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Class Information
Number: 414/786
Name: Material or article handling >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
414/1 Article manipulator moves analogous with human hand, finger, or arm movement 88
414/10 Apparatus for moving material to a position in the erection or repair of a building 100
414/111 Vehicle-carried bale accumulator 145
414/13 Laundry handling device 28
414/132 Hay stack shapers 14
414/133 Coal storage type 63
414/137.1 Marine loading or unloading system 49
414/14 Stock pulling or pushing 60
414/146 Charging or discharging means adapted for use in a radioactive environment 151
414/147 Chamber of a type utilized for a heating function and material charging or discharging means therefor 34
414/21 With weighing 191
414/217 Apparatus for moving material between zones having different pressures and inhibiting change in pressure gradient therebetween 1,126
414/22.51 Well pipe or rod racking mechanism 48
414/222.01 Apparatus for charging a load holding or supporting element from a source, and means for transporting and presenting element to a working, treating, or inspecting station 242
414/227 Apparatus particularly adapted for charging or discharging a facility comprising one or more sites for the parking of wheeled vehicles 41
414/23 Pole or tree handlers 92
414/24 Glass cylinders 4
414/24.5 Round hay bale handling 303
414/25 Hay distributors 12
414/26 Tobacco stringers or unstringers 28
414/265 Guided, wheeled device for transporting mail and external means cooperating therewith for loading or unloading the device 10
414/266 Plural, static structures for supporting discrete loads and charging or discharging means therefor 51
414/27 Apparatus for stringing articles on a support in abutting relation 122
414/287 Static receptacle of a material conditioning type and means to move, or facilitate movement of, material to, within, or from the receptacle 68
414/288 Static receptacle and means for charging or discharging, or facilitating the charging or discharging of, the receptacle 73
414/331.01 Movable rack having superposed, charge-supporting elements, and external means for charging or discharging elements 79
414/332 Receptacle having charging or discharging means and adapted for relocation from one to another of a plurality of sites of interim use 70
414/333 Loading or unloading a railway car by utilizing the tractor of a tractor trailer, load-transporting type vehicle to maneuver the trailer, or a part thereof, onto or off the car 28
414/334 Moving, wheeled, load-transporting type vehicle and loading or unloading device therefor, supported at least in part independently of the vehicle and traveling therewith during transfer of load therebetween 34
414/337 Wheeled, load-transporting type vehicle utilizes its uninterrupted, forward motion to cause an external, load-engaging structure to remove its load 30
414/338 Wheeled, load-transporting type vehicle utilizes its uninterrupted, forward motion to cause an externally supported load to be transferred to it 33
414/339 Wheeled, load-transporting type vehicles forming a train, and loading or unloading means therefor, located at least in part thereon 124
414/340 Wheeled, load-transporting type vehicles and means for transferring, or enabling transfer of, load from one vehicle to another 43
414/349 Wheeled, load-transporting type vehicle having driven means thereon for repositioning load supporting portion of vehicle to cause or facilitate movement of load to or from an external cooperating means 31
414/352 Wheeled, load-transporting type vehicle having driven means thereon for engaging and moving load horizontally, or with horizontal component, to or from an external cooperating means 38
414/354 Wheeled, load-transporting type vehicle and external means for supporting vehicle in toto and reorienting it into load-releasing attitude 8
414/373 Load-transporting type vehicle and external means cooperating in the loading or unloading thereof 92
414/403 Device for emptying portable receptacle 237
414/426 Wheel and wheel-type article handler and transporter 118
414/431 Article engaged between ends for rotation and advancement 28
414/433 Article rotator, roller type 64
414/434 Motion or draft responsive load handler and transporter 17
414/444 Tilting vehicle-type handler (i.e., portable grapple) 54
414/458 Opposed shelf-type elevator and transporter 184
414/460 Load bridging vehicle 153
414/462 Vehicle attached auxiliary carriers 586
414/467 Self-loading or unloading vehicles 109
414/560 Traversing hoist type 25
414/564 Hoist or elevator and endless or rotary carrier 79
414/565 Vertically swinging shovel and auxiliary carrier 19
414/567 Vertically swinging load support and endless or rotary carrier 30
414/569 Vertically swinging load support and hoist or drag line 36
414/570 Endless or rotary carrier and drag line scoop 4
414/571 Skidway with hoisting rope 16
414/572 Load-transporting type vehicle to be loaded or unloaded, or external means for the loading or unloading, or for cooperating therewith, of such a vehicle 67
414/586 Device or element associated with the handling or moving of a charge for a heating-type chamber 16
414/589 Load support has linear vertical movement and additional movement for aligning and mounting load at a specific location 177
414/591 Guided hoist with load-supporting grab means movable horizontally by means which swings horizontally or moves linearly 99
414/592 Elevator or hoist and loading or unloading means therefor 67
414/675 Counting aids 25
414/676 Article supported by air and moved by mechanical or manual means 162
414/677 Feed tables for shearing machines 22
414/678 Land vehicle or boat tilting and lifting devices 107
414/679 Vehicle with load-receiving portion and means for relocating a load therealong or therewithin 77
414/680 Vertically swinging load support 335
414/744.1 Horizontally swinging load support 67
414/745.1 Cylindrical bar handling device 65
414/749.1 Load carried along a horizontal linear path (e.g., pick and place type) 135
414/754 Article reorienting device 184
414/785 Load engaging structure of elevator or hoist device with load handling feature 242
414/787 Miscellaneous 132
414/788 Apparatus for moving intersupporting articles into, within, or from freestanding, orderly layered, or mutually stabilizing orderly group 124
414/799 Apparatus for positioning plural orderly articles onto pallet 167
414/800 Process 365
414/9 Human body operated eating aid 23
414/908 Perforated article handling 118
414/909 Remote control handlers 41
414/910 Hollow cylinder handlers 135
414/911 Roll handlers 472
414/912 Combined or convertible implements 171
414/913 Handlers with spring devices 8
414/914 Handling vehicles with overhead guard for operator 50
414/915 Handler-type toys 11
414/916 Shaft mucking machines 2
414/917 Handlers utilizing parallel links 477
414/918 Transmission-line guide for a shiftable handler 106
414/919 Vehicle-carried storage member (e.g., portable silo, etc.) and means for erecting member from attitude during transport to position of intended use 40
414/920 Handling device on tractor unit 60
414/921 Handicapped person handling 509
414/922 Associated with forming or dispersing groups of intersupporting articles (e.g., stacking patterns, etc.) 20
414/935 Associated with semiconductor wafer handling 760

Patents under this class:

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