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Class Information
Number: 220/268.88
Name: Receptacles >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
220/ Closures 0
220/ Closures 0
220/1.5 Freight containers 910
220/17.1 Leg or lap supported 17
220/2 Coal receptacles 9
220/2.1R Envelope for electric lamp or similar device 131
220/200 Closures 108
220/23.2 Horizontally attached receptacle sets 91
220/23.83 Arrangements of plural receptacles 583
220/23.9 Receptacle having rigid, removable, nonreceptacle inner liner 43
220/23.91 Receptacle having rigid, removable external jacket or casing 94
220/3.2 Outlet or junction box type 472
220/4.01 Sectional 118
220/475 Pole or rod supported container 75
220/476 Wall supported container 64
220/484 In ground, nontank container (e.g., meter box, garbage can, etc.) 107
220/485 Wire container 129
220/495.01 Receptacle having flexible, removable inner liner 177
220/500 Compartmented container 114
220/558 Tiltable front panel for drawer or tray (e.g., file drawer having hinged front panel) 15
220/559 Compressor or follower plate for drawer or tray 17
220/560 Floating container 41
220/560.01 Puncture or fire resistant container 94
220/560.03 Including means for limiting the discharge or spread of contents through an unlimited opening in the container structure (e.g., double wall, catch basin) 174
220/560.04 For cryogenic content (e.g., liquefied gas) 77
220/561 Container having reconditioned or reconditionable end wall 15
220/562 Vehicle mountable tank 325
220/565 Stationary tank 288
220/568 Cocktail shaker 17
220/569 Milk can 2
220/570 Paint tray 102
220/571 Drain pan or drip pan 265
220/573.1 Cookware (e.g., pot, baking pan) 250
220/574 Table dish (e.g., plate, bowl, platter, etc.) 176
220/576 Smoking stand 21
220/577 Rigid heat transfer container (i.e., heat is conducted through container wall) 9
220/578 Internal closure-like member which rests on the unused contents of a container 57
220/581 High-pressure-gas tank 180
220/592.01 Receptacle having means to facilitate maintaining contents above or below ambient temperature (e.g., compartment for holding a heat exchange medium) 60
220/600 End wall structure 42
220/62 Blank 108
220/62.11 Receptacle side wall made of two or more layers of material permanently attached together 279
220/639 Separate reinforcing element 21
220/655 Open end edge cushioning means 9
220/656 One-piece, reinforced open end edge 15
220/660 Sidewall structure 79
220/694 Container attachment or adjunct 196
220/890 Miscellaneous 19
220/9.1 Flaccid wall material permanently united with a skeletal framework 109
220/9.4 Flaccid wall material removably attached to skeletal framework 179
220/900 Rupture proof 43
220/901 Liquified gas content (cryogenic) 255
220/902 Foam 222
220/903 Insulating jacket for beverage container 186
220/904 Pail or bucket of flexible or flaccid material (e.g., fabric, rubber, etc.) 17
220/905 Flexible fuel tank for a vehicle 30
220/906 Beverage can (i.e., beer, soda, etc.) 302
220/908 Trash container 845
220/912 Cookware (i.e., pots and pans) 282
220/913 Ventilated container 64
220/914 Container contoured to fit a body part 27
220/915 Aerosol valve cap or protector 42
220/915.1 Hand-carried container for transporting a beverage or prepared food (e.g., lunch box, dinner pail, picnic cooler) 17
220/916 Container including axially opposed removable closures 48
220/917 Corrosion resistant container 117
220/918 Spacing element for separating the walls of a spaced-wall container 55
220/DIG.1 Beer barrels 26
220/DIG.10 Lunch kits 4
220/DIG.11 Materials 13
220/DIG.12 Molded 18
220/DIG.13 Odd-shaped 70
220/DIG.14 Plastic 44
220/DIG.15 Plastic bottle crates 30
220/DIG.16 Pressure indicators 18
220/DIG.17 Pressure and temperature locks 6
220/DIG.18 Refrigerator linings 6
220/DIG.19 Rubber plugs and caps 123
220/DIG.2 Bottle crates 5
220/DIG.20 Safety locking devices 16
220/DIG.21 Shields 16
220/DIG.22 Seamless 20
220/DIG.23 Fiberglass 20
220/DIG.24 Tank trucks 22
220/DIG.25 U-shaped sectional 48
220/DIG.26 Vanity 21
220/DIG.27 Vents 74
220/DIG.28 Washtubs 1
220/DIG.29 Welded seam 36
220/DIG.3 Breaker strips and sealing strips 8
220/DIG.30 Biodegradable 46
220/DIG.31 Sonic seal 8
220/DIG.32 Radiator cap 79
220/DIG.33 Gasoline tank cap 325
220/DIG.34 Anti-tamper pharmaceutical capsules (e.g., tamper indicating or resistant 43
220/DIG.4 Bushings 5
220/DIG.5 Antidrip 14
220/DIG.6 Drains 99
220/DIG.7 Flexible tubes 5
220/DIG.8 Ice cream cabinets 2
220/DIG.9 Insulating materials 26

Patents under this class:

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