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Class Information
Number: 257/E51.041
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Organic solid state devices, processes or apparatus peculiar to manufacture or treatment of such devices or of parts thereof > Selection of material for organic solid-state device (epo) > Coordination compound (e.g., porphyrin, phthalocyanine, metal(ii) polypyridine complexes) (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E51.024. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L51/30M.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
257/E51.043 Metal complexes comprising group iiib metal (al, ga, in, or ti) (e.g., tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminium (alq3)) (epo) 421
257/E51.042 Phthalocyanine (epo) 195
257/E51.044 Transition metal complexes (e.g., ru(ii) polypyridine complexes) (epo) 431

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8673457 Organic electroluminescence device and light emitting apparatus Mar. 18, 2014
8647708 Method of producing photoelectric conversion element, photoelectric conversion element, and photoelectrochemical cell Feb. 11, 2014
8624228 Compound having pyridoindole ring structure bonded with substituted pyridyl group, and organic electroluminescent device Jan. 7, 2014
8617723 Metal complexes Dec. 31, 2013
8581270 Organic light-emitting display apparatus Nov. 12, 2013
8525577 Photoelectric conversion device, photoelectric conversion device material, photosensor and imaging device Sep. 3, 2013
8512881 Organic material and organic light emitting device including the same Aug. 20, 2013
8460950 Organic light-emitting diode Jun. 11, 2013
8449989 Organic compound and organic light emitting device using the same May. 28, 2013
8383931 Derivatives or dipyrannylidene type as anode interface layer in electronic devices Feb. 26, 2013
8319213 Aryl-aryl dendrimers Nov. 27, 2012
8319211 Organic luminescent materials, coating solution using same for organic emitting layer, organic light emitting device using coating solution and light source device using organic light emitting Nov. 27, 2012
8278819 Organic electroluminescence device and display Oct. 2, 2012
8278651 Electronic device including 1,7-phenanthroline derivative Oct. 2, 2012
8242493 Organic photosensitive devices using subphthalocyanine compounds Aug. 14, 2012
8217392 Organic electroluminescence element Jul. 10, 2012
8173271 Fluorescent rare earth complex, and light-emitting element, security medium and lighting device using the same May. 8, 2012
8106393 Substituted benzazoloporphyrazines for polymerization and surface attachment and articles formed therefrom Jan. 31, 2012
8043942 Method for producing core-shell nanowires, nanowires produced by the method and nanowire device comprising the nanowires Oct. 25, 2011
8030645 Electronic device, process for producing the same and electronic equipment making use thereof Oct. 4, 2011
7989802 Light emitting device material and light emitting device Aug. 2, 2011
7989812 EL display device and a method of manufacturing the same Aug. 2, 2011
7973307 Organic photosensitive devices using subphthalocyanine compounds Jul. 5, 2011
7960716 Field effect transistor and method of producing the same Jun. 14, 2011
7919770 Substituted benzazoloporphyrazines for polymerization and surface attachment and articles formed therefrom Apr. 5, 2011
7901795 OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds Mar. 8, 2011
7816670 Organic memory device and fabrication method thereof Oct. 19, 2010
7800102 Organic thin film transistor including a self-assembly monolayer between an insulating layer and an organic semiconductor layer and flat panel display comprising the same Sep. 21, 2010
7790890 Organic electroluminescence element material, organic electroluminescence element, display device and illumination device Sep. 7, 2010
7791069 Field effect transistor and method of producing same Sep. 7, 2010
7642546 Molecular memory devices including solid-state dielectric layers and related methods Jan. 5, 2010
7629606 Functional molecular element, method for producing functional molecular element, and functional molecular device Dec. 8, 2009
7586117 Field effect transistor and method of producing same Sep. 8, 2009
7582364 Organic electroluminescent device Sep. 1, 2009
7569288 Electroluminescent device including gallium complexes Aug. 4, 2009
7566505 Organic electroluminescent element Jul. 28, 2009
7563519 OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds Jul. 21, 2009
7462404 Electroluminescent boron complexes Dec. 9, 2008
7452614 Luminescent semi-conductive polymer material, method of preparing the same and organic light emitting element having the same Nov. 18, 2008
7413818 Light-emitting device Aug. 19, 2008
7394096 Field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same Jul. 1, 2008
7368823 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same May. 6, 2008
7361414 Light emitting device and display apparatus using same Apr. 22, 2008
7303824 Electroluminescent device Dec. 4, 2007
7291405 Organic electroluminescent device Nov. 6, 2007
7279235 OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds Oct. 9, 2007
7279233 Light-emitting material and light-emitting device Oct. 9, 2007
7279237 OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds Oct. 9, 2007
7235311 Electroluminescent devices incorporating mixed metal organic complexes Jun. 26, 2007
7230268 Attachment of organic molecules to group III, IV or V substrates Jun. 12, 2007

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