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Number: 257/E21.638
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Processes or apparatus adapted for manufacture or treatment of semiconductor or solid-state devices or of parts thereof (epo) > Manufacture or treatment of devices consisting of plurality of solid-state components formed in or on common substrate or of parts thereof; manufacture of integrated circuit devices or of parts thereof (epo) > Manufacture or treatment of devices consisting of plurality of solid-state components or integrated circuits formed in, or on, common substrate (epo) > With subsequent division of substrate into plural individual devices (epo) > To produce devices each consisting of plurality of components, e.g., integrated circuits (epo) > Substrate being semiconductor, using silicon technology (epo) > Field-effect technology (epo) > Mis technology (epo) > Complementary field-effect transistors, e.g., cmos (epo) > With particular manufacturing method of gate conductor, e.g., particular materials, shapes (epo) > Gate conductors with different shapes, lengths or dimensions (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E21.635. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L21/8238G6.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8664066 Formation of a channel semiconductor alloy by forming a nitride based hard mask layer Mar. 4, 2014
8637371 Non-planar MOSFET structures with asymmetric recessed source drains and methods for making the same Jan. 28, 2014
8603875 CMOS process to improve SRAM yield Dec. 10, 2013
8476714 Semiconductor device Jul. 2, 2013
8470664 Methods of fabricating a dual polysilicon gate and methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using the same Jun. 25, 2013
8294238 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with reduced size of peripheral circuit area Oct. 23, 2012
8288256 Enhancing transistor characteristics by a late deep implantation in combination with a diffusion-free anneal process Oct. 16, 2012
8263485 Method for fabricating semiconductor device Sep. 11, 2012
8198704 Semiconductor device including a crystal semiconductor layer Jun. 12, 2012
8193583 Monolithic output stage with vertical high-side PMOS and vertical low-side NMOS interconnected using buried metal, structure and method Jun. 5, 2012
8178406 Split gate device and method for forming May. 15, 2012
8173545 Method for the fabrication of a transistor gate using at least one electron beam May. 8, 2012
8158453 Methods of forming silicide strapping in imager transfer gate device Apr. 17, 2012
8138570 Isolated junction field-effect transistor Mar. 20, 2012
8129795 Inducing strain in the channels of metal gate transistors Mar. 6, 2012
8049210 Thin film transistor, matrix substrate, electrophoresis display device, and electronic apparatus Nov. 1, 2011
7964465 Transistors having asymmetric strained source/drain portions Jun. 21, 2011
7960265 Method for fabricating semiconductor device Jun. 14, 2011
7955963 Dry etching method for semiconductor device Jun. 7, 2011
7939895 Semiconductor device with forwardly tapered P-type FET gate electrode and reversely tapered N-type FET gate electrode and method of manufacturing same May. 10, 2011
7915713 Field effect transistors with channels oriented to different crystal planes Mar. 29, 2011
7910957 Semiconductor device Mar. 22, 2011
7902058 Inducing strain in the channels of metal gate transistors Mar. 8, 2011
7888210 Non-volatile memory fabrication and isolation for composite charge storage structures Feb. 15, 2011
7888193 Semiconductor device with mushroom electrode and manufacture method thereof Feb. 15, 2011
7863677 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same Jan. 4, 2011
7842572 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices with local recess channel transistors Nov. 30, 2010
7824980 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same Nov. 2, 2010
7759194 Electrically programmable device with embedded EEPROM and method for making thereof Jul. 20, 2010
7754592 Method for fabricating semiconductor device Jul. 13, 2010
7700428 Methods of fabricating a device structure for use as a memory cell in a non-volatile random access memory Apr. 20, 2010
7622767 Semiconductor device with T-shaped gate electrode and hollow region adjacent the gate electrode Nov. 24, 2009
7592684 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same Sep. 22, 2009
7586150 Semiconductor devices with local recess channel transistors and methods of manufacturing the same Sep. 8, 2009
7569445 Semiconductor device with constricted current passage Aug. 4, 2009
7446027 Method for forming gate structure with local pulled-back conductive layer and its use Nov. 4, 2008
7445993 Method of fabricating non-volatile memory Nov. 4, 2008
7361932 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same Apr. 22, 2008
7355256 MOS Devices with different gate lengths and different gate polysilicon grain sizes Apr. 8, 2008
7335542 Semiconductor device with mushroom electrode and manufacture method thereof Feb. 26, 2008
7332775 Protruding spacers for self-aligned contacts Feb. 19, 2008
7326609 Semiconductor device and fabrication method Feb. 5, 2008
7285450 Method of fabricating non-volatile memory Oct. 23, 2007
7282402 Method of making a dual strained channel semiconductor device Oct. 16, 2007
7223645 Semiconductor device with mushroom electrode and manufacture method thereof May. 29, 2007
7157378 Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric layer and a metal gate electrode Jan. 2, 2007
7144780 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method Dec. 5, 2006
7091563 Method and structure for improved MOSFETs using poly/silicide gate height control Aug. 15, 2006
7067872 Semiconductor memory device equipped with memory transistor and peripheral transistor and method of manufacturing the same Jun. 27, 2006
7057237 Method for forming devices with multiple spacer widths Jun. 6, 2006

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