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Class Information
Number: 403/109
Name: Joints and connections >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
403/ Articulated members 0
403/ Lockable at fixed position 0
403/ Interfitted members 0
403/1 Selectively engageable hub to shaft connection 133
403/10 Closure or plug spaced from joint 19
403/11 With adjunctive protector, broken parts retainer, repair, assembly or disassembly feature 195
403/167 Transverse rod to spaced plate surfaces 58
403/169 Branched 80
403/179 Diverse material coupling member 55
403/180 Three or more serial joints, at least one diverse 15
403/185 Joint involving plural layers of single rod 9
403/186 Laterally related rods independently joined to transverse surface 18
403/187 Rod to member to side, e.g., plate, rod side, etc. 134
403/2 Including frangible component 414
403/202 Radially spaced members joined by independent coupling 21
403/204 Coacting connection between inner member and plural parts of outer member 14
403/205 Rigid angle coupling, e.g., elbow or u, etc. 206
403/206 Axially curved or bent portion of rod is joint component 31
403/217 Three or more members connected at single locus 293
403/220 Flexibly connected rigid members 164
403/23 With adjunctive shield 75
403/230 Rod end to transverse side of member 195
403/24 Structurally installed in diverse art device 409
403/26 Coupling supported by independent bearing 45
403/265 Molded joint 147
403/27 With indicator or inspection means 128
403/273 Shrunk fit 156
403/274 Member deformed in situ 182
403/28 Utilizing thermal characteristic, e.g., expansion or contraction, etc. 164
403/286 Bridged by diverse connector 117
403/287 Including spaced, diverse connections 88
403/288 Including distinct packing 94
403/289 Split end with laterally movable opposed portions 93
403/291 Flexible member is joint component 223
403/292 Member ends joined by inserted section 360
403/299 Thread adaptor 126
403/3 Selectively assembled, e.g., convertible, etc. 157
403/300 Distinct end coupler 163
403/31 With fluid pressure responsive component 170
403/315 Including ancillary means blocking disconnection of joint 207
403/32 With ambient condition responsive control means 36
403/321 Manually releaseable latch type 311
403/326 Biased catch or latch 459
403/33 With independent handle or operator 22
403/331 Side slide: elongated co-linear members 176
403/332 Annular recess is joint component 29
403/333 Convergent interface 22
403/335 Interconnected flanges or shoulders 138
403/339 Scarf 52
403/34 With distinct fluid or article handling or directing feature 46
403/341 Interfitted members with external bridging piece 181
403/342 Thimble: screw or cam 74
403/343 Screw or cam 241
403/344 Axially split or separable member 296
403/345 Interfitted members 121
403/384 Rod side to plate or side 90
403/40 Non-adhering fluent material at joint 7
403/401 Miter joint 111
403/403 Rigid angle 448
403/404 Particular configuration or material of member 177
403/408.1 Having a joining piece extending through aligned openings in plural members 582
403/409.1 Having a cam, wedge, or tapered portion 276
403/41 With strain-limiting means 65
403/410 Miscellaneous 20
403/42 Combined 10
403/43 Rotarily connected, differentially translatable members, e.g., turn-buckle, etc. 92
403/49 Laterally related members connected by latch means, e.g., scaffold connectors 146
403/5 Inflatable connector 53
403/50 Flexible diaphragm or bellows 116
403/52 Articulated members 49
403/6 With opening for access to connector or operator 45
403/DIG.1 Magnetic 99
403/DIG.10 Readily disengageable panel joints 27
403/DIG.11 Furniture type having a snap fit 70
403/DIG.12 Furniture type having a rotatable fastener or fastening element that tightens connection 107
403/DIG.13 Furniture type 66
403/DIG.14 Resilient cinch, locking-catch or retainer type 61
403/DIG.15 Splice plates for co-linear members 33
403/DIG.2 Metal treatment 2
403/DIG.3 Load-responsive release 52
403/DIG.4 Quick release 54
403/DIG.5 Carbon electrode 19
403/DIG.6 Reciprocable ball detent 28
403/DIG.7 Split ring stop or abutment 61
403/DIG.8 Radially acting cam or eccentric 63
403/DIG.9 Adjustable clamp 50

Patents under this class:

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