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Class Information
Number: 229/100
Name: Envelopes, wrappers, and paperboard boxes > Paperboard box
Description: Subject matter comprising a receptacle made from material similar in composition to paper but thicker and stiffer in character, the receptacle having a bottom portion for supporting content, peripheral wall structure for at least partially surrounding the content, and an access opening for the insertion or removal of content.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
229/161 A box wall includes box material cut from another box wall 27
229/190 A sidewall includes a folded lateral extension of an adjacent sidewall (e.g., "corner flap") 117
229/165 A sidewall includes a horizontally or downwardly extending panel attached along a horizontal fold line which is spaced above the box bottom 44
229/186 Adjacent sidewalls connected by a folded web unitary with both (i.e., "corner fold") 184
229/198.1 Adjacent sidewalls connected only by a separate securing element 55
229/117 Automatic bottom (i.e., multipart bottom wall forms automatically during erection of collapsed box) 125
229/67 Barrels 1
229/183 Bottom wall includes a folded extension of a sidewall 72
229/182.1 Box includes straight sidewalls and rounded corners 27
229/122.21 Box includes two side walls which are not formed from the same piece of box material 90
229/5.81 Box material includes a coating or a nonpaperboard lamination or is permeated with a substance 126
229/117.01 Collapsible along supplemental fold line 110
229/103.1 Combined with drinking tube (e.g., straw) 169
229/120.02 Compartmented 43
229/103 Convertible 118
229/4.5 Cylindrical or conical body, or wall structure 282
229/116.1 Decoration or novelty feature 102
229/164 Different height sidewalls 168
229/105 Edges of rectangular bottom wall are at 45 degrees to edges of rectangular stock material 5
229/104 Elevated bottom wall included in a one-piece box construction 137
229/5.5 End structure 180
229/164.1 Flexible or flaccid external covering formed from an initially separate sheet of material (e.g., wrapper) 68
229/164.2 Flexible or flaccid, internal, non-bag lining formed from an initially separate sheet of material 56
229/102.5 Having fixed upwardly extending display card 8
229/200 Having means to facilitate opening the box by severing (e.g., tearing, cutting, piercing, etc.) box material or outer wrapper 25
229/163 Horizontal, outwardly extending bottom flange 35
229/106 Including a polygonal bottom wall and a curved sidewall 41
229/108 Including a polygonal, nonrectangular wall 77
229/107 Including a sector-shaped wall (e.g., pie-shaped, semicircular, etc.) 28
229/122 Including an access opening in a sidewall intended to permit lateral insertion or removal of content 334
229/122.2 Including an access opening in the box bottom 37
229/123.2 Including tearing or breaking means for opening a nonunitary closure or releasing a nonunitary securing element (i.e., the closure or securing element is not of one-piece construction with the box) 175
229/121 Including two or more separate access openings 68
229/117.09 Lifting or suspending element (e.g., handle) 42
229/198.2 Miscellaneous joint construction 155
229/122.32 Multi-layer side or bottom wall having two or more layers of paperboard which are initially separate from each other and are coextensive with each other throughout substantially the entire extent of the wall 165
229/123.1 Nonunitary, peelable closure or securing element (i.e., not of one-piece construction with the box) 210
229/120.01 Plural 59
229/122.27 Rectangular box having a bottom wall initially separate from all of the side walls 67
229/245 Releasable or frangible bond between box parts provides means for opening the box (e.g., peel seal) 34
229/199 Separate reinforcing element 240
229/185.1 Single piece of paperboard folded to form a box having four or more multilayer walls 61
229/102 Tamper indicating 104
229/103.11 Thermally insulated 61
229/123 Tiltable sidewall provides enlarged access opening in box top 45
229/93 Tubes, cylindrical 50
229/101 Variable volume 142
229/162.1 Window or transparent portion 76
229/124 With closure for an access opening 10
229/118 With detachable product-information band 14
229/119 With drainage feature 35
229/117.27 With inner flexible or flaccid bag liner 78
229/120 With venting or ventilation means 217
229/103.2 Wrapper type (i.e., box formed around content) 146

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8365914 Methods and systems for packaging a product Feb. 5, 2013
7413101 Dispensing package Aug. 19, 2008
7255232 Packaging box Aug. 14, 2007
7208209 Tear resistant container Apr. 24, 2007
7117994 Two-sided roll support with multiple ribs Oct. 10, 2006
7044358 Two-sided roll support with multiple ribs May. 16, 2006
6946175 Oxygen scavenging polymers as active barrier tie layers in multilayered structures Sep. 20, 2005
6902103 Bendable corrugated paperboard Jun. 7, 2005
6899223 Form for a package and method of making same May. 31, 2005
6406644 Oxygen scavenging packaging Jun. 18, 2002
6333087 Oxygen scavenging packaging Dec. 25, 2001
5711475 Container fixant applicator and method for production and application therefor Jan. 27, 1998
5702740 Edible greeting card Dec. 30, 1997
5627229 Hot melt adhesive having controlled property change May. 6, 1997
5375761 Pizza box and method of disposing of used pizza boxes Dec. 27, 1994
5348156 Display holder Sep. 20, 1994
5156901 Corrugated cardboard structure Oct. 20, 1992
5085367 Corrugated cardboard boxes with increased compression strength Feb. 4, 1992
5021274 Detachable coupon for laminated corrugated packaging material and method of manufacture Jun. 4, 1991
4896820 Holder for tacos or the like Jan. 30, 1990
4819861 Paper container for liquid Apr. 11, 1989
4784265 Method and apparatus for packaging an object Nov. 15, 1988
4712688 Double breakapart carton with sealable ends and blank for forming the same Dec. 15, 1987
4676428 Fold line relief cuts for paperboard containers and method of fabrication Jun. 30, 1987
4592914 Two-blank disposable container for microwave food cooking Jun. 3, 1986
4570844 Paperboard frame with lockable corners Feb. 18, 1986
4457431 Stackable deformable-side soft box Jul. 3, 1984
4449633 Ovenable paperboard carton May. 22, 1984
4447479 Plastics sheet material and articles produced therefrom May. 8, 1984
4447002 Center special slotted containers having self-squaring joints May. 8, 1984
4411382 Erectable display assembly with self-contained pacakged product Oct. 25, 1983
4345710 Temporary material receptacle Aug. 24, 1982
4079853 Tray Mar. 21, 1978
4055292 Carton with integral separable measuring vessel Oct. 25, 1977
4015364 Pinata having weakened bottom wall and means for breaking same Apr. 5, 1977
3958744 Structures for forming detachable coupons and the like May. 25, 1976
3945559 Holders having foldable sheet support Mar. 23, 1976

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