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Number: 257/E29.133
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Semiconductors devices adapted for rectifying, amplifying, oscillating, or switching, capacitors, or resistors with at least one potential-jump barrier or surface barrier (epo) > Electrodes (epo) > Characterized by their shape, relative sizes or dispositions (epo) > Not carrying current to be rectified, amplified, or switched (epo) > Gate stack for field-effect devices (epo) > For field-effect transistors (epo) > With insulated gate (epo) > Characterized by insulating layer (epo) > Nonuniform insulating layer thickness (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E29.132. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L29/423D2B6B.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5134448 MOSFET with substrate source contact Jul. 28, 1992
5130769 Nonvolatile memory cell Jul. 14, 1992
5126807 Vertical MOS transistor and its production method Jun. 30, 1992
5121176 MOSFET structure having reduced gate capacitance Jun. 9, 1992
5082795 Method of fabricating a field effect semiconductor device having a self-aligned structure Jan. 21, 1992
5055895 Double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor device Oct. 8, 1991
5051794 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same Sep. 24, 1991
5047813 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same Sep. 10, 1991
5023196 Method for forming a MOSFET with substrate source contact Jun. 11, 1991
5015593 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device May. 14, 1991
5012311 Semiconductor thin film device with thick insulator at gate edge Apr. 30, 1991
4994872 Insulated gate static induction transistor and integrated circuit including same Feb. 19, 1991
4992390 Trench gate structure with thick bottom oxide Feb. 12, 1991
4990982 Semiconductor device of high breakdown voltage Feb. 5, 1991
4974059 Semiconductor high-power mosfet device Nov. 27, 1990
4941026 Semiconductor devices exhibiting minimum on-resistance Jul. 10, 1990
4935802 EPROM IC having reduced impurity regions Jun. 19, 1990
4914058 Grooved DMOS process with varying gate dielectric thickness Apr. 3, 1990
4902636 Method for manufacturing a depletion type double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor device Feb. 20, 1990
4892838 Method of manufacturing an insulated gate field effect transistor Jan. 9, 1990
4890142 Power MOS transistor structure Dec. 26, 1989
4881106 DV/DT of power MOSFETS Nov. 14, 1989
4851888 Conductivity modulation type vertical MOS-FET Jul. 25, 1989
4843358 Electrically positionable short-circuits Jun. 27, 1989
4830975 Method of manufacture a primos device May. 16, 1989
4825018 Voltage detection circuit Apr. 25, 1989
4814839 Insulated gate static induction transistor and integrated circuit including same Mar. 21, 1989
4806500 Method of producing a large-scale integrated MOS field-effect transistor circuit Feb. 21, 1989
4735914 FET for high reverse bias voltage and geometrical design for low on resistance Apr. 5, 1988
4692781 Semiconductor device with electrostatic discharge protection Sep. 8, 1987
4574208 Raised split gate EFET and circuitry Mar. 4, 1986
4534104 Mixed dielectric process and nonvolatile memory device fabricated thereby Aug. 13, 1985
4503449 V-Mos field effect transistor Mar. 5, 1985
4404576 All implanted MOS transistor Sep. 13, 1983
4402761 Method of making self-aligned gate MOS device having small channel lengths Sep. 6, 1983
4382826 Method of making MIS-field effect transistor having a short channel length May. 10, 1983
4368085 SOS island edge passivation structure Jan. 11, 1983
4333225 Method of making a circular high voltage field effect transistor Jun. 8, 1982
4334235 Insulated gate type semiconductor device Jun. 8, 1982
4308549 High voltage field effect transistor Dec. 29, 1981
4291321 MIS-field effect transistor having a short channel length and method of making the same Sep. 22, 1981
4288802 HVMOSFET Driver with single-poly gate structure Sep. 8, 1981
4247860 MIS Field effect transistor for high source-drain voltages Jan. 27, 1981
4242156 Method of fabricating an SOS island edge passivation structure Dec. 30, 1980
4190850 MIS field effect transistor having a short channel length Feb. 26, 1980
4056825 FET device with reduced gate overlap capacitance of source/drain and method of manufacture Nov. 1, 1977
T954008 Narrow channel field effect transistor Jan. 4, 1977
3950777 Field-effect transistor Apr. 13, 1976
3946424 High frequency field-effect transistors and method of making same Mar. 23, 1976

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