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Number: 257/455
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Responsive to non-electrical signal (e.g., chemical, stress, light, or magnetic field sensors) > Electromagnetic or particle radiation > Light > Schottky barrier (e.g., a transparent schottky metallic layer or a schottky barrier containing at least one of indium or tin (e.g., sno 2 , indium tin oxide)) > With specified schottky metallic layer > Schottky metallic layer is a silicide > Silicide of platinum group metal
Description: Subject matter wherein the Schottky layer is a silicide of a metal found in the period table listed as a platinum group metal (i.e., ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum).

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8482084 SOI schottky source/drain device structure to control encroachment and delamination of silicide Jul. 9, 2013
8344398 Low voltage diode with reduced parasitic resistance and method for fabricating Jan. 1, 2013
8278199 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device Oct. 2, 2012
8237170 Schottky diamond semiconductor device and manufacturing method for a Schottky electrode for diamond semiconductor device Aug. 7, 2012
8164154 Low profile Schottky barrier diode for solar cells and solar panels and method of fabrication thereof Apr. 24, 2012
8039378 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device Oct. 18, 2011
8039308 Integrated-circuit package for proximity communication Oct. 18, 2011
7999340 Apparatus and method for forming optical black pixels with uniformly low dark current Aug. 16, 2011
7999344 Optoelectronic device with germanium photodetector Aug. 16, 2011
7847326 Backside illuminated image sensor Dec. 7, 2010
7834367 Low voltage diode with reduced parasitic resistance and method for fabricating Nov. 16, 2010
7790495 Optoelectronic device with germanium photodetector Sep. 7, 2010
7679662 Solid-state imaging element and solid-state imaging device Mar. 16, 2010
7420215 Transparent conductive film, semiconductor device and active matrix display unit Sep. 2, 2008
7329927 Integrated circuit devices having uniform silicide junctions Feb. 12, 2008
7176537 High performance CMOS with metal-gate and Schottky source/drain Feb. 13, 2007
7075158 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same Jul. 11, 2006
6982467 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same Jan. 3, 2006
6956274 TiW platinum interconnect and method of making the same Oct. 18, 2005
6846731 Schottky diode with silver layer contacting the ZnO and MgxZn1-xO films Jan. 25, 2005
6798034 Technique for suppression of edge current in semiconductor devices Sep. 28, 2004
6756651 CMOS-compatible metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector Jun. 29, 2004
6608360 One-chip micro-integrated optoelectronic sensor Aug. 19, 2003
6597050 Method of contacting a silicide-based schottky diode and diode so formed Jul. 22, 2003
6211560 Voltage tunable schottky diode photoemissive infrared detector Apr. 3, 2001
5710447 Solid state image device having a transparent Schottky electrode Jan. 20, 1998
5648667 Image pickup device with and image pickup method by use of two-dimensionally arranged sensors having sensitivities different in certain direction of arrangement Jul. 15, 1997
5648297 Long-wavelength PTSI infrared detectors and method of fabrication thereof Jul. 15, 1997
5598016 Back-illuminated type photoelectric conversion device Jan. 28, 1997
5565676 Method of driving photoelectric conversion device Oct. 15, 1996
5488231 Metal/semiconductor junction Schottky diode optical device using a distortion grown layer Jan. 30, 1996
5471072 Platinum and platinum silicide contacts on .beta.-silicon carbide Nov. 28, 1995
5359213 Charge transfer device and solid state image sensor using the same Oct. 25, 1994
5326996 Charge skimming and variable integration time in focal plane arrays Jul. 5, 1994
5285098 Structure and method internal photoemission detection Feb. 8, 1994
5163179 Platinum silicide infrared diode Nov. 10, 1992
5122669 Wideband schottky focal plane array Jun. 16, 1992
5001530 Infrared Schottky junction charge coupled device Mar. 19, 1991
4982246 Schottky photodiode with silicide layer Jan. 1, 1991
4939561 Infrared sensor Jul. 3, 1990
4910570 Photo-detector for ultraviolet and process for its production Mar. 20, 1990
4881110 Double-Schottky diode liquid crystal light valve Nov. 14, 1989
4876586 Grooved Schottky barrier photodiode for infrared sensing Oct. 24, 1989
4864378 Schottky barrier infrared detector Sep. 5, 1989
4857979 Platinum silicide imager Aug. 15, 1989
4672412 High fill-factor ac-coupled x-y addressable Schottky photodiode array Jun. 9, 1987
4651001 Visible/infrared imaging device with stacked cell structure Mar. 17, 1987
4638345 IR imaging array and method of making same Jan. 20, 1987
4620231 CCD imager with photodetector bias introduced via the CCD register Oct. 28, 1986
4586069 Opto-electrical device made of silicon for detecting infrared light Apr. 29, 1986

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