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Class Information
Number: 252/15
Name: Compositions >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
252/1 Miscellaneous (e.g., artificial snow) 246
252/175 Water-softening or purifying or scale-inhibiting agents 392
252/181.1 Getters or gas or vapor generating materials for electric lamps, electric space discharge devices, and similar devices 84
252/182.1 Having utility as a reactive material in an electrochemical cell; e.g., battery, etc. 630
252/182.11 Compositions containing a single chemical reactant or plural noninteractive chemical reactants; i.e., not vis-a-vis 96
252/183.11 Chemically interactive reactants (vis-a-vis) 214
252/184 Absorptive, or bindive, and chemically yieldive (e.g., ion exchanger) 351
252/185 Plumbiferous sulphur bindant or modifiant containing 6
252/186.1 Oxidative bleachant, oxidant containing, or generative 186
252/188.1 Reductive bleachant, deoxidant, reductant, or generative 79
252/189 Co, s, negative element, or acid, bindant containing 197
252/193 Ammonia, alkali or base, bindant containing 49
252/194 Humidostatic, water removive, bindive, or emissive 358
252/2 Fire-extinguishing 288
252/299.01 Liquid crystal compositions 2,272
252/301.16 Organic luminescent material containing compositions 828
252/301.36 Inorganic luminescent compositions with organic nonluminescent material 303
252/301.4R Inorganic luminescent compositions 1,206
252/363.5 Solids with solution or dispersion aids 296
252/364 Solvents 835
252/365 Anti-ingestible or denatured 13
252/367.1 Soaps (i.e., alkali-metal salts of water-insoluble fatty acids or of rosin acids) 25
252/372 Gaseous compositions 152
252/378R Exfoliated or intumesced 147
252/380 Preservative agents 123
252/408.1 Nonreactive analytical, testing, or indicating compositions 558
252/478 X-ray or neutron shield 144
252/492 Incandescent mantle compositions 11
252/500 Electrically conductive or emissive compositions 2,320
252/567 Defined liquid dielectric dispersed in defined web or sheet 48
252/570 Fluent dielectric 183
252/582 Light transmission modifying compositions 798
252/60 Physical separation agents 135
252/600 Radiation sensitive 236
252/601 Fire retarding 368
252/62 Heat or sound insulating 429
252/62.2 Electrolytes for electrical devices (e.g., rectifier, condenser) 926
252/62.3R Barrier layer device compositions 79
252/62.51R Magnetic 325
252/62.9R Piezoelectric 388
252/625 Radioactive compositions 115
252/67 Vaporization, or expansion, refrigeration or heat or energy exchange 880
252/70 Frost-preventing, ice-thawing, thermostatic, thermophoric, or cryogenic 821
252/700 Chemiluminescent 224
252/71 Heat-exchange, low-freezing or pour point, or high boiling compositions 301
252/79.1 Etching or brightening compositions 1,223
252/8.57 Leather or fur treating (other than cleaning compositions or auxiliary compositions for cleaning) 219
252/8.61 Durable finishes for textile materials, or processes of preparing (e.g., crease resistant, moisture absorbent, antistatic, etc., finishes) 384
252/8.81 Textile processing aid compositions, or processes of preparing (e.g., lubricants or antistatic agents for fiber, yarn, fabric, etc.) 201
252/8.91 Compositions for enhancing the appearance of consumer textile goods (other than cleaning compositions or auxiliary compositions for cleaning), or processes of preparing (e.g., antistatic or wrinkle-removing spray for garments, etc.) 129
252/88.1 Dust suppressants for bulk materials, or processes of preparing (e.g., for consolidating dust in coal mines, controlling soil erosion, etc.) 137
252/88.2 Compositions for coating or impregnating a substrate used for collecting fine particles by adherence, or processes of preparing (e.g., for impregnating dusting cloths, dust filters, etc.) 62
252/950 Doping agent source material 46
252/960 Surface flaw detecting compositions 26
252/961 Stress or contact indicators 5
252/962 Temperature or thermal history 103
252/963 Humidity or moisture indicators 19
252/964 Leak detection 41
252/965 Retrospective product identification (e.g., tags and tracers, etc.) 24
252/DIG.18 Activation-platinum 2

Patents under this class:

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