody with anti-HIV neutralizing activity Sep. 29, 2009
7582302 Needle-free administration of FeLV vaccines Sep. 1, 2009
7566451 Human immunodeficiency virus-neutralizing human antibodies with improved breadth and potency Jul. 28, 2009
7306798 Immunoglobulin IgG3 as a marker for protecting against infectious viral diseases, and the uses of the same Dec. 11, 2007
7226429 Method for removal of viruses from blood by lectin affinity hemodialysis Jun. 5, 2007
7223844 Broadly cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies against human immunodeficiency virus selected by Env-CD4-co-receptor complexes May. 29, 2007
7122188 Antibodies which bind with proteins of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), and immune complexes comprising proteins of HIV-1 Oct. 17, 2006
7060273 Methods for inhibiting HIV-1 infection Jun. 13, 2006
7045130 Antibodies against antigens of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) May. 16, 2006
7041293 HIV env antibodies May. 9, 2006
7008622 Methods and compositions for impairing multiplication of HIV-1 Mar. 7, 2006
6803449 Nef-attachable protein Oct. 12, 2004
6703019 Cationized antibodies against intracellular proteins Mar. 9, 2004
6673342 Recombinant human IgA-J chain dimer Jan. 6, 2004
6623738 Semaphorin receptors Sep. 23, 2003
6610833 Monoclonal human natural antibodies Aug. 26, 2003
6596478 Method and composition to detect C-type retroviral infection Jul. 22, 2003
6565849 Methods of enhancing activity of vaccines and vaccine compositions May. 20, 2003
6545128 Anti-bax inhibitor protein antibodies Apr. 8, 2003
6503753 Method for the development of an HIV vaccine Jan. 7, 2003
6440416 Vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases Aug. 27, 2002
6395275 Synthetic human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus May. 28, 2002
6261558 Synthetic human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus Jul. 17, 2001
6248332 Targeted immunostimulation with bispecific reagents Jun. 19, 2001
6241986 Human monoclonal antibodies to the CD4-binding domain of HIV, uses thereof and synergistic neutralization of HIV Jun. 5, 2001
6228361 IgG-1 human monoclonal antibody reactive with an HIV-1 antigen and methods of use May. 8, 2001
6190871 Immunoreagents reactive with a conserved epitope of human immunodeficiency virus type I (HIV-1) gp120 and methods of use Feb. 20, 2001
6146628 Biotherapeutic agents comprising recombinant PAP and PAP mutants Nov. 14, 2000
6140043 Pharmaceutical compositions for competitively inhibiting the binding of a retrovirus to the IFN-receptor and means for diagnosis of an HIV infection Oct. 31, 2000
RE36866 Anti-aids immunotoxins Sep. 12, 2000
6103238 Selectively deglycosylated human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope vaccines Aug. 15, 2000
6096312 Agent for suppressing a reduction of CD4.sup.+ lymphocytes Aug. 1, 2000
6066323 Use of antibodies to sialidase as anti-infectious agents and anti-inflammatory agents May. 23, 2000
6001977 Cloning and expression of HTLV-III DNA Dec. 14, 1999
5976522 Lymphocyte chemoattractant factor and uses thereof Nov. 2, 1999
5965120 Lymphocyte chemoattractant factor and uses thereof Oct. 12, 1999
5962635 Therapeutic compounds Oct. 5, 1999
5922325 Synergistic neutralization of HIV-1 by human monoclonal antibodies and other antibodies directed against the v3 loop and the CD-4 binding site of GP-120,and the use for immunotherapy of HIV-1 Jul. 13, 1999

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