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Class Information
Number: 257/E21.263
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Processes or apparatus adapted for manufacture or treatment of semiconductor or solid-state devices or of parts thereof (epo) > Manufacture or treatment of semiconductor device (epo) > Device having at least one potential-jump barrier or surface barrier, e.g., pn junction, depletion layer, carrier concentration layer (epo) > Device having semiconductor body comprising group iv elements or group iii-v compounds with or without impurities, e.g., doping materials (epo) > Treatment of semiconductor body using process other than deposition of semiconductor material on a substrate, diffusion or alloying of impurity material, or radiation treatment (epo) > To change their surface-physical characteristics or shape, e.g., etching, polishing, cutting (epo) > To form insulating layer thereon, e.g., for masking or by using photolithographic technique (epo) > Organic layers, e.g., photoresist (epo) > Layer comprising organo-silicon compound (epo) > Layer comprising polysiloxane compound (epo) > Layer comprising silazane compounds (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E21.261. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L21/312B4.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7902642 Resin composition for sealing light-emitting device and lamp Mar. 8, 2011
7803721 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same Sep. 28, 2010
7651924 Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device in which an oxide film fills a trench in a semiconductor substrate Jan. 26, 2010
7582555 CVD flowable gap fill Sep. 1, 2009
7501355 Decreasing the etch rate of silicon nitride by carbon addition Mar. 10, 2009
7329591 Method for forming silicon-containing film and method for decreasing number of particles Feb. 12, 2008
7323378 Method for fabricating CMOS image sensor Jan. 29, 2008
7256146 Method of forming a ceramic diffusion barrier layer Aug. 14, 2007
7186604 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for fabricating the same Mar. 6, 2007
7071107 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device Jul. 4, 2006
7071125 Precursors for film formation Jul. 4, 2006
7060637 Methods of forming intermediate semiconductor device structures using spin-on, photopatternable, interlayer dielectric materials Jun. 13, 2006
7056560 Ultra low dielectric materials based on hybrid system of linear silicon precursor and organic porogen by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) Jun. 6, 2006
7053005 Method of forming a silicon oxide layer in a semiconductor manufacturing process May. 30, 2006
7052971 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device May. 30, 2006
7015144 Compositions including perhydro-polysilazane used in a semiconductor manufacturing process and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same Mar. 21, 2006
6940173 Interconnect structures incorporating low-k dielectric barrier films Sep. 6, 2005
6936551 Methods and apparatus for E-beam treatment used to fabricate integrated circuit devices Aug. 30, 2005
6929982 Patterning layers comprised of spin-on ceramic films Aug. 16, 2005
6890848 Fabrication process of a semiconductor device May. 10, 2005
6890869 Low-dielectric silicon nitride film and method of forming the same, semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof May. 10, 2005
6867120 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device with a gold conductive layer and organic insulating layer Mar. 15, 2005
6821838 Method of forming an ultra thin dielectric film and a semiconductor device incorporating the same Nov. 23, 2004
6803660 Patterning layers comprised of spin-on ceramic films Oct. 12, 2004
6767641 Method for sealing fine groove with siliceous material and substrate having siliceous coating formed thereon Jul. 27, 2004
6762126 Method of forming an interlayer dielectric film Jul. 13, 2004
6746714 Porous silica coating with low dielectric constant, semiconductor device and coating composition Jun. 8, 2004
6743737 Method of improving moisture resistance of low dielectric constant films Jun. 1, 2004
6716773 Process for producing semiconductor substrates Apr. 6, 2004
6706646 Spin-on glass composition and method of forming silicon oxide layer in semiconductor manufacturing process using the same Mar. 16, 2004
6660391 Low .kappa. dielectric inorganic/organic hybrid films and method of making Dec. 9, 2003
6656532 Layered hard mask and dielectric materials and methods therefor Dec. 2, 2003
6649503 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices having spin on glass (SOG) insulating layers and integrated circuit devices fabricated thereby Nov. 18, 2003
6583071 Ultrasonic spray coating of liquid precursor for low K dielectric coatings Jun. 24, 2003
6521544 Method of forming an ultra thin dielectric film Feb. 18, 2003
6518205 Multifunctional reagents for the surface modification of nanoporous silica films Feb. 11, 2003
6509277 Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device having insulatro film formed from liquid containing polymer of silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen Jan. 21, 2003
6495906 Simplified process for producing nanoporous silica Dec. 17, 2002
6489252 Method of forming a spin-on-glass insulation layer Dec. 3, 2002
6479399 Method of forming interlevel dielectric layer of semiconductor device Nov. 12, 2002
6479405 Method of forming silicon oxide layer in semiconductor manufacturing process using spin-on glass composition and isolation method using the same method Nov. 12, 2002
6448187 Method of improving moisture resistance of low dielectric constant films Sep. 10, 2002
6436824 Low dielectric constant materials for copper damascene Aug. 20, 2002
6426127 Electron beam modification of perhydrosilazane spin-on glass Jul. 30, 2002
6395651 Simplified process for producing nanoporous silica May. 28, 2002
6338868 Method for the formation of a siliceous coating film Jan. 15, 2002
6326319 Method for coating ultra-thin resist films Dec. 4, 2001
6245690 Method of improving moisture resistance of low dielectric constant films Jun. 12, 2001
6208014 Use of multifunctional reagents for the surface modification of nanoporous silica films Mar. 27, 2001
6190788 Method for the formation of a siliceous coating film Feb. 20, 2001

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