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Class Information
Number: 415/168
Name: Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
415/1 Method of operation 838
415/10 With control means responsive to motion developed fluid eddy, electrical, or magnetic effect 40
415/104 With shaft connected fluid force subjected thrust balancing surface 175
415/108 Casing and spaced housing with space vented to working fluid 112
415/109 With shaft connected fluid abutment member in sealing fluid filled chamber 29
415/11 With pump recirculation passage control responsive to working fluid condition or characteristic 55
415/110 With lubricating, sealing, packing or bearing means having internal working fluid connection (e.g., fluid or fluid biased seal, etc.) 147
415/114 With changing state confined heat exchange mass 105
415/115 With passage in blade, vane, shaft or rotary distributor communicating with working fluid 1,639
415/116 With diversely oriented inlet or additional inlet for diverse fluid (e.g., heating, cooling or mixed working fluid, etc.) 801
415/118 With inspection, signaling, indicating or measuring means 375
415/119 With sound or vibratory wave absorbing or preventing means or arrangement 1,005
415/12 With bimetallic blade, vane, or adjustment means therefor 39
415/120 Centripetal pump 30
415/121.1 With cutter or comminutor for debris in working fluid 133
415/121.2 With separating means or guard for solid matter in working fluid (e.g., debris, etc.) 364
415/121.3 Combined 69
415/122.1 Including shaft transmission train, brake, clutch, or attendant actuated drive means 147
415/125 Including means to cause cyclical movement of a part (e.g., blade, valve, etc.) 42
415/126 Including casing part selectively movable relative to fixed support 211
415/129 Runner or blade selectively adjustable relative to casing 52
415/13 With control means responsive to non-cyclic condition sensing, centrifugal actuation or torque 57
415/134 Including thermal expansion joint 162
415/140 Resilient or movably mounted blade portion or axially movable runner or shaft 35
415/142 Shaft bearing combined with or retained by arm or vane in surrounding working fluid space 141
415/143 Plural runners having different type flow paths 245
415/144 Working fluid bypass 212
415/146 Including working fluid force responsive vane or flow control 90
415/148 Selectively adjustable vane or working fluid control means 180
415/168.1 Including means for handling working fluid leakage 34
415/169.1 Including means for handling portion separated from working fluid 215
415/170.1 Bearing, seal, or liner between runner portion and static part 332
415/175 Including additional means causing or controlling fluid flow for heat exchanging, lubricating or sealing 392
415/177 Including heat insulation or exchange means (e.g., fins, lagging, etc.) 286
415/181 Means, disposition or arrangement for causing supersonic working fluid velocity 98
415/182.1 Working fluid passage or distributing means associated with runner (e.g., casing, etc.) 222
415/2.1 With means for controlling casing or flow guiding means in response to natural fluid current force or direction 108
415/229 Bearing, seal, or liner between shaft or shaft sleeve and static part 367
415/232 Miscellaneous 55
415/5 Endless flexible runner (e.g., chain, etc.) 78
415/51 With independently operated timer or programmer actuator for working fluid control 13
415/52.1 With means for re-entry of working fluid to blade set (e.g., re-entry type device, passage, etc.) 31
415/6 Cyclically dipping, liquid retaining, elevating and discharging receptacle or conduit 17
415/60 Plural runners supported for relative motion or on separate shafts 113
415/7 Float supported or buoyant runner 191
415/70 Runner has planetary motion or rotates around oblique or constantly moving axis 17
415/71 Runner has spirally arranged blade or fluid passage 52
415/76 Fluid flow between plural sinuous runner surfaces 18
415/77 Axial flow runner with blades extending radially inward and outward from common annulus 28
415/8 Driven, fluid immersed runner with vane in unconfined fluid stream (e.g., trolling plate, etc.) 31
415/80 Motor runner motivated by reaction type jet discharge nozzle from internal working fluid conduit 83
415/83 Runner with annular blade rows or fluid channels spaced on common radial plane 18
415/88 Pump having rotating inlet end or scoop immersed in liquid 65
415/89 Centrifugal bowl pump 48
415/9 Including destructible, fusible, or deformable non-reusable part 299
415/90 Smooth runner surface for working fluid frictional contact (e.g., unbladed runner, etc.) 429
415/900 Rotary blood pump 158
415/901 Drilled well-type pump 62
415/902 Rotary pump turbine publications 4
415/903 Well bit drive turbine 57
415/904 Tool drive turbine (e.g., dental drill, etc.) 95
415/905 Natural fluid current motor 61
415/909 Air stack or shaft having natural fluid current motor 37
415/91 Annular runner with inwardly projecting blade 24
415/910 Reversible between pump and motor use 73
415/911 Pump having reversible runner rotation and separate outlets for opposing directions of rotation 25
415/912 Interchangeable parts to vary pumping capacity or size of pump 80
415/913 Inlet and outlet with concentric portions 15
415/914 Device to control boundary layer 422
415/915 Pump or portion thereof by casting or molding 51
415/916 Perpetual motion devices 19
415/92 Motor runner having working fluid trapping pocket 35
415/93 Axially opposed working fluid paths to or from runner (e.g., end balance, etc.) 17

Patents under this class:

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