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Number: 420/126
Name: Alloys or metallic compositions > Ferrous (i.e., iron base) > Titanium containing
Description: Alloy or metallic composition which additionally contains titanium.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8709336 Method for making an abrasion-resistant steel plate and plate obtained Apr. 29, 2014
8691030 Low alloy steels with superior corrosion resistance for oil country tubular goods Apr. 8, 2014
8668784 Steel for welded structure and producing method thereof Mar. 11, 2014
8657970 Hot-rolled steel sheet excellent in fatigue properties and stretch-flange formability and method for manufacturing the same Feb. 25, 2014
8647449 Alloys for hardbanding weld overlays Feb. 11, 2014
8623154 Electron-beam welded joint, steel for electron-beam welding, and manufacturing method Jan. 7, 2014
8562762 High strength hot rolled steel products for line-pipes excellent in low temperature toughness and production method of the same Oct. 22, 2013
8535459 Steel material for hardening Sep. 17, 2013
8518191 Bake-hardenable cold rolled steel sheet with superior strength, galvannealed steel sheet using the cold rolled steel and method for manufacturing the cold rolled steel sheet Aug. 27, 2013
8388770 Cold-rolled steel sheet, method of producing the same, battery, and method of producing the same Mar. 5, 2013
8361248 Steel superior in CTOD properties of weld heat-affected zone and method of production of same Jan. 29, 2013
8303734 High strength thick steel material and high strength giant H-shape excellent in toughness and weldability and methods of production of same Nov. 6, 2012
8257647 Strip of hot rolled micro-alloyed steel for obtaining finished pieces by cold pressing and shearing Sep. 4, 2012
8192562 Spring steel wire excellent in fatigue characteristic and wire drawability Jun. 5, 2012
8187530 Steel for high-cleanliness spring with excellent fatigue characteristics and high-cleanliness spring May. 29, 2012
8182740 High-strength steel sheets excellent in hole-expandability and ductility May. 22, 2012
8163108 High-strength cold-rolled steel sheet, high-strength galvanized steel sheet, and high-strength alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent formability and weldability, and methods Apr. 24, 2012
8128763 Bake-hardenable cold rolled steel sheet with superior strength, galvannealed steel sheet using the cold rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the cold rolled steel sheet Mar. 6, 2012
8097096 Fire resistant steel excellent in high temperature strength, toughness, and reheating embrittlement resistance and process for production of the same Jan. 17, 2012
8075711 Hot-rolled high strength steel sheet having excellent ductility, and tensile fatigue properties and method for producing the same Dec. 13, 2011
8071018 High carbon hot-rolled steel sheet Dec. 6, 2011
8057650 Soft magnetic FeCo based target material Nov. 15, 2011
8034199 Case-hardening steel excellent in cold forgeability and low carburization distortion property Oct. 11, 2011
7998285 Abrasion-resistant steel plate Aug. 16, 2011
7910512 Production process of electrode catalyst for fuel cell Mar. 22, 2011
7879287 Hot-rolled steel sheet for high-strength electric-resistance welded pipe having sour-gas resistance and excellent weld toughness, and method for manufacturing the same Feb. 1, 2011
7820099 Hot rolled steel sheet excellent in chemical convertibility and method of production of the same Oct. 26, 2010
7794651 Steel having high mechanical strength and wear resistance Sep. 14, 2010
7749338 High burring, high strength steel sheet excellent in softening resistance of weld heat affected zone and method of production of same Jul. 6, 2010
7717976 Method for making strain aging resistant steel May. 18, 2010
7704450 High-purity ferroboron, a mother alloy for iron-base amorphous alloy, an iron-base amorphous alloy, and methods for producing the same Apr. 27, 2010
7648587 Steel product for use as line pipe having high HIC resistance and line pipe produced using such steel product Jan. 19, 2010
7615126 High strength hot rolled steel plate excellent in enlargeability and ductility and method for producing thereof Nov. 10, 2009
7597841 Weld metal excellent in toughness and SR cracking resistance Oct. 6, 2009
7338630 Free-cutting steel and fuel injection system component using the same Mar. 4, 2008
7220325 High-strength micro-alloy steel May. 22, 2007
7217329 Carbon-titanium steel rail May. 15, 2007
6942741 Iron alloy strip for voice coil motor magnetic circuits Sep. 13, 2005
6822831 Magnetic thin film, magnetic thin film forming method, and recording head Nov. 23, 2004
6797231 Steel for machine structural use Sep. 28, 2004
6776855 Maraging steel excellent in fatigue characteristics and method for producing the same Aug. 17, 2004
6764645 Steel for machine structural use having good machinability and chip-breakability Jul. 20, 2004
6669789 Method for producing titanium-bearing microalloyed high-strength low-alloy steel Dec. 30, 2003
6669790 Iron-based casting alloy Dec. 30, 2003
6623691 Ultra-low carbon steel composition, the process of production of an ULC BH steel product and the product Sep. 23, 2003
6615476 Method of manufacturing a hollow shaft having a flange at one end thereof Sep. 9, 2003
6599469 Non-heat treated steel for soft nitriding Jul. 29, 2003
6562207 Refractory metal silicide alloy sputter targets, use and manufacture thereof May. 13, 2003
6540846 High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet superior in stretch-flanging performance and fatigue resistance and method for production thereof Apr. 1, 2003
6524726 Cold-rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet, which are excellent in formability, panel shapeability, and dent-resistance, and method of manufacturing the same Feb. 25, 2003

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