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Class Information
Number: 264/288
Name: Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
264/.5 Shaping or treating radioactive material (e.g., fissionable or fertile, etc.) 313
264/1.1 Optical article shaping or treating 621
264/101 Vacuum treatment of work 654
264/103 With twining, plying, braiding, or textile fabric formation 762
264/104 Forming electrical articles by shaping electroconductive material 474
264/106 Forming sound grooves in records 171
264/108 Orienting or aligning solid particles in fluent matrix material 408
264/109 Forming articles by uniting randomly associated particles 1,026
264/129 With printing or coating of workpiece (out of mold) 562
264/138 With severing, removing material from preform mechanically, or mechanically subdividing workpiece 483
264/15 Spheroidizing or rounding of solid particles 203
264/16 Dental shaping type 232
264/164 Unconfined drawing or extending of a plastic mass to make article 122
264/165 Forming continuous or indefinite length work 185
264/21 Shaping or treating luminescent material 94
264/219 With step of making mold or mold shaping, per se 1,063
264/228 Forming stressed concrete articles 184
264/229 Prestressing solid body and uniting in stressed condition 188
264/230 Utilizing heat releasable stress to reshape solid workpiece (e.g., elastic memory, etc.) 594
264/231 Applying tensile stress to workpiece during heat curing 70
264/232 Disparate treatment of article subsequent to working, molding, or shaping 266
264/238 Combined 136
264/239 Mechanical shaping or molding to form or reform shaped article 294
264/28 With step of cooling to a temperature of zero degrees c. or below 355
264/29.1 Carbonizing to form article 469
264/3.1 Explosive or propellant article shaping or treating 240
264/30 Furnace lining formation or repair 237
264/31 Forming structural installations in situ 170
264/340 Treating shaped or solid article 285
264/349 Miscellaneous 501
264/36.1 Repairing or restoring consumer used articles for reuse 59
264/37.1 Recycling of reclaimed or purified process material (not recycled consumer used articles) 93
264/39 With step of cleaning, polishing, or preconditioning apparatus for use 403
264/4 Encapsulating normally liquid material 255
264/40.1 With measuring, testing, or inspecting 1,477
264/400 Laser ablative shaping or piercing (i.e., nonetching, devoid of chemical agent other than air) 377
264/401 Stereolithographic shaping from liquid precursor 574
264/402 Direct application of electrical or wave energy to heat the mold (e.g., electromagnetic wave, particulate, magnetic, sonic, electrostatic energy, etc.) 82
264/405 Direct application of electrical or wave energy to work (e.g., electromagnetic wave, particulate, magnetic, induction heat, sonic, electrostatic energy, etc.) 150
264/41 Pore forming in situ (e.g., foaming, etc.) 1,017
264/5 Formation of solid particulate material directly from molten or liquid mass (e.g., liquid comminuting) 470
264/500 Direct application of fluid pressure differential to permanently shape, distort, or sustain work 215
264/600 Heat polishing (e.g., glazing, etc.) of inorganic article surface outside of mold 17
264/603 Outside of mold sintering or vitrifying of shaped inorganic article or preform 107
264/68 Including step of generating heat by friction 134
264/69 Treatment of material by vibrating, jarring, or agitating during shaping 241
264/73 Random variegated coloring during molding 112
264/78 With incorporating dye susceptible material or dyeing workpiece 176
264/79 With application or barrier for volatile component material to molded article surface 24
264/80 Flame contact or reshaping by heat decomposition of work 143
264/81 Gas or vapor deposition of article forming material onto mold surface 248
264/82 Reactive gas or vapor treatment of work 371
264/84 Applying explosive force to make article 38
264/85 Utilizing special inert gaseous atmosphere or flushing mold with inert liquid 373
264/86 Removal of liquid component or carrier through porous mold surface 372
264/900 Direct application of fluid pressure differential to shape, reshape (i.e., distort), or sustain an article or preform and heat-setting (i.e., crystallizing of stretched or molecularly oriented portion) thereof 29
264/907 Direct application of fluid pressure differential to shape, reshape (i.e., distort), or sustain an article or preform and crystallizing of nonstretched or molecularly unoriented portion thereof 23
264/909 Direct application of fluid pressure differential to stretch an article or preform and heat shrinking of stretched article or preform 16
264/910 Sintering to produce translucent inorganic article 32
264/911 Recycling consumer used articles or products 104
264/DIG.1 Methods of blow-molding cellular containers 12
264/DIG.10 Foamed polystyrene mold filling 39
264/DIG.11 Molding styropor using steam probes-batch 7
264/DIG.12 Molding styropor using steam probes continuous 1
264/DIG.13 Cell size and distribution control while molding a foam 140
264/DIG.14 Forming integral skin on a foamed product 94
264/DIG.15 Aging of foamed resin products 73
264/DIG.16 Molding foamed polypropylene articles 37
264/DIG.17 Molding a foam containing a filler 53
264/DIG.18 Cross-linking a thermoplastic linear foam during molding 130
264/DIG.19 Inorganic fiber 124
264/DIG.2 Molding cellular aldehyde resins 34
264/DIG.20 Tar bonded 1
264/DIG.25 Metallic oxide 20
264/DIG.26 Composite fibers made of two or more materials 48
264/DIG.27 Process of spinning viscose where viscose has high degree of polymerization 0
264/DIG.28 Stretching filaments in gas or steam 8
264/DIG.29 Mixed resin filaments 14
264/DIG.3 Molding cellular pvc-isocyanate resins 9
264/DIG.30 Use of anatomy in making a mold or using said mold 113
264/DIG.31 Processes of making tile and tile-like surfaces 40
264/DIG.32 Processes in molding using asbestos or asphalt 8
264/DIG.33 Blow-molding articles of nonuniform thickness 13
264/DIG.34 Processes and molds for making buttons 6
264/DIG.35 Use of ca o with refractories 4
264/DIG.36 Process of making metal-ceramics 26
264/DIG.37 Processes and molds for making capsules 21
264/DIG.38 Making film or tubes from casein 0
264/DIG.39 Treatment of clay before and after molding 8
264/DIG.4 Molding and forming bendable and flexible product from rigid preform 19
264/DIG.40 Processes of coiling plastics 16
264/DIG.41 Processes of molding collapsible tubes 27
264/DIG.42 Processes of molding involving cross linking 19
264/DIG.43 Processes of curing clay and concrete materials 89
264/DIG.44 Using destructible molds or cores in molding processes 89
264/DIG.45 Molding using an electrical force 7
264/DIG.46 Molding using an electrical heat 73
264/DIG.47 Processes of splitting film, webs or sheets 149
264/DIG.48 Processes of making filters 403
264/DIG.49 Processes of using fly ash 72
264/DIG.5 Use of one or more blowing agents together 481
264/DIG.50 Use of fluid pressure in molding 32
264/DIG.51 Use of fluidized bed in molding 34
264/DIG.52 Processes of making corrugated tubes for gas mask 9
264/DIG.53 Processes of using glass filler in molding process 25
264/DIG.54 Processes in making insulators 13
264/DIG.55 Processes for making jewelry 11
264/DIG.56 Processes of molding lactams 5
264/DIG.57 Processes of forming layered products 102
264/DIG.58 Processes of forming magnets 86
264/DIG.59 Processes in which a partial cure is involved 35
264/DIG.6 Molding microballoons and binder 110
264/DIG.60 Processes of molding plastisols 80
264/DIG.61 Processes of molding polyamide 17
264/DIG.62 Processes of molding porous films 53
264/DIG.63 Processes of molding porous blocks 7
264/DIG.64 Processes of using preforms in molding 39
264/DIG.65 Processes of preheating prior to molding 118
264/DIG.66 Processes of reshaping and reforming 69
264/DIG.67 Forming ring-like structure 25
264/DIG.68 Roll 10
264/DIG.7 Binding and molding cellular particles 80
264/DIG.70 Processes for forming screens or perforating articles 27
264/DIG.71 Processes of shaping by shrinking 115
264/DIG.72 Processes of molding by spraying 19
264/DIG.73 Processes of stretching 54
264/DIG.74 Processes of repairing tires 6
264/DIG.75 Processes of uniting two or more fibers 42
264/DIG.76 Processes of uniting two or more parts 20
264/DIG.77 Processes of molding urethanes 35
264/DIG.78 Processes of molding using vacuum 110
264/DIG.79 Processes of molding articles of vinylidene chloride 4
264/DIG.8 Fibrillating cellular materials 36
264/DIG.80 Processes of waterproofing 9
264/DIG.81 Plastic net 62
264/DIG.82 Embossing by foaming 35
264/DIG.83 Injection molding of polyolefin-type foam 285
264/DIG.84 Conversion of foamed resinous buns into foamed billets having geometrical cross-sections 56
264/DIG.9 Pre-expansion of foamed polystyrene 93

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