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Number: 257/E21.285
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Processes or apparatus adapted for manufacture or treatment of semiconductor or solid-state devices or of parts thereof (epo) > Manufacture or treatment of semiconductor device (epo) > Device having at least one potential-jump barrier or surface barrier, e.g., pn junction, depletion layer, carrier concentration layer (epo) > Device having semiconductor body comprising group iv elements or group iii-v compounds with or without impurities, e.g., doping materials (epo) > Treatment of semiconductor body using process other than deposition of semiconductor material on a substrate, diffusion or alloying of impurity material, or radiation treatment (epo) > To change their surface-physical characteristics or shape, e.g., etching, polishing, cutting (epo) > To form insulating layer thereon, e.g., for masking or by using photolithographic technique (epo) > Inorganic layer (epo) > Composed of oxide or glassy oxide or oxide based glass (epo) > Formed by oxidation (epo) > Of semiconductor material, e.g., by oxidation of semiconductor body itself (epo) > By thermal oxidation (epo) > Of silicon (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E21.284. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L21/316C2B2.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8497218 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method for producing the same Jul. 30, 2013
8367557 Method of forming an insulation film having low impurity concentrations Feb. 5, 2013
8357619 Film formation method for forming silicon-containing insulating film Jan. 22, 2013
8278165 Methods for protecting film layers while removing hardmasks during fabrication of semiconductor devices Oct. 2, 2012
8263501 Silicon dioxide film fabricating process Sep. 11, 2012
8222648 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method for producing the same Jul. 17, 2012
8158534 Reduction of defects formed on the surface of a silicon oxynitride film Apr. 17, 2012
8153538 Process for annealing semiconductor wafers with flat dopant depth profiles Apr. 10, 2012
8143676 Semiconductor device having a high-dielectric-constant gate insulating film Mar. 27, 2012
8084369 Producing method of semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus Dec. 27, 2011
8008214 Method of forming an insulation structure and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same Aug. 30, 2011
7951728 Method of improving oxide growth rate of selective oxidation processes May. 31, 2011
7939454 Module and lamination process for multijunction cells May. 10, 2011
7892984 Reduction of defects formed on the surface of a silicon oxynitride film Feb. 22, 2011
7871938 Producing method of semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus Jan. 18, 2011
7825043 Method for fabricating capacitor in semiconductor device Nov. 2, 2010
7759138 Silicon microchannel plate devices with smooth pores and precise dimensions Jul. 20, 2010
7713805 Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device May. 11, 2010
7713883 Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device, and substrate processing apparatus May. 11, 2010
7674724 Oxidizing method and oxidizing unit for object to be processed Mar. 9, 2010
7659214 Method for growing an oxynitride film on a substrate Feb. 9, 2010
7534730 Producing method of semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus May. 19, 2009
7517814 Method and system for forming an oxynitride layer by performing oxidation and nitridation concurrently Apr. 14, 2009
7488652 Manufacturing method of gate oxidation films Feb. 10, 2009
7361613 Semiconductor device, manufacture and evaluation methods for semiconductor device, and process condition evaluation method Apr. 22, 2008
7332448 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing device Feb. 19, 2008
7304002 Method of oxidizing member to be treated Dec. 4, 2007
7282457 Apparatus for stabilizing high pressure oxidation of a semiconductor device Oct. 16, 2007
7208357 Template layer formation Apr. 24, 2007
7192887 Semiconductor device with nitrogen in oxide film on semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing the same Mar. 20, 2007
7141514 Selective plasma re-oxidation process using pulsed RF source power Nov. 28, 2006
7109131 System and method for hydrogen-rich selective oxidation Sep. 19, 2006
7071073 Process for manufacturing low-cost and high-quality SOI substrates Jul. 4, 2006
7064084 Oxide film forming method Jun. 20, 2006
7060630 Method of forming isolation film of semiconductor device Jun. 13, 2006
7056816 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device Jun. 6, 2006
7053007 Method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device May. 30, 2006
7049664 Semiconductor device structures formed by ion-assisted oxidation May. 23, 2006
7033874 Method of forming insulating film and method of fabricating semiconductor device including plasma bias for forming a second insulating film Apr. 25, 2006
7030045 Method of fabricating oxides with low defect densities Apr. 18, 2006
7030038 Low temperature method for forming a thin, uniform oxide Apr. 18, 2006
7030036 Method of forming oxide layer in semiconductor device Apr. 18, 2006
7018879 Method of making an ultrathin silicon dioxide gate with improved dielectric properties using NH.sub.3 nitridation and post-deposition rapid thermal annealing Mar. 28, 2006
6987056 Method of forming gates in semiconductor devices Jan. 17, 2006
6984267 Manufacture system for semiconductor device with thin gate insulating film Jan. 10, 2006
6975018 Semiconductor device Dec. 13, 2005
6974779 Interfacial oxidation process for high-k gate dielectric process integration Dec. 13, 2005
6955996 Method for stabilizing high pressure oxidation of a semiconductor device Oct. 18, 2005
6933235 Method for removing contaminants on a substrate Aug. 23, 2005
6933181 Method for fabricating semiconductor device Aug. 23, 2005

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