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Number: 257/426
Name: Active solid-state devices (e.g., transistors, solid-state diodes) > Responsive to non-electrical signal (e.g., chemical, stress, light, or magnetic field sensors) > Magnetic field > Differential output (e.g., with offset adjustment means or with means to reduce temperature sensitivity)
Description: Subject matter wherein the device has two output terminals and the electrical signal generated by the active solid-state device is the electrical signal difference between the outputs.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8692342 Magnetic memory devices having a uniform perpendicular nonmagnetic metal rich anisotropy enhanced pattern Apr. 8, 2014
8637947 Memory element and memory apparatus Jan. 28, 2014
8629518 Sacrifice layer structure and method for magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) etching process Jan. 14, 2014
8629521 Semiconductor device used for adjustment of output of a hall element Jan. 14, 2014
8564080 Magnetic storage element utilizing improved pinned layer stack Oct. 22, 2013
8508006 Co/Ni multilayers with improved out-of-plane anisotropy for magnetic device applications Aug. 13, 2013
8486723 Three axis magnetic sensor device and method Jul. 16, 2013
8222709 Solid-state imaging device, method of driving solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus Jul. 17, 2012
8164149 Vertical hall sensor Apr. 24, 2012
7902617 Forming a thin film electric cooler and structures formed thereby Mar. 8, 2011
7872322 Magnetic field sensor with a hall element Jan. 18, 2011
7745893 Magnetic transistor structure Jun. 29, 2010
7741707 Stackable integrated circuit package system Jun. 22, 2010
7659562 Electric field read/write head and method of manufacturing same and data read/write device Feb. 9, 2010
7339245 Hall sensor Mar. 4, 2008
7208808 Magnetic random access memory with lower switching field Apr. 24, 2007
7205622 Vertical hall effect device Apr. 17, 2007
7129534 Magneto-resistive memory and method of manufacturing the same Oct. 31, 2006
7095070 Method for fabricating Bi thin film and device using the same Aug. 22, 2006
7002229 Self aligned Hall with field plate Feb. 21, 2006
6927475 Power generator and method for forming same Aug. 9, 2005
6921953 Self-aligned, low-resistance, efficient MRAM read/write conductors Jul. 26, 2005
6903431 Substrate method and apparatus Jun. 7, 2005
6903429 Magnetic sensor integrated with CMOS Jun. 7, 2005
6861717 Device for defecting a magnetic field, magnetic field measure and current meter Mar. 1, 2005
6833599 Sensitivity enhancement of semiconductor magnetic sensor Dec. 21, 2004
6734514 Hall effect sensor May. 11, 2004
6727563 Offset-reduced hall element Apr. 27, 2004
6693332 Current reference apparatus Feb. 17, 2004
6646315 Conductive film layer for hall effect device Nov. 11, 2003
6573713 Transpinnor-based switch and applications Jun. 3, 2003
6528326 Magnetoresistive device and method for producing the same, and magnetic component Mar. 4, 2003
6509620 Flexure coupling block for motion sensor Jan. 21, 2003
6492697 Hall-effect element with integrated offset control and method for operating hall-effect element to reduce null offset Dec. 10, 2002
6452240 Increased damping of magnetization in magnetic materials Sep. 17, 2002
6342713 Method of operating a magnetoelectronic device Jan. 29, 2002
6329696 Semiconductor device with electric converter element Dec. 11, 2001
6278271 Three dimensional magnetic field sensor Aug. 21, 2001
6198145 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor material integrated microactuator, in particular for a hard disc mobile read/write head, and a microactuator obtained thereby Mar. 6, 2001
6137165 Hybrid package including a power MOSFET die and a control and protection circuit die with a smaller sense MOSFET Oct. 24, 2000
6114719 Magnetic tunnel junction memory cell with in-stack biasing of the free ferromagnetic layer and memory array using the cell Sep. 5, 2000
6104075 Semiconductor temperature sensor Aug. 15, 2000
6064083 Hybrid hall effect memory device and method of operation May. 16, 2000
6031273 All-metal, giant magnetoresistive, solid-state component Feb. 29, 2000
5929636 All-metal giant magnetoresistive solid-state component Jul. 27, 1999
5821596 Batch fabricated semiconductor micro-switch Oct. 13, 1998
5757055 Triple drain magneto field effect transistor with high conductivity central drain May. 26, 1998
5654566 Magnetic spin injected field effect transistor and method of operation Aug. 5, 1997
5652445 Hybrid hall effect device and method of operation Jul. 29, 1997
5583367 Monolithic integrated sensor circuit in CMOS technology Dec. 10, 1996

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