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Class Information
Number: 42/83
Name: Firearms > Nipples and guards
Description: Nipple structures and also guards either carried by the stock or by the hammer and adapted to prevent the hammer prematurely striking the nipple.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8361810 Bioweapon-detecting fibrous-network products and methods for making same Jan. 29, 2013
8191300 Handguard assembly and STANAG mount adapter assembly Jun. 5, 2012
7749768 Non-invasive method of determining oxygen concentration in a sealed package Jul. 6, 2010
7587851 Receiver gasket Sep. 15, 2009
6862828 Apparatus for conversion of breech-loading firearms into muzzle-loading firearms Mar. 8, 2005
6516549 Muzzle-loading firearm Feb. 11, 2003
RE37968 Detonator assembly Jan. 28, 2003
6343430 Firing nipple for muzzle loading firearm Feb. 5, 2002
6314670 Muzzle loader with smokeless powder capability Nov. 13, 2001
6305113 Muzzle-loading rifle with a side nipple assembly and takedown breech Oct. 23, 2001
6226916 Back-flash check for muzzleloaders May. 8, 2001
6176031 Self aligning tool for inserting percussion caps on firing nipples Jan. 23, 2001
6141897 Breech plug Nov. 7, 2000
5915934 Muzzleloading rifle and method and means for loading the same Jun. 29, 1999
5915938 Safety cover for percussion firearms Jun. 29, 1999
5907920 Ignition assembly for muzzle loading firearm Jun. 1, 1999
5657569 Nipple for muzzle loading firearms Aug. 19, 1997
5644861 Firing mechanism for muzzleloading rifles Jul. 8, 1997
5632109 Method and apparatus for directing back flash in a firearm May. 27, 1997
5566489 Over-barrel flash guard for use with a muzzle-loading firearm Oct. 22, 1996
5487232 Detonator assembly Jan. 30, 1996
5467551 Nipple for muzzle-loading firearm Nov. 21, 1995
5339553 Self-removing cover for percussion type firearms Aug. 23, 1994
5307583 Muzzle loading weapon ignition system May. 3, 1994
5016379 Black powder percussion nipple May. 21, 1991
4897548 Apparatus for the multiple analysis of gases Jan. 30, 1990
4888901 Firearm Dec. 26, 1989
4519157 Black powder gun nipple May. 28, 1985
4485577 Cap cover for percussion firearms Dec. 4, 1984
4461109 Firearm with novel breech plug and bolster assembly Jul. 24, 1984
4384423 Firing mechanism for muzzle-loading firearms May. 24, 1983
4283874 Muzzle loading firearm Aug. 18, 1981
4186506 Percussion cap nipple Feb. 5, 1980
4163335 Black powder firing nipple Aug. 7, 1979
4135321 Firing nipple Jan. 23, 1979
4123866 Muzzle-loading handgun Nov. 7, 1978
4123867 Gas exhaust nipple for guns Nov. 7, 1978
4114303 Muzzle loading firearm Sep. 19, 1978

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