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Number: 367/92
Name: Communications, electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices > Echo systems > Parametric sonar
Description: Subject matter which produces sum and difference frequencies by the nonlinear mixing of compressional waves within the propagating medium.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8675448 Adaptive ping control method for track-holding in multi-static active sonar networks Mar. 18, 2014
8593908 Method for determining an echo distance in an acoustic pulse-echo ranging system Nov. 26, 2013
8381594 Acoustic transducer and image generation apparatus Feb. 26, 2013
7953232 Guiding device and method of controlling the same May. 31, 2011
7731661 Method for imaging the mechanical properties of tissue Jun. 8, 2010
7652952 Sonar imaging system for mounting to watercraft Jan. 26, 2010
7460439 Ultrasonic transducer for ranging measurement with high directionality using parametric transmitting array in air and a method for manufacturing same Dec. 2, 2008
7319639 Acoustic concealed item detector Jan. 15, 2008
7289391 Narrowband phase difference measurement technique for sonar applications Oct. 30, 2007
7196970 Ultrasonic ranging system and method thereof in air by using parametric array Mar. 27, 2007
7146011 Steering of directional sound beams Dec. 5, 2006
6856918 Method to characterize material using mathematical propagation models and ultrasonic signal Feb. 15, 2005
6704247 High efficiency parametric sonar Mar. 9, 2004
6661739 Filigree electrode pattern apparatus for steering parametric mode acoustic beams Dec. 9, 2003
6590832 Vibrator and method of exploring a material medium by means of very low-frequency elastic vibrations Jul. 8, 2003
5903516 Acoustic force generator for detection, imaging and information transmission using the beat signal of multiple intersecting sonic beams May. 11, 1999
5790474 Active sonar for under-ice conditions Aug. 4, 1998
5719823 Ground penetrating sonar Feb. 17, 1998
5305286 Bistatic/monostatic sonar fence Apr. 19, 1994
5237541 Platform carried bistatic sonar Aug. 17, 1993
5235558 Choke point bistatic sonar Aug. 10, 1993
4924449 Acoustic sub-surface interrogator May. 8, 1990
4872146 Method and apparatus for simulating phase coherent signal reflections in media containing randomly distributed targets Oct. 3, 1989
4712201 Acoustic self-guidance systems for submarine vehicles Dec. 8, 1987
4703462 Virtually steerable parametric acoustic array Oct. 27, 1987
4697254 System and method for measuring ice thickness Sep. 29, 1987
4603408 Synthesis of arbitrary broadband signals for a parametric array Jul. 29, 1986
4596007 Interferometric sonar in non-linear acoustics Jun. 17, 1986
4493064 Sonar System Jan. 8, 1985
4471473 Direction finding circuit arrangement Sep. 11, 1984
4460066 Crime prevention apparatus for elevators Jul. 17, 1984
4400804 Driver for high power sonar systems Aug. 23, 1983
4373143 Parametric dual mode transducer Feb. 8, 1983
4349898 Sonic weapon system Sep. 14, 1982
4320474 Saturation limited parametric sonar source Mar. 16, 1982
4308599 Echo sounder transmitting radiant energy at two frequencies Dec. 29, 1981
4296482 Parametric array Doppler sonar apparatus Oct. 20, 1981
4270191 Doppler current meter for use at great depths May. 26, 1981
4265122 Nondestructive testing apparatus and method utilizing time-domain ramp signals May. 5, 1981
4255797 Sonic attenuation system Mar. 10, 1981
4253166 Target location systems Feb. 24, 1981
4216537 Sonar for the topographic representation of a submerged surface and underlying strata Aug. 5, 1980
4213195 Sonic direction system Jul. 15, 1980
4207620 Oceanographic mapping system Jun. 10, 1980
4190818 Digital beamsteering for a parametric scanning sonar system Feb. 26, 1980
4135142 Non-linear acoustic transducer Jan. 16, 1979
4075599 Undersea geophysical exploration Feb. 21, 1978
4050056 Electroacoustic transducer design for eliminating phantom target errors in sound ranging systems Sep. 20, 1977
4012950 Method of and apparatus for acoustic imaging Mar. 22, 1977
4007437 Acoustic foghorn for directional signaling Feb. 8, 1977

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