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Number: 257/614
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Including semiconductor material other than silicon or gallium arsenide (gaas) (e.g., pb x sn 1-x te) > Group ii-vi compound (e.g., cdte, hg x cd 1-x te)
Description: Subject matter wherein the semiconducting material other than silicon or gallium arsenide is a compound of the periodic table group II-VI (e.g., CdTe).

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8624356 Group III nitride semiconductor substrate production method, and group III nitride semiconductor substrate Jan. 7, 2014
8563844 Thin-film heterostructure thermoelectrics in a group IIA and IV-VI materials system Oct. 22, 2013
8519416 Method of fabricating nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device and nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device Aug. 27, 2013
8513775 CdTe semiconductor substrate for epitaxial growth and substrate container Aug. 20, 2013
8481363 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof Jul. 9, 2013
8455881 Ge quantum dots for dislocation engineering of III-N on silicon Jun. 4, 2013
8378385 Methods of preparing flexible photovoltaic devices using epitaxial liftoff, and preserving the integrity of growth substrates used in epitaxial growth Feb. 19, 2013
8377343 Optical function layers, in particular zinc-oxide sulfide layers, exhibiting variable dielectric responses Feb. 19, 2013
8354670 Transistor, method of manufacturing transistor, and electronic device including transistor Jan. 15, 2013
8274078 Metal oxynitride semiconductor containing zinc Sep. 25, 2012
8274138 II-VI semiconductor nanowires Sep. 25, 2012
8222657 Light emitting apparatus Jul. 17, 2012
8143686 Laser-induced structuring of substrate surfaces Mar. 27, 2012
8129717 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same Mar. 6, 2012
8119506 Group 6a/group 3a ink and methods of making and using same Feb. 21, 2012
8106381 Semiconductor structures with rare-earths Jan. 31, 2012
8097885 Compound semiconductor film, light emitting film, and manufacturing method thereof Jan. 17, 2012
8093095 Semiconductor device with a bulk single crystal on a substrate Jan. 10, 2012
8093589 Semiconductor device with an active layer containing zinc oxide, manufacturing method, and electronic device Jan. 10, 2012
8093671 Semiconductor device with a bulk single crystal on a substrate Jan. 10, 2012
8049225 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same Nov. 1, 2011
8044476 Wide range radiation detector and manufacturing method Oct. 25, 2011
8030663 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof Oct. 4, 2011
7919365 Fabrication methods of a ZnO thin film structure and a ZnO thin film transistor, and a ZnO thin film structure and a ZnO thin film transistor Apr. 5, 2011
7906358 Epitaxial growth of cubic crystalline semiconductor alloys on basal plane of trigonal or hexagonal crystal Mar. 15, 2011
7892879 Manufacture of cadmium mercury telluride on patterned silicon Feb. 22, 2011
7893495 Thin film transistor Feb. 22, 2011
7875957 Semiconductor substrate for epitaxial growth and manufacturing method thereof Jan. 25, 2011
7851247 Method of fabricating micro-electromechanical system microphone structure Dec. 14, 2010
7847297 Ohmic contact on p-type GaN Dec. 7, 2010
7842385 Coated nano particle and electronic device using the same Nov. 30, 2010
7804149 Nanostructured ZnO electrodes for efficient dye sensitized solar cells Sep. 28, 2010
7803669 Organic thin-film transistor substrate and fabrication method therefor Sep. 28, 2010
7777303 Semiconductor-nanocrystal/conjugated polymer thin films Aug. 17, 2010
7696073 Method of co-doping group 14 (4B) elements to produce ZnTe system compound semiconductor single crystal Apr. 13, 2010
7696549 Bismuth ferrite films and devices grown on silicon Apr. 13, 2010
7691353 Low dielectric constant group II-VI insulator Apr. 6, 2010
7692176 Phase-changeable memory devices including an adiabatic layer Apr. 6, 2010
7675133 Persistent p-type group II-IV semiconductors Mar. 9, 2010
7612432 P-type ZnS based semiconductor material having a low resistance due to its high copper content Nov. 3, 2009
7612345 Radiation detector crystal and method of formation thereof Nov. 3, 2009
7531378 Forming an intermediate electrode between an ovonic threshold switch and a chalcogenide memory element May. 12, 2009
7518207 Molecular beam epitaxy growth of ternary and quaternary metal chalcogenide films Apr. 14, 2009
7510929 Method for making memory cell device Mar. 31, 2009
7511343 Thin film transistor Mar. 31, 2009
7495314 Ohmic contact on p-type GaN Feb. 24, 2009
7485488 Biomimetic approach to low-cost fabrication of complex nanostructures of metal oxides by natural oxidation at low-temperature Feb. 3, 2009
7326950 Memory device with switching glass layer Feb. 5, 2008
7288468 Luminescent efficiency of semiconductor nanocrystals by surface treatment Oct. 30, 2007
7242041 Field-effect transistors with weakly coupled layered inorganic semiconductors Jul. 10, 2007

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