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Class Information
Number: 257/E29.083
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Semiconductors devices adapted for rectifying, amplifying, oscillating, or switching, capacitors, or resistors with at least one potential-jump barrier or surface barrier (epo) > Electrical characteristics due to properties of entire semiconductor body rather than just surface region (epo) > Characterized by materials of semiconductor body (epo) > Only element from fourth group of periodic system in uncombined form (epo) > Amorphous materials (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E29.082. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L29/16E.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8604476 Semiconductor device including memory cell Dec. 10, 2013
8530895 Thinned semiconductor components having lasered features and method of fabrication Sep. 10, 2013
8237166 Display Aug. 7, 2012
8212252 Light-emitting device Jul. 3, 2012
8203146 Integrated circuits utilizing amorphous oxides Jun. 19, 2012
8168974 Field effect transistor May. 1, 2012
7955890 Methods for forming an amorphous silicon film in display devices Jun. 7, 2011
7872259 Light-emitting device Jan. 18, 2011
7868326 Field effect transistor Jan. 11, 2011
7863611 Integrated circuits utilizing amorphous oxides Jan. 4, 2011
7791072 Display Sep. 7, 2010
7700936 Fabrication of quantum dots embedded in three-dimensional photonic crystal lattice Apr. 20, 2010
7332790 Semiconductor device having an active area partially isolated by a lateral cavity Feb. 19, 2008
6723421 Semiconductor with coordinatively irregular structures Apr. 20, 2004
6426248 Process for forming power MOSFET device in float zone, non-epitaxial silicon Jul. 30, 2002
6235613 Method of producing HSG using an amorphous silicon disordered layer as a substrate May. 22, 2001
6225196 High electron mobility transistor and method of fabricating the same May. 1, 2001
6080998 Amorphous silicon germanium thin film and photovoltaic element Jun. 27, 2000
6049091 High electron mobility transistor Apr. 11, 2000
5866930 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same Feb. 2, 1999
5831282 Method of producing an HSG structure using an amorphous silicon disorder layer as a substrate Nov. 3, 1998
5654209 Method of making N-type semiconductor region by implantation Aug. 5, 1997
5616932 Amorphous silicon germanium film and semiconductor device using the same Apr. 1, 1997
5518937 Semiconductor device having a region doped to a level exceeding the solubility limit May. 21, 1996
5371380 Si- and/or Ge-containing non-single crystalline semiconductor film with an average radius of 3.5 A or less as for microvoids contained therein and a microvoid density 1.times.10.sup.(19) (cm.s Dec. 6, 1994
5315131 Electrically reprogrammable nonvolatile memory device May. 24, 1994
5270224 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a region doped to a level exceeding the solubility limit Dec. 14, 1993
5111266 Semiconductor device having a region doped to a level exceeding the solubility limit May. 5, 1992
5055421 Method for the plasma deposition of hydrogenated, amorphous carbon using predetermined retention times of gaseous hydrocarbons Oct. 8, 1991
5051786 Passivated polycrystalline semiconductors quantum well/superlattice structures fabricated thereof Sep. 24, 1991
4954182 Multiple cell photoresponsive amorphous photo voltaic devices including graded band gaps Sep. 4, 1990
4891074 Multiple cell photoresponsive amorphous alloys and devices Jan. 2, 1990
4849797 Thin film transistor Jul. 18, 1989
4835059 Thin film conductor which contains silicon and germanium as major components and method of manufacturing the same May. 30, 1989
4799087 Field effect transistor Jan. 17, 1989
4766008 Method of manufacturing thin film conductor which contains silicon and germanium as major components Aug. 23, 1988
4701572 Amorphous solar cell Oct. 20, 1987
4692558 Counteraction of semiconductor impurity effects Sep. 8, 1987
4690830 Activation by dehydrogenation or dehalogenation of deposition feedstock and dopant materials useful in the fabrication of hydrogenated amorphous silicon alloys for photovoltaic devices and oth Sep. 1, 1987
4600935 Back-to-back diodes Jul. 15, 1986
4522663 Method for optimizing photoresponsive amorphous alloys and devices Jun. 11, 1985
4496450 Process for the production of a multicomponent thin film Jan. 29, 1985
4485128 Bandgap control in amorphous semiconductors Nov. 27, 1984
4465706 Bandgap control in amorphous semiconductors Aug. 14, 1984
4402762 Method of making highly stable modified amorphous silicon and germanium films Sep. 6, 1983
4359367 Silicon-based semiconductor devices Nov. 16, 1982
4342044 Method for optimizing photoresponsive amorphous alloys and devices Jul. 27, 1982
4291318 Amorphous silicon MIS device Sep. 22, 1981
4254429 Hetero junction semiconductor device Mar. 3, 1981
4127861 Metal base transistor with thin film amorphous semiconductors Nov. 28, 1978

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