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Class Information
Number: 208/92
Name: Mineral oils: processes and products > Chemical conversion of hydrocarbons > With preliminary treatment of feed > Distillation
Description: Processes wherein the mineral oil to be converted is subjected to distillation prior to the conversion reaction.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
208/94 Plural stages of distillation 36
208/93 With blending of products of distillation with each other or with converted products 96

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8604262 Process for increasing aromatics production Dec. 10, 2013
8586812 Ionic liquid catalyzed olefin oligomerization for distillate production Nov. 19, 2013
8338495 Method for efficient use of heat from tubular reformer Dec. 25, 2012
8202480 Apparatus for separating pitch from slurry hydrocracked vacuum gas oil Jun. 19, 2012
8182556 Liquid fractionation method for producing biofuels May. 22, 2012
8158840 Process and apparatus for cooling liquid bottoms from vapor/liquid separator during steam cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks Apr. 17, 2012
8152994 Process for upgrading atmospheric residues Apr. 10, 2012
8152870 Methods of and systems for producing biofuels Apr. 10, 2012
8137558 Stepwise extraction of plant biomass for diesel blend stock production Mar. 20, 2012
8137556 Methods of producing biofuels from an algal biomass Mar. 20, 2012
8083931 Upgrading of tar using POX/coker Dec. 27, 2011
8052864 Process to prepare a sweet crude Nov. 8, 2011
8002968 Process for treating a heavy hydrocarbon feedstock and a product obtained therefrom Aug. 23, 2011
7947860 Dividing wall separation in light olefin hydrocarbon processing May. 24, 2011
7857965 Process for enhancing the value of hydrocarbonaceous natural resources Dec. 28, 2010
7833409 Methods and systems for removing vanadium from low-grade fuels Nov. 16, 2010
7737317 Fractionation recovery processing of FCC-produced light olefins Jun. 15, 2010
7727379 Process to continuously prepare two or more base oil grades and middle distillates Jun. 1, 2010
7658836 Process for producing middle distillates by hydroisomerizing and hydrocracking feeds from the Fischer-Tropsch process using a multifunctional guard bed Feb. 9, 2010
7651605 Process of hydrotreating heavy hydrocarbon oil Jan. 26, 2010
7581589 Methods of producing alkylated hydrocarbons from an in situ heat treatment process liquid Sep. 1, 2009
7582204 Method for treating a hydrocarbon feedstock including resin removal Sep. 1, 2009
7534340 Process for the preparation of middle distillates and lube bases starting from synthetic hydrocarbon feedstocks May. 19, 2009
7491314 Process to produce pipeline-transportable crude oil from feed stocks containing heavy hydrocarbons Feb. 17, 2009
7459072 Method for processing naphtha Dec. 2, 2008
7407571 Method of and apparatus for upgrading and gasifying heavy hydrocarbon feeds Aug. 5, 2008
7354508 Process to prepare a heavy and a light lubricating base oil Apr. 8, 2008
7347928 Process to prepare a spindle oil, light machine oil and a medium machine oil base oil grade from the bottoms fraction of a fuels hydrocracking process Mar. 25, 2008
7297250 Method of and apparatus for processing heavy hydrocarbon feeds Nov. 20, 2007
7276151 Gas turbine fuel oil and production method thereof and power generation method Oct. 2, 2007
7270739 Fractionating and further cracking a C.sub.6 fraction from a naphtha feed for propylene generation Sep. 18, 2007
7267759 Fractionating and further cracking a C.sub.6 fraction from a naphtha feed for propylene generation Sep. 11, 2007
7250544 Process for selective hydrogenation using a catalytic reactor with a hydrogen-selective membrane Jul. 31, 2007
6841061 Antigelling agent for hydrocarbon mixture containing conjugated diene and method of preventing clogging of apparatus for separating and purifying the mixture Jan. 11, 2005
6841062 Crude oil desulfurization Jan. 11, 2005
6699385 Process for converting waxy feeds into low haze heavy base oil Mar. 2, 2004
6669872 Electrical insulating oil with reduced gassing tendency Dec. 30, 2003
6602404 Process for naphtha reforming Aug. 5, 2003
6579442 Methods and compositions for inhibiting polymerization of vinyl monomers Jun. 17, 2003
6454934 Petroleum processing method Sep. 24, 2002
6410811 Selective hydrogenation process comprising partial separation of hydrogen by a membrane upstream of a reactive column Jun. 25, 2002
6379534 Pour point depression unit using mild thermal cracker Apr. 30, 2002
6348137 Method and apparatus for fractional distillation Feb. 19, 2002
6338791 High octane number gasolines and their production using a process associating hydro-isomerization and separation Jan. 15, 2002
6339181 Multiple feed process for the production of propylene Jan. 15, 2002
6315920 Electrical insulating oil with reduced gassing tendency Nov. 13, 2001
6261442 Process for converting hydrocarbons by treatment in a distillation zone comprising withdrawing a stabilized distillate, associated with a reaction zone, and its use for hydrogenating benzene Jul. 17, 2001
6238549 Process for converting hydrocarbons by treatment in a distillation zone associated with a reaction zone, comprising re-contacting a vapor distillate with the feed, and its use for hydrogenatin May. 29, 2001
6207040 Process for the gasolines production Mar. 27, 2001
6174428 Process for converting hydrocarbons by treatment in a distillation zone comprising a circulating reflux, associated with a reaction zone, and its use for hydrogenating benzene Jan. 16, 2001

1 2 3

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