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Class Information
Number: 420/511
Name: Alloys or metallic compositions > Gold base > Silver containing
Description: Alloy, or metallic composition which additionally contains silver.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8501087 Au-base bulk solidifying amorphous alloys Aug. 6, 2013
8419867 Gold alloy compositions formed by environmentally friendly process Apr. 16, 2013
8367266 Catalyst layer Feb. 5, 2013
8357249 High strength, heat treatable aluminum alloy Jan. 22, 2013
8088713 Superconducting fault-current limiting element and the process for producing the same Jan. 3, 2012
8022541 Au-Ag based alloy wire for semiconductor package Sep. 20, 2011
7959855 White precious metal alloy Jun. 14, 2011
7857189 Gold alloy wire for bonding wire having high initial bondability, high bonding reliability, high roundness of compression ball, high straightness, and high resin flowability resistance Dec. 28, 2010
7413705 Rose-colored gold alloy compositions with reversible hardness characteristics Aug. 19, 2008
7153375 Precious metal solder Dec. 26, 2006
7074350 Brazing filler metal Jul. 11, 2006
6951588 White gold alloy compositions Oct. 4, 2005
6913657 Hard precious metal alloy member and method of manufacturing same Jul. 5, 2005
6863746 White gold compositions without nickel and palladium Mar. 8, 2005
6676776 14-karat gold alloy compositions having enhanced yellow color, reversible hardness, and fine grain structure Jan. 13, 2004
6576187 18 carat grey gold alloy, without nickel and without palladium, for jewellery Jun. 10, 2003
6413649 Silver-copper-nickel infiltration brazing filler metal and composites made therefrom Jul. 2, 2002
6406568 18-karat green gold alloy compositions Jun. 18, 2002
6376104 Production of gold decorative items Apr. 23, 2002
6319617 Oxide-bondable solder Nov. 20, 2001
5989364 Gold-alloy bonding wire Nov. 23, 1999
5876862 Sliding contact material, clad compoosite material, commutator employing said material and direct current motor employing said commutator Mar. 2, 1999
5853661 High gold content bio--compatible dental alloy Dec. 29, 1998
5841071 Electrical conductor for a spacecraft solar generator Nov. 24, 1998
5749979 14K gold alloy with silver, copper, zinc and cobalt May. 12, 1998
5702814 Gold wire for bonding Dec. 30, 1997
5593514 Amorphous metal alloys rich in noble metals prepared by rapid solidification processing Jan. 14, 1997
5462437 Dental alloys for composite and porcelain overlays Oct. 31, 1995
5429795 10-Carat gold alloy for ornaments Jul. 4, 1995
5423680 Palladium, gallium and copper-free alloy having high thermal expansion coefficient Jun. 13, 1995
5415922 Resin-coated bonding device May. 16, 1995
5384089 Yellow karat gold casting alloys Jan. 24, 1995
5372779 Nickel-free white gold alloys Dec. 13, 1994
5340529 Gold jewelry alloy Aug. 23, 1994
5298219 High purity gold bonding wire for semiconductor device Mar. 29, 1994
5180551 Gold alloys of exceptional yellow color and reversible hardness Jan. 19, 1993
5173132 Gold spring alloy composition Dec. 22, 1992
5045411 Alloy compositions Sep. 3, 1991
4997723 Metal-porcelain dental restorations, dental veneers, dental bridges and metal foil for use therein and methods for making dental appliances Mar. 5, 1991
4938923 Gold wire for the bonding of a semiconductor device Jul. 3, 1990
4892582 Dental filling-material and method for its preparation Jan. 9, 1990
4810313 Gold solder fluxing composition and method of preparing the same Mar. 7, 1989
4752442 Bonding wire Jun. 21, 1988
4522783 Metallic alloys to be used in dentistry Jun. 11, 1985
4446102 Yellow gold jewelry alloy May. 1, 1984
4444719 Gold solders Apr. 24, 1984
4330329 Gold bonding wire for semiconductor elements and the semiconductor element May. 18, 1982

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