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Number: 424/144.1
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Immunoglobulin, antiserum, antibody, or antibody fragment, except conjugate or complex of the same with nonimmunoglobulin material > Monoclonal antibody or fragment thereof (i.e., produced by any cloning technology) > Binds receptor > Receptor integral to or derived from a lymphocytic or lymphocytic-like cell (e.g., nk cell, etc.)
Description: Subject matter involving a monoclonal antibody or antigen-binding fragment thereof whose antigen-binding site(s) will combine with a receptor integral to or derived from a lymphocytic or a lymphocytic-like cell.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6004552 Methods of blocking B cell proliferation using anti-CD40 monoclonal antibodies Dec. 21, 1999
6001358 Humanized antibodies to human gp39, compositions containing thereof Dec. 14, 1999
6001356 Method of inhibiting tissue destruction in autoimmune disease using anti-CD44 antibodies Dec. 14, 1999
5994515 Antibodies directed against cellular coreceptors for human immunodeficiency virus and methods of using the same Nov. 30, 1999
5993811 Method and compositions for preventing and treating the systemic inflammatory response syndrome including sepsis Nov. 30, 1999
5993816 Methods to inhibit humoral immune responses, immunoglobulin production and B cell activation with 5c8-specific antibodies Nov. 30, 1999
5989546 Interleukin-2 stimulated T lymphocyte cell death for the treatment of allergic responses Nov. 23, 1999
5985279 Humanized antibody against CD18 Nov. 16, 1999
5985276 Destruction of contaminating tumor cells in stem cell transplants using bispecific antibodies Nov. 16, 1999
5985280 Diagnosis and/or therapy of tumours using monoclonal antibodies specific for the human IL-4 receptor Nov. 16, 1999
5980893 Agonist murine monoclonal antibody as a stimulant for megakaryocytopoiesis Nov. 9, 1999
5980892 Monoclonal antibodies reactive with defined regions of the T cell antigen receptor Nov. 9, 1999
5976877 Proteins produced by human lymphocytes DNA sequence encoding these proteins and their pharmaceutical and biological uses Nov. 2, 1999
5976533 Monoclonal antibodies reactive with defined regions of the T cell antigen receptor Nov. 2, 1999
5961974 Monoclonal antibodies to CD40 ligand, pharmaceutical composition comprising the same and hybridomas producing the same Oct. 5, 1999
5959084 Bispecific antibodies, methods of production and uses thereof Sep. 28, 1999
5958410 Therapy of sarcoidosis Sep. 28, 1999
5951983 Methods of inhibiting T cell mediated immune responses with humanized LO-CD2A-specific antibodies Sep. 14, 1999
5951982 Methods to suppress an immune response with variant CD44-specific antibodies Sep. 14, 1999
5942229 Method for prolonged suppression of humoral immune response to a thymus-dependent antigen therapeutic agent Aug. 24, 1999
5932214 Treatment for inflammatory bowel disease with VLA-4 blockers Aug. 3, 1999
5925351 Soluble lymphotoxin-.beta. receptors and anti-lymphotoxin receptor and ligand antibodies as therapeutic agents for the treatment of immunological disease Jul. 20, 1999
5922859 Complexes containing nucleic acid which can be taken-up by endocytosis into higher eukaryotic cells Jul. 13, 1999
5922847 Methods of purifying hematopoietic cells using an antibody to a stem cell factor receptor Jul. 13, 1999
5919911 Monoclonal antibodies to stem cell factor receptors Jul. 6, 1999
5916561 Monoclonal antibody against CD44v6 Jun. 29, 1999
5916559 Use of interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor-specific agents to treat allograft rejection Jun. 29, 1999
5914112 Anti-CD18 antibodies in stroke Jun. 22, 1999
5912172 Endowing lymphocytes with antibody specificity Jun. 15, 1999
5906936 Endowing lymphocytes with antibody specificity May. 25, 1999
5902585 Methods of inducing T cell unresponsiveness to donor tissue or organ in a recipient with GP39 antagonists May. 11, 1999
5888508 Monoclonal antibodies against leukocyte adhesion receptor .beta.-chain methods of producing these antibodies and use therefore Mar. 30, 1999
5889160 Human IL-2 receptor .gamma.-chain molecule antibody Mar. 30, 1999
5885573 Methods and materials for modulation of the immunosuppressive activity and toxicity of monoclonal antibodies Mar. 23, 1999
5876950 Monoclonal antibodies specific for different epitopes of human GP39 and methods for their use in diagnosis and therapy Mar. 2, 1999
5876717 Polypeptides capable of binding to heavy chains of IL-2 receptors Mar. 2, 1999
5874082 Humanized anti-CD40 monoclonal antibodies and fragments capable of blocking B cell proliferation Feb. 23, 1999
5871734 Treatment for asthma with VLA-4 blocking agents Feb. 16, 1999
5869049 Methods of inducing T cell unresponsiveness to bone marrow with gp39 antagonists Feb. 9, 1999
5855888 Drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis Jan. 5, 1999
5855887 Blockade of lymphocyte down-regulation associated with CTLA-4 signaling Jan. 5, 1999
5853721 Antibody to interleukin-12 receptor Dec. 29, 1998
5846536 Restoration of normal phenotype in cancer cells Dec. 8, 1998
5843439 Therapeutic application of chimeric and radiolabeled antibodies to human B lymphocyte restricted differentiation antigen for treatment of B cell lymphoma Dec. 1, 1998
5843398 Radioimmunotherapy of lymphoma using anti-CD20 antibodies Dec. 1, 1998
5843438 Peripheralization of hematopoietic stem cells Dec. 1, 1998
5843435 Immunotherapy of cancer with allogeneic lymphocytes Dec. 1, 1998
5840303 Peptides for inducing cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses to hepatitis B virus Nov. 24, 1998
5840299 Humanized antibodies against leukocyte adhesion molecule VLA-4 Nov. 24, 1998
5840681 X-ray induced skin damage protective composition Nov. 24, 1998

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