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Class Information
Number: 239/4R
Name: Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
239/1 Processes 489
239/101 With means for fluctuating flow or pressure of fluid supplied to distributor means 147
239/102.1 With means to vibrate or jiggle discharge 285
239/103 Nozzle carried apertured shield and collector 19
239/104 With cleaning means, drip collecting, waste disposal or soil preventing guards or shields 190
239/124 With system fluid relief or return to supply 512
239/127.1 Reaction motor discharge nozzle with jacketed or hollow portion for cooling fluid flow 73
239/128 With heating or cooling means for the system or system fluid 170
239/14.1 Weather control 71
239/140 With means movably mounting supply means for discharging contents 11
239/142 With agitation of supply means 96
239/145 Porous or external wick discharge means 148
239/146 With mobile tank-type supply means 115
239/152 Body or animal carried 82
239/16 Fountains or drinking tubes and straws 98
239/193 Distributor having overflow discharge (e.g., weir type) 78
239/195 Flexible flow line or outlet storage or retrieval means 52
239/200 With fixed support for or ground installed supply means (e.g., static constructional installations) 109
239/211 Simulations 142
239/214 Slinger or splasher; or deflector rotated relative to effluent 46
239/225.1 Distributor continuously moves relative to support during spraying 152
239/265.11 Reaction motor discharge nozzle 102
239/266 Terminal outlet means connected in series for through flow 43
239/270 Nozzle with air supply means to operator 26
239/271 With nozzle or flow line attached penetrating means 94
239/273 With ground or vertical surface sustained support means 101
239/274 With means operated by art device 49
239/284.1 Liquid sprayer for transparent panel (e.g., windshield) 262
239/288 With solid means as guard or protector 213
239/289 Combined or convertible 419
239/290 Including supplemental gas shaping or shielding jet 326
239/302 Including supply holder for material 237
239/34 Slow diffusers 292
239/380 Motor or spray fluid operated continuously moving discharge modifier 81
239/390 Plural interchangeable discharge modifiers, outlet arrangements or coupling means 183
239/397.5 Distributor having thermal expansion joint, differentially expanding materials or insulation 113
239/398 Combining of separately supplied fluids (i.e., plural flow paths) 184
239/435 Valved faucet having contracting chamber jet forming means 4
239/436 Selectively usable or variable diverse terminal outlets 122
239/450 Adjoined contiguous elongated spray conduits (e.g., parallel conduits) 59
239/451 Terminal outlet formed between parts mounted for relative movement 84
239/461 Flow deflecting or rotation controlling means 117
239/525 Flow line or nozzle attached or carried handgrip or handle 362
239/533.1 Fluid pressure responsive discharge modifier* or flow regulator* 232
239/536 Similar terminal members in multiple arrangements 45
239/537 Terminal member and valve part move as unit 21
239/542 Conduit or nozzle attached irrigation-type decelerator 380
239/543 One fluid stream impinges upon another (i.e., converging) 118
239/546 Including means modifying deformable terminal outlet 63
239/547 Distributor or nozzle in circumferential wall of flexible supply line 158
239/548 Unitary plural outlet means 273
239/569 Including valve means in flow line 248
239/587.1 Terminal member adjustably or shiftably connected to flow conduit 223
239/589 Rigid fluid confining distributor 292
239/602 Miscellaneous (e.g., resilient nozzle) 172
239/61 With selective proportioning or correlated flow for plural fluids 93
239/63 With cutoff or flow varying means operated by means responsive to discharged fluid (e.g., ground moisture sensing) 217
239/650 Container for non-fluid material, and scattering means 108
239/66 Serially operated distribution means 75
239/67 With selectively preset flow cutoff or initiating means 210
239/690 Electrostatic type 414
239/71 With signals, indicators, recorders, meters or changeable exhibitors 290
239/722 Mobile distributor 136
239/75 With viscosity or temperature responsive control means 99
239/76 With pressure or flow equalization means to plural distributors 55
239/77 Orchard-type mobile distributor comprising fluent discharged into gaseous conveying current 99
239/79 With means fusing solid spray material at discharge means 137
239/86 Injection nozzle having capillary type feed passages 25
239/87 Injection nozzle having plunger or valve controlled by pressure beyond nozzle outlet (e.g., compression pressure operated) 36
239/88 Unitary injection nozzle and pump or accumulator plunger 623
239/900 Electromagnetically actuated fuel injector having ball and seat type valve 269
239/93 Flow regulator operated concurrently with intermittent fluid pump 41
239/95 Unitary injection nozzle and valve with continuously intermittent operator 119
239/96 Injection nozzle opened by relieving supply (e.g., accumulator type) 290
239/97 Pattern control by synchronizing flow regulator means with cyclically moving distributor 29
239/99 With means causing intermittent interruption of supply to distributor means (i.e., on-off) 155
239/DIG.1 Pattern sprinkler 221
239/DIG.10 Carbon dioxide bulb 2
239/DIG.11 Magnets 19
239/DIG.12 Flexible outlets 61
239/DIG.13 Soot blowers and tube cleaners 60
239/DIG.14 Paint sprayers 89
239/DIG.15 Sprinkler systems with controls 42
239/DIG.17 Low volume 2
239/DIG.19 Nozzle materials 174
239/DIG.2 Scarfing torches 2
239/DIG.21 Air blast 40
239/DIG.22 Safety air nozzles 30
239/DIG.23 Screens 60
239/DIG.3 Fluid amplifier 23
239/DIG.4 "o"-ring 38
239/DIG.5 Ball agitators 5
239/DIG.6 Lawn mower 14
239/DIG.7 Coanda 92
239/DIG.8 Cutter sprayer 28
239/DIG.9 Slide fastener 2

Patents under this class:

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