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Number: 424/1.53
Name: Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions > Radionuclide or intended radionuclide containing; adjuvant or carrier compositions; intermediate or preparatory compositions > Attached to antibody or antibody fragment or immunoglobulin; derivative > Attachment via an added element (e.g., bifunctional compound or coordinate, coupling agent, spacer compound, bridging compound, conjugated chelate)
Description: Subject matter in which the radionuclide or intended radionuclide is attached (bonded, chelated, complexed) to an antibody, antibody fragment, immunoglobulin, or derivative thereof via an added, interposed linking means, comprising at least one atom, between the radionuclide and the antibody, antibody fragment, immunoglobulin, or derivative thereof.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8663597 Method for obtaining .sup.68Ga Mar. 4, 2014
8652484 Delivery system for cytotoxic drugs by bispecific antibody pretargeting Feb. 18, 2014
8628749 Radioimmunoconjugates and uses thereof Jan. 14, 2014
8545850 Anti-CD79B antibodies and immunoconjugates and methods of use Oct. 1, 2013
8545809 Methods and compositions for improved .sup.18F labeling of proteins, peptides and other molecules Oct. 1, 2013
8513211 Oligonucleotide chelate complexes Aug. 20, 2013
8465724 Multi-drug ligand conjugates Jun. 18, 2013
8440167 Multimodal imaging of atherosclerotic plaque targeted to LOX-1 May. 14, 2013
8435539 Delivery system for cytotoxic drugs by bispecific antibody pretargeting May. 7, 2013
8415277 Bi-functional compound positively charged at first pH and negatively charged at second pH, solid support comprising the bi-functional compound, and method of isolating nucleic acid using the s Apr. 9, 2013
8388936 In vivo mitochondrial labeling using positively-charged nitroxide enhanced and gadolinium chelate enhanced magnetic resonance imaging Mar. 5, 2013
8388931 99m Tc-labeled triphenylphosphonium derivative contrasting agents and molecular probes for early detection and imaging of breast tumors Mar. 5, 2013
8383083 Polymer precursors of radiolabeled compounds, and methods of making and using the same Feb. 26, 2013
8383081 Anti-CD74 immunoconjugates and methods of use Feb. 26, 2013
8372379 Technetium-99m (I) tricarbonyl complexes with tridentate chelators for myocardium imaging Feb. 12, 2013
8372399 Bispecific antibodies and agents to enhance stem cell homing Feb. 12, 2013
8367037 Anti-CD74 immunoconjugates and methods of use Feb. 5, 2013
8354092 Development of molecular imaging probes for carbonic anhydrase-IX using click chemistry Jan. 15, 2013
8309055 PET radiotracers Nov. 13, 2012
8303960 Radiolabeled affibody molecules Nov. 6, 2012
8236279 Bisaminoethanethiol-targeting ligand conjugates and compositions Aug. 7, 2012
8221719 Luminescent lanthanide (III) chelates, chelating agents and conjugates derived thereof Jul. 17, 2012
8088357 Tumor-specific recognition molecules Jan. 3, 2012
8084015 Stabilized synthetic immunogen delivery system Dec. 27, 2011
8034351 Mucin fusion polypeptide vaccines, compositions and methods of use thereof Oct. 11, 2011
7914787 Production and use of novel peptide-based agents with bispecific antibodies Mar. 29, 2011
7862813 Bi-specific monoclonal antibody (specific for both CD3 and CD11b) therapeutic drug Jan. 4, 2011
7837980 Partially loaded antibodies and methods of their conjugation Nov. 23, 2010
7807140 Magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents synthesized using ring-opening metathesis polymerization Oct. 5, 2010
7776311 D-amino acid peptides Aug. 17, 2010
7727512 Chelating agents with lipophilic carriers Jun. 1, 2010
7713514 Multicomponent assemblies having enhanced binding properties for diagnosis and therapy May. 11, 2010
7682601 Bifunctional tridentate pyrazolyl containing ligands for re and tc tricarbonyl complexes Mar. 23, 2010
7641891 Chimeric, human and humanized anti-CSAp monoclonal antibodies Jan. 5, 2010
7618613 Method for radiolabeling antibodies with yttrium-90 Nov. 17, 2009
7615208 Metal ion-labeled bis-aminoethanethiol-targeting ligand conjugates, compositions, and methods for tissue-specific disease imaging Nov. 10, 2009
7608241 Radiolabeling method Oct. 27, 2009
7585509 Erb-2 receptor targeting peptide Sep. 8, 2009
7514067 Methods for tumor diagnosis and therapy Apr. 7, 2009
7429381 Production and use of novel peptide-based agents for use with bi-specific antibodies Sep. 30, 2008
7387772 Chimeric, human and humanized anti-CSAP monoclonal antibodies Jun. 17, 2008
7357914 Use of metal chelates in human or animal feeding Apr. 15, 2008
7354567 Method of encapsulating metal complex within liposomes Apr. 8, 2008
7306782 Method for the production of conjugates and uses thereof for the prevention and treatment of allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases Dec. 11, 2007
7279150 Chelating agents with lipophilic carriers Oct. 9, 2007
7244410 Low density lipoprotein binding proteins and their use in diagnosing and treating atherosclerosis Jul. 17, 2007
7229620 Method for radiolabeling antibodies with yttrium-90 Jun. 12, 2007
7118745 Engineering antibodies that bind irreversibly Oct. 10, 2006
7067109 Cancer treatment kits comprising therapeutic conjugates that bind to aminophospholipids Jun. 27, 2006
7048925 Acid-sensitive polyacetals and methods May. 23, 2006

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