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Class Information
Number: 257/E29.012
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Semiconductors devices adapted for rectifying, amplifying, oscillating, or switching, capacitors, or resistors with at least one potential-jump barrier or surface barrier (epo) > Electrical characteristics due to properties of entire semiconductor body rather than just surface region (epo) > Characterized by specified shape or size of pn junction or by specified impurity concentration gradient within the device (epo) > Characterized by particular design considerations to control electrical field effect within device (epo) > For controlling surface leakage or electric field concentration (epo) > For controlling breakdown voltage of reverse biased devices (epo) > By doping profile or shape or arrangement of the pn junction, or with supplementary regions (e.g., guard ring, ldd, drift region) (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E29.008. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L29/06B2B3.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
257/E29.014 With breakdown supporting region for localizing breakdown or limiting its voltage (epo) 64
257/E29.013 With supplementary region doped oppositely to or in rectifying contact with semiconductor containing or contacting region(e.g., guard rings with pn or schottky junction) (epo) 428

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8686508 Structures, methods and applications for electrical pulse anneal processes Apr. 1, 2014
8680620 Bi-directional blocking voltage protection devices and methods of forming the same Mar. 25, 2014
8674729 High voltage semiconductor device and driving circuit Mar. 18, 2014
8643136 High voltage device and manufacturing method thereof Feb. 4, 2014
8643099 Integrated lateral high voltage MOSFET Feb. 4, 2014
8643086 Semiconductor component with high breakthrough tension and low forward resistance Feb. 4, 2014
8643068 Integrated circuit having field effect transistors and manufacturing method Feb. 4, 2014
8637928 Semiconductor device Jan. 28, 2014
8629502 MOSFET with recessed channel film and abrupt junctions Jan. 14, 2014
8587071 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) guard ring protective structure Nov. 19, 2013
8575694 Insulated gate bipolar transistor structure having low substrate leakage Nov. 5, 2013
8564088 Semiconductor device having variably laterally doped zone with decreasing concentration formed in an edge region Oct. 22, 2013
8558275 Sawtooth electric field drift region structure for power semiconductor devices Oct. 15, 2013
8558309 Power semiconductor device Oct. 15, 2013
8546887 Semiconductor devices Oct. 1, 2013
8536641 Semiconductor device Sep. 17, 2013
8525272 High-frequency switching transistor and high-frequency circuit Sep. 3, 2013
8513738 ESD field-effect transistor and integrated diffusion resistor Aug. 20, 2013
8476684 Field effect transistors having improved breakdown voltages and methods of forming the same Jul. 2, 2013
8461648 Semiconductor component with a drift region and a drift control region Jun. 11, 2013
8460977 Mesa termination structures for power semiconductor devices and methods of forming power semiconductor devices with mesa termination structures Jun. 11, 2013
8415765 Semiconductor device including a guard ring or an inverted region Apr. 9, 2013
8404526 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same Mar. 26, 2013
8390081 MOS P-N junction diode device and method for manufacturing the same Mar. 5, 2013
8373247 Semiconductor device Feb. 12, 2013
8368140 Trench MOS device with Schottky diode and method for manufacturing same Feb. 5, 2013
8362558 Low on-resistance lateral double-diffused MOS device Jan. 29, 2013
8349666 Fused buss for plating features on a semiconductor die Jan. 8, 2013
8350366 Power semiconductor element with two-stage impurity concentration profile Jan. 8, 2013
8338907 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same Dec. 25, 2012
8330192 Method for modification of built in potential of diodes Dec. 11, 2012
8330213 Power semiconductor devices, methods, and structures with embedded dielectric layers containing permanent charges Dec. 11, 2012
8330233 Semiconductor device Dec. 11, 2012
8309423 High voltage diode with reduced substrate injection Nov. 13, 2012
8299548 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device Oct. 30, 2012
8283727 Circuit with electrostatic discharge protection Oct. 9, 2012
8278711 Semiconductor device and method of making the same Oct. 2, 2012
8269276 Method for the production of MOS transistors Sep. 18, 2012
8263982 Thin film transistor with a high impurity region overlapping the gate electrode Sep. 11, 2012
8264015 Semiconductor device wherein a first insulated gate field effect transistor is connected in series with a second field effect transistor Sep. 11, 2012
8247798 RF circuits including transistors having strained material layers Aug. 21, 2012
8212323 Seal ring structure for integrated circuits Jul. 3, 2012
8188521 Power semiconductor device May. 29, 2012
8188578 Seal ring structure for integrated circuits May. 29, 2012
8159026 Lateral high-voltage semiconductor devices with majorities of both types for conduction Apr. 17, 2012
8159033 ESD protection device and manufacturing method thereof Apr. 17, 2012
8154101 High voltage diode with reduced substrate injection Apr. 10, 2012
8143673 Circuit with electrostatic discharge protection Mar. 27, 2012
8129262 Fabrication of field-effect transistor with vertical body-material dopant profile tailored to alleviate punchthrough and reduce current leakage Mar. 6, 2012
8125031 Low on-resistance lateral double-diffused MOS device Feb. 28, 2012

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