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Class Information
Number: 257/E39.016
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Devices using superconductivity, processes, or apparatus peculiar to manufacture or treatment of such devices, or of parts thereof (epo) > Devices comprising junction of dissimilar materials, e.g., josephson-effect devices (epo) > Three or more electrode devices, e.g., transistor-like structures (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E39.012. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L39/22D.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7381625 Deterministic process for constructing nanodevices Jun. 3, 2008
7307275 Encoding and error suppression for superconducting quantum computers Dec. 11, 2007
7304348 DMOS transistor Dec. 4, 2007
7145170 Coupled superconducting charge quantum bit device and controlled-not gate using the same Dec. 5, 2006
6995390 Switching device using superlattice without any dielectric barriers Feb. 7, 2006
6987282 Quantum bit with a multi-terminal junction and loop with a phase shift Jan. 17, 2006
6919579 Quantum bit with a multi-terminal junction and loop with a phase shift Jul. 19, 2005
6649929 Quantum computing with d-wave superconductors Nov. 18, 2003
6573526 Single electron tunneling transistor having multilayer structure Jun. 3, 2003
6495854 Quantum computing with d-wave superconductors Dec. 17, 2002
6403977 Double-sided high-temperature superconducting flux-flow transistor Jun. 11, 2002
6365912 Superconducting tunnel junction device Apr. 2, 2002
6353330 Single-flux-quantum digital device Mar. 5, 2002
6344659 Superconducting transistor arrangement and a method relating thereto Feb. 5, 2002
6291242 Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination Sep. 18, 2001
6111268 Electronic device Aug. 29, 2000
5955743 Superconductive tunnel elements, tunnel stacks produced therefrom and use thereof Sep. 21, 1999
5869846 Superconducting junction device Feb. 9, 1999
5846846 Method for making a superconducting field-effect device with grain boundary channel Dec. 8, 1998
5793055 Hybrid electronic devices, particularly Josephson transistors Aug. 11, 1998
5742073 Superconducting weak link array switch Apr. 21, 1998
5729046 Superconducting device having pinning regions Mar. 17, 1998
5552375 Method for forming high T.sub.c superconducting devices Sep. 3, 1996
5545612 Superconductor element and method of manufacturing the same Aug. 13, 1996
5512540 Method of manufacturing superconducting patterns Apr. 30, 1996
5468723 Method for forming a superconducting weak link device Nov. 21, 1995
5455451 Superconductized semiconductor device using penetrating Cooper pairs Oct. 3, 1995
5442196 Superconducting device Aug. 15, 1995
5441926 Superconducting device structure with Pr-Ba-Cu-O barrier layer Aug. 15, 1995
5430011 Crystal compensated superconducting thin film formed of oxide superconductor material Jul. 4, 1995
5430013 Superconducting thin film formed of oxide superconductor material, superconducting current path and superconducting device utilizing the superconducting thin film Jul. 4, 1995
5401716 Method for manufacturing superconducting patterns Mar. 28, 1995
5380704 Superconducting field effect transistor with increased channel length Jan. 10, 1995
5364836 Article comprising a superconductor/insulator layer structure, and method of making the article Nov. 15, 1994
5347143 Tunnelling barrier between two non-tunnelling superconductor-insulator-controlling superconductor-insulator-superconductor structures Sep. 13, 1994
5334580 Superconducting device having superconducting weak coupling Aug. 2, 1994
5326745 Superconducting device with C-axis orientation perpendicular to current flow Jul. 5, 1994
5318952 A superconducting transistor wherein hot electrons are injected into and trapped from the base Jun. 7, 1994
5311036 Superconducting device May. 10, 1994
5311037 Superconducting device May. 10, 1994
5306927 High current amplifier utilizing a josephson junction Schottky diode three terminal device Apr. 26, 1994
5272358 Superconducting device Dec. 21, 1993
5256897 Oxide superconducting device Oct. 26, 1993
5250506 Superconductive switching element with semiconductor channel Oct. 5, 1993
5239187 Josephson effect semiconductor device with channel layers of semiconductor and superconductor materials Aug. 24, 1993
5232905 High T.sub.c superconducting device with weak link between two superconducting electrodes Aug. 3, 1993
5219834 Process for producing a superconducting transistor Jun. 15, 1993
5179426 Josephson device Jan. 12, 1993
5160983 Superconducting device Nov. 3, 1992
5126801 Superconducting device Jun. 30, 1992

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