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Class Information
Number: 416/97R
Name: Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers) > With heating, cooling or thermal insulation means > Changing state mass within or fluid flow through working member or carrier > Flow exhausted to working fluid

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
416/97A Laminated or porous skin 129

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8087891 Turbine blade with tip region cooling Jan. 3, 2012
8083486 Turbine blade with cooling flow modulation Dec. 27, 2011
8083485 Angled tripped airfoil peanut cavity Dec. 27, 2011
8079821 Turbine airfoil with dual wall formed from inner and outer layers separated by a compliant structure Dec. 20, 2011
8079815 Turbine blade Dec. 20, 2011
8079814 Turbine blade with serpentine flow cooling Dec. 20, 2011
8079813 Turbine blade with multiple trailing edge cooling slots Dec. 20, 2011
8079812 Turbine component Dec. 20, 2011
8079811 Turbine blade with multi-impingement cooled squealer tip Dec. 20, 2011
8079810 Turbine airfoil cooling system with divergent film cooling hole Dec. 20, 2011
8075268 Turbine blade with tip rail cooling and sealing Dec. 13, 2011
8070443 Turbine blade with leading edge cooling Dec. 6, 2011
8070442 Turbine airfoil with near wall cooling Dec. 6, 2011
8070441 Turbine airfoil with trailing edge cooling channels Dec. 6, 2011
8070440 Cooling channel formed in a wall Dec. 6, 2011
8070436 Cooling airflow modulation Dec. 6, 2011
8070422 Turbine stator vane and rotor blade arrangement Dec. 6, 2011
8066485 Turbine blade with tip section cooling Nov. 29, 2011
8066484 Film cooling hole for a turbine airfoil Nov. 29, 2011
8066483 Turbine airfoil with non-parallel pin fins Nov. 29, 2011
8066478 Preventing hot-gas ingestion by film-cooling jet via flow-aligned blockers Nov. 29, 2011
8061990 Turbine rotor blade with low cooling flow Nov. 22, 2011
8061989 Turbine blade with near wall cooling Nov. 22, 2011
8061988 Process for conjugate CFD analysis of a turbine airfoil Nov. 22, 2011
8061987 Turbine blade with tip rail cooling Nov. 22, 2011
8057183 Light weight and highly cooled turbine blade Nov. 15, 2011
8057182 Metered cooling slots for turbine blades Nov. 15, 2011
8057181 Multiple expansion film cooling hole for turbine airfoil Nov. 15, 2011
8057180 Shaped film cooling hole for turbine airfoil Nov. 15, 2011
8057179 Film cooling hole for turbine airfoil Nov. 15, 2011
8057178 Turbine bucket for a turbomachine and method of reducing bow wave effects at a turbine bucket Nov. 15, 2011
8052395 Air cooled bucket for a turbine Nov. 8, 2011
8052392 Process for cooling a turbine blade trailing edge Nov. 8, 2011
8052391 High temperature turbine rotor blade Nov. 8, 2011
8052390 Turbine airfoil with showerhead cooling Nov. 8, 2011
8052389 Internally cooled airfoils with load carrying members Nov. 8, 2011
8052388 Gas turbine engine systems involving mechanically alterable vane throat areas Nov. 8, 2011
8047790 Near wall compartment cooled turbine blade Nov. 1, 2011
8047789 Turbine airfoil Nov. 1, 2011
8047788 Turbine airfoil with near-wall serpentine cooling Nov. 1, 2011
8047787 Turbine blade with trailing edge root slot Nov. 1, 2011
8047786 Apparatus for plugging turbine wheel holes Nov. 1, 2011
8043060 Turbine blade with trailing edge cooling Oct. 25, 2011
8043059 Turbine blade with multi-vortex tip cooling and sealing Oct. 25, 2011
8043058 Turbine blade with curved tip cooling holes Oct. 25, 2011
8043057 Air cooled turbine airfoil Oct. 25, 2011
8033790 Multiple piece turbine engine airfoil with a structural spar Oct. 11, 2011
8025482 Turbine blade with dual serpentine cooling Sep. 27, 2011
8016564 Turbine blade with leading edge impingement cooling Sep. 13, 2011
8016563 Turbine blade with tip turn cooling Sep. 13, 2011

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