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Class Information
Number: 257/E21.26
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Processes or apparatus adapted for manufacture or treatment of semiconductor or solid-state devices or of parts thereof (epo) > Manufacture or treatment of semiconductor device (epo) > Device having at least one potential-jump barrier or surface barrier, e.g., pn junction, depletion layer, carrier concentration layer (epo) > Device having semiconductor body comprising group iv elements or group iii-v compounds with or without impurities, e.g., doping materials (epo) > Treatment of semiconductor body using process other than deposition of semiconductor material on a substrate, diffusion or alloying of impurity material, or radiation treatment (epo) > To change their surface-physical characteristics or shape, e.g., etching, polishing, cutting (epo) > To form insulating layer thereon, e.g., for masking or by using photolithographic technique (epo) > Organic layers, e.g., photoresist (epo) > Layer comprising organo-silicon compound (epo)
Description: This subclass is indented under subclass E21.259. This subclass is substantially the same in scope as ECLA classification H01L21/312B.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
257/E21.261 Layer comprising polysiloxane compound (epo) 310

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8691666 Method for producing chip with adhesive applied Apr. 8, 2014
8659094 Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same Feb. 25, 2014
8575021 Substrate processing including a masking layer Nov. 5, 2013
8557712 PECVD flowable dielectric gap fill Oct. 15, 2013
8426322 Method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device Apr. 23, 2013
8319228 Resin composition for optical semiconductor device, optical-semiconductor-device lead frame obtained using the same, and optical semiconductor device Nov. 27, 2012
8283254 Etching method and etching apparatus Oct. 9, 2012
8212345 Holding jig, semiconductor wafer grinding method, semiconductor wafer protecting structure and semiconductor wafer grinding method and semiconductor chip fabrication method using the structure Jul. 3, 2012
8101513 Manufacture method for semiconductor device using damascene method Jan. 24, 2012
8043980 Methods for making and using halosilylgermanes Oct. 25, 2011
7977676 Thin film transistor array substrate with organic sol compound passivation layer Jul. 12, 2011
7972975 Method for forming a dielectric film and novel precursors for implementing said method Jul. 5, 2011
7939453 Method for manufacturing organic transistor and organic transistor May. 10, 2011
7879710 Substrate processing including a masking layer Feb. 1, 2011
7875501 Holding jig, semiconductor wafer grinding method, semiconductor wafer protecting structure and semiconductor wafer grinding method and semiconductor chip fabrication method using the structure Jan. 25, 2011
7709371 Repairing damage to low-k dielectric materials using silylating agents May. 4, 2010
7629672 Semiconductor devices and manufacturing method thereof Dec. 8, 2009
7556972 Detection and characterization of SiCOH-based dielectric materials during device fabrication Jul. 7, 2009
7476970 Composition for forming insulating film and method for fabricating semiconductor device Jan. 13, 2009
7439154 Method of fabricating interconnect structure Oct. 21, 2008
7396748 Semiconductor device includes gate insulating film having a high dielectric constant Jul. 8, 2008
7352053 Insulating layer having decreased dielectric constant and increased hardness Apr. 1, 2008
7352000 Organic thin film transistor with polymeric interface Apr. 1, 2008
7238627 Organosilicate polymer and insulating film therefrom Jul. 3, 2007
7064088 Method for forming low-k hard film Jun. 20, 2006
7060637 Methods of forming intermediate semiconductor device structures using spin-on, photopatternable, interlayer dielectric materials Jun. 13, 2006
7056839 Method of forming a silica insulation film with a reduced dielectric constant Jun. 6, 2006
7056560 Ultra low dielectric materials based on hybrid system of linear silicon precursor and organic porogen by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) Jun. 6, 2006
7056837 Process of insulating a semiconductor device using a polymeric material Jun. 6, 2006
7053010 Methods of depositing silicon dioxide comprising layers in the fabrication of integrated circuitry, methods of forming trench isolation, and methods of forming arrays of memory cells May. 30, 2006
7015168 Low dielectric constant fluorine and carbon-containing silicon oxide dielectric material characterized by improved resistance to oxidation Mar. 21, 2006
7011889 Organosiloxanes Mar. 14, 2006
6962727 Organosiloxanes Nov. 8, 2005
6958525 Low dielectric constant film material, film and semiconductor device using such material Oct. 25, 2005
6946676 Organic thin film transistor with polymeric interface Sep. 20, 2005
6940173 Interconnect structures incorporating low-k dielectric barrier films Sep. 6, 2005
6939817 Removal of carbon from an insulative layer using ozone Sep. 6, 2005
6933360 Organosilicate polymer and insulating film therefrom Aug. 23, 2005
6929982 Patterning layers comprised of spin-on ceramic films Aug. 16, 2005
6924545 Low-dielectric-constant interlayer insulating film composed of borazine-silicon-based polymer and semiconductor device Aug. 2, 2005
6913992 Method of modifying interlayer adhesion Jul. 5, 2005
6911397 Method of forming dual damascene interconnection using low-k dielectric Jun. 28, 2005
6903007 Process for forming bottom anti-reflection coating for semiconductor fabrication photolithography which inhibits photoresist footing Jun. 7, 2005
6895776 Anti-stratification-solution delivery system for spin-on dielectrics May. 24, 2005
6881683 Insulation film on semiconductor substrate and method for forming same Apr. 19, 2005
6861377 Surface treatment method, surface-treated substrate, method for forming film pattern, method for making electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus Mar. 1, 2005
6858153 Integrated low K dielectrics and etch stops Feb. 22, 2005
6852650 Insulation film on semiconductor substrate and method for forming same Feb. 8, 2005
6841256 Low dielectric constant polyorganosilicon materials generated from polycarbosilanes Jan. 11, 2005
6838115 Thermal processing system and methods for forming low-k dielectric films suitable for incorporation into microelectronic devices Jan. 4, 2005

1 2 3 4 5

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