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Number: 257/E21.293
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Processes or apparatus adapted for manufacture or treatment of semiconductor or solid-state devices or of parts thereof (epo) > Manufacture or treatment of semiconductor device (epo) > Device having at least one potential-jump barrier or surface barrier, e.g., pn junction, depletion layer, carrier concentration layer (epo) > Device having semiconductor body comprising group iv elements or group iii-v compounds with or without impurities, e.g., doping materials (epo) > Treatment of semiconductor body using process other than deposition of semiconductor material on a substrate, diffusion or alloying of impurity material, or radiation treatment (epo) > To change their surface-physical characteristics or shape, e.g., etching, polishing, cutting (epo) > To form insulating layer thereon, e.g., for masking or by using photolithographic technique (epo) > Inorganic layer (epo) > Inorganic layer composed of nitride (epo) > Of silicon nitride (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E21.292. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L21/318B.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6162700 Method of forming a trench isolation structure in a semiconductor substrate Dec. 19, 2000
6159849 Methods of forming nitride dielectric layers having reduced exposure to oxygen Dec. 12, 2000
6153261 Dielectric film deposition employing a bistertiarybutylaminesilane precursor Nov. 28, 2000
6150226 Semiconductor processing methods, methods of forming capacitors, methods of forming silicon nitride, and methods of densifying silicon nitride layers Nov. 21, 2000
6150286 Method of making an ultra thin silicon nitride film Nov. 21, 2000
6149730 Apparatus for forming films of a semiconductor device, a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, and a method of forming thin films of a semiconductor Nov. 21, 2000
6146938 Method of fabricating semiconductor device Nov. 14, 2000
6147013 Method of LPCVD silicon nitride deposition Nov. 14, 2000
6143638 Passivation structure and its method of fabrication Nov. 7, 2000
6144057 Semiconductor memory device including a field effect transistor Nov. 7, 2000
6136688 High stress oxide to eliminate BPSG/SiN cracking Oct. 24, 2000
6130119 Conductive film-attached substrate and method of manufacturing the same Oct. 10, 2000
6130146 In-situ nitride and oxynitride deposition process in the same chamber Oct. 10, 2000
6127238 Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited (PECVD) silicon nitride barrier layer for high density plasma chemical vapor deposited (HDP-CVD) dielectric layer Oct. 3, 2000
6121084 Semiconductor processing methods of forming hemispherical grain polysilicon layers, methods of forming capacitors, and capacitors Sep. 19, 2000
6114734 Transistor structure incorporating a solid deuterium source for gate interface passivation Sep. 5, 2000
6114224 System and method for using N.sub.2 O plasma treatment to eliminate defects at an interface between a stop layer and an integral layered dielectric Sep. 5, 2000
6107204 Method to manufacture multiple damascene by utilizing etch selectivity Aug. 22, 2000
6103639 Method of reducing pin holes in a nitride passivation layer Aug. 15, 2000
6100154 Using LPCVD silicon nitride cap as a barrier to reduce resistance variations from hydrogen intrusion of high-value polysilicon resistor Aug. 8, 2000
6093956 Semiconductor wafer assemblies comprising silicon nitride, methods of forming silicon nitride, and methods of reducing stress on semiconductive wafers Jul. 25, 2000
6090686 Locos isolation process using a layered pad nitride and dry field oxidation stack and semiconductor device employing the same Jul. 18, 2000
6091081 Insulating film comprising amorphous carbon fluoride, a semiconductor device comprising such an insulating film Jul. 18, 2000
6091121 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same Jul. 18, 2000
6090682 Isolation film of semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same comprising a lower isolation film with a upper isolation film formed on top Jul. 18, 2000
6087268 Method to reduce boron diffusion through gate oxide using sidewall spacers Jul. 11, 2000
6081021 Conductor-insulator-conductor structure Jun. 27, 2000
6077754 Methods of forming a silicon nitride film, a capacitor dielectric layer and a capacitor Jun. 20, 2000
6077784 Chemical-mechanical polishing method Jun. 20, 2000
6077789 Method for forming a passivation layer with planarization Jun. 20, 2000
6077791 Method of forming passivation layers using deuterium containing reaction gases Jun. 20, 2000
6069094 Method for depositing a thin film May. 30, 2000
6063713 Methods for forming silicon nitride layers on silicon-comprising substrates May. 16, 2000
6060403 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device May. 9, 2000
6057209 Semiconductor device having a nitrogen bearing isolation region May. 2, 2000
6048800 Process for planarizing surface of a semiconductor device Apr. 11, 2000
6046101 Passivation technology combining improved adhesion in passivation and a scribe street without passivation Apr. 4, 2000
6046494 High tensile nitride layer Apr. 4, 2000
6037013 Barrier/liner with a SiNx-enriched surface layer on MOCVD prepared films Mar. 14, 2000
6037017 Method for formation of multilayer film Mar. 14, 2000
6037235 Hydrogen anneal for curing defects of silicon/nitride interfaces of semiconductor devices Mar. 14, 2000
6024802 Vapor treatment process for reducing oxide depletion Feb. 15, 2000
6017614 Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited SIO.sub.2 /SI.sub.3 N.sub.4 multilayer passivation layer for semiconductor applications Jan. 25, 2000
6017784 Manufacture method of semiconductor device with suppressed impurity diffusion from gate electrode Jan. 25, 2000
6013943 Etch stop for use in etching of silicon oxide Jan. 11, 2000
6014310 High dielectric TiO.sub.2 -SiN composite films for memory applications Jan. 11, 2000
6004875 Etch stop for use in etching of silicon oxide Dec. 21, 1999
5994156 Method of making gate and source lines in TFT LCD panels using pure aluminum metal Nov. 30, 1999
5989338 Method for depositing cell nitride with improved step coverage using MOCVD in a wafer deposition system Nov. 23, 1999
5985771 Semiconductor wafer assemblies comprising silicon nitride, methods of forming silicon nitride, and methods of reducing stress on semiconductive wafers Nov. 16, 1999

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