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Class Information
Number: 257/E31.026
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Semiconductor devices responsive or sensitive to electromagnetic radiation (e.g., infrared radiation, adapted for conversion of radiation into electrical energy or for control of electrical energy by such radiation processes, or apparatus peculiar to manufacture or treatment of such devices, or of parts thereof) (epo) > Characterized by semiconductor body (epo) > Characterized by semiconductor body material (epo) > Inorganic materials (epo) > Including, apart from doping material or other impurity, only compound other than group ii-vi, iii-v, and iv compound (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E31.004. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L31/032.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
257/E31.031 Characterized by doping material (epo) 3
257/E31.027 Comprising only group i-iii-vi chalcopyrite compound (e.g., cuinse 2 , cugase 2 , cuingase 2 ) (epo) 124
257/E31.029 Comprising only group iv-vi or ii-iv-vi chalcogenide compound (e.g., pbsnte) (epo) 205

Patents under this class:
1 2

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8585933 Methods for AIGS silver-containing photovoltaics Nov. 19, 2013
8585932 Methods and articles for AIGS silver-containing photovoltaics Nov. 19, 2013
8586457 Method of fabricating high efficiency CIGS solar cells Nov. 19, 2013
8525244 Germanium compound, semiconductor device fabricated using the same, and methods of forming the same Sep. 3, 2013
8507906 CMOS image sensor and method of manufacturing the same Aug. 13, 2013
8426854 Display device Apr. 23, 2013
8134140 Programmable metallization cell structure including an integrated diode, device including the structure, and method of forming same Mar. 13, 2012
7927908 Method for manufacturing a bolometric detector Apr. 19, 2011
7893419 Processing phase change material to improve programming speed Feb. 22, 2011
7834380 Field effect transistor and method for fabricating the same Nov. 16, 2010
7728322 Programmable metallization cell structures including an oxide electrolyte, devices including the structure and method of forming same Jun. 1, 2010
7372065 Programmable metallization cell structures including an oxide electrolyte, devices including the structure and method of forming same May. 13, 2008
7288781 Programmable structure, an array including the structure, and methods of forming the same Oct. 30, 2007
7132677 Super bright light emitting diode of nanorod array structure having InGaN quantum well and method for manufacturing the same Nov. 7, 2006
7071496 Electronic device and method for manufacturing the same Jul. 4, 2006
7071139 Oxynitride compounds, methods of preparation, and uses thereof Jul. 4, 2006
7026543 Photovoltaically active materials and cells containing them Apr. 11, 2006
6975012 Semiconductor radiation detector having voltage application means comprises InxCdyTez on CdTe semiconductor substrate Dec. 13, 2005
6940009 Solar cell Sep. 6, 2005
6888175 Compound semiconductor structure with lattice and polarity matched heteroepitaxial layers May. 3, 2005
6835959 Semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same Dec. 28, 2004
6635942 Semiconductor element, especially a solar cell, and method for the production thereof Oct. 21, 2003
6569534 Optical material and optical element using the same May. 27, 2003
6541695 High efficiency solar photovoltaic cells produced with inexpensive materials by processes suitable for large volume production Apr. 1, 2003
6534704 Solar cell Mar. 18, 2003
6528863 Perovskite-containing composite material, method of manufacturing said material, electronic component and module Mar. 4, 2003
6312617 Conductive isostructural compounds Nov. 6, 2001
6281426 Multi-junction, monolithic solar cell using low-band-gap materials lattice matched to GaAs or Ge Aug. 28, 2001
5895938 Semiconductor device using semiconductor BCN compounds Apr. 20, 1999
5892227 Radiation detection system and processes for preparing the same Apr. 6, 1999
5873901 Treating retinal damage by implanting thin film optical detectors Feb. 23, 1999
5850098 Uncooled amorphous YBaCuO thin film infrared detector Dec. 15, 1998
5731031 Production of films and powders for semiconductor device applications Mar. 24, 1998
5641973 Semiconductor piezoelectric photoelectric converting device and imaging device using such semiconductor photoelectric converting device Jun. 24, 1997
5594263 Semiconductor device containing a semiconducting crystalline nanoporous material Jan. 14, 1997
5572060 Uncooled YBaCuO thin film infrared detector Nov. 5, 1996
5506426 Compound semiconductor, a method for producing a thin film thereof, and a semiconductor device having the thin film Apr. 9, 1996
5482570 Photovoltaic cell Jan. 9, 1996
5422304 Method for producing a thin film, and a semiconductor device having the thin film Jun. 6, 1995
5371067 Superconductive photoconductive substance of the Ba-Pb-Bi-O group system and a method for producing the same Dec. 6, 1994
5304539 Method for fabricating integrated microelectronic assembly comprising photoconductor with oxide superconducting leads Apr. 19, 1994
5286306 Thin film photovoltaic cells from I-III-VI-VII compounds Feb. 15, 1994
5247349 Passivation and insulation of III-V devices with pnictides, particularly amorphous pnictides having a layer-like structure Sep. 21, 1993
5200805 Silicon carbide:metal carbide alloy semiconductor and method of making the same Apr. 6, 1993
5140001 Integrated microelectronic assembly comprising photoconductor with superconducting leads Aug. 18, 1992
5117270 Photosensor with AU diffused Pb.sub.2 CrO.sub.5 or similar film May. 26, 1992
5032472 Films of catenated phosphorus materials, their preparation and use, and semiconductor and other devices employing them Jul. 16, 1991
4940898 Semiconducting metal silicide radiation detectors Jul. 10, 1990
4914042 Forming a transition metal silicide radiation detector and source Apr. 3, 1990
4892594 Photovoltaic element Jan. 9, 1990

1 2

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