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Number: 208/120.15
Name: Mineral oils: processes and products > Chemical conversion of hydrocarbons > Cracking > Catalytic > Silica or silicate containing catalyst > With metal or metal oxide > With group iii metal, rare earth metal, or metal oxide (i.e., sc, y, al, ga, in, tl, metal of atomic number 57-71 or oxide thereof) > With group i metal or metal oxide (i.e., alkali metal, ag, au, cu, or oxide thereof)
Description: Processes wherein the catalytic material includes a group I metal or oxide thereof.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8084383 Gasoline sulfur reduction catalyst for fluid catalytic cracking process Dec. 27, 2011
7884257 Method for producing ethylene and propylene Feb. 8, 2011
7863494 Hydrocarbon steam cracking catalyst, method for preparing the same and method for preparing light olefin by using the same Jan. 4, 2011
7754934 Process for producing ethylene and propylene Jul. 13, 2010
7718051 Conversion of crop seed oils to jet fuel and associated methods May. 18, 2010
7641787 Compositions and processes for reducing NO.sub.x emissions during fluid catalytic cracking Jan. 5, 2010
7615143 Hydrothermally stable catalyst and its use in catalytic cracking Nov. 10, 2009
7473348 Diesel oil from residues by catalytic depolymerization with energy input from a pump-agitator system Jan. 6, 2009
7435332 Process for cracking hydrocarbon oils Oct. 14, 2008
7416653 Systems and methods of producing a crude product Aug. 26, 2008
7371316 Production of lower molecular weight hydrocarbons May. 13, 2008
7347930 Process for cracking hydrocarbon oils Mar. 25, 2008
7125817 Combined cracking and selective hydrogen combustion for catalytic cracking Oct. 24, 2006
7122492 Combined cracking and selective hydrogen combustion for catalytic cracking Oct. 17, 2006
6790343 Sulfur transfer additive for catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons and a catalytic cracking process of hydrocarbons using the same Sep. 14, 2004
6726834 Process for catalytic cracking of a hydrocarbon feed with a MFI aluminisilcate composition Apr. 27, 2004
6635168 Gasoline sulfur reduction catalyst for fluid catalytic cracking process Oct. 21, 2003
6379536 NOx reduction compositions for use in FCC processes Apr. 30, 2002
6280607 NOx reduction compositions for use in FCC processes Aug. 28, 2001
6143167 NO.sub.x reduction compositions for use in FCC processes Nov. 7, 2000
6129834 NO.sub.x reduction compositions for use in FCC processes Oct. 10, 2000
6129833 Catalytic cracking with reduced emission of sulfur oxides Oct. 10, 2000
6063262 Synthetic porous crystalline MCM-67, its synthesis and use May. 16, 2000
5968342 Zeolite catalyst and method of converting hydrocarbons using the same Oct. 19, 1999
5690810 Single-step process to upgrade naphthas to an improved gasoline blending stock Nov. 25, 1997
5658454 Hydrocarbon coversion using improved zeolite Beta catalyst Aug. 19, 1997
5656149 Hydrocarbon conversion processes using zeolite SSZ-41 Aug. 12, 1997
5641395 Process and compositions for Mn containing catalyst for carbo-metallic hydrocarbons Jun. 24, 1997
5637207 Fluid catalytic cracking process Jun. 10, 1997
5616237 Split feed injection fluid catalytic cracking process Apr. 1, 1997
5601699 Method for cracking hydrocarbons Feb. 11, 1997
5578195 Synthetic crystalline aluminosilicate for the catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons in petrochemical processes Nov. 26, 1996
5549813 FCC process employing low unit cell size y-zeolites Aug. 27, 1996
5534135 Synthesis of zeolites Jul. 9, 1996
5486284 Catalytic cracking with MCM-49 Jan. 23, 1996
5472594 FCC process for producing enhanced yields of C.sub.4 /C.sub.5 olefins Dec. 5, 1995
5414181 Integrated catalytic cracking and olefin producing process May. 9, 1995
5395512 Hydrocarbon cracking process employing zeolite catalysts with hybrid [A1,B]-zeolite additives Mar. 7, 1995
5336393 Process for catalytically converting organic compounds Aug. 9, 1994
5326465 Process for the production of LPG rich in olefins and high quality gasoline Jul. 5, 1994
5324416 Increasing metal-tolerance of FCC catalyst by sulfur oxide removal Jun. 28, 1994
5324419 FCC to minimize butadiene yields Jun. 28, 1994
5318696 Catalytic conversion with improved catalyst catalytic cracking with a catalyst comprising a large-pore molecular sieve component and a ZSM-5 component Jun. 7, 1994
5306417 Catalytic cracking process utilizing a silica modified bayerite and/or eta alumina-containing catalyst Apr. 26, 1994
5300215 Catalytic cracking with a catalyst comprising a boron phosphate matrix Apr. 5, 1994
5298153 Cracking process using an attrition resistant catalyst Mar. 29, 1994
5268089 FCC of nitrogen containing hydrocarbons and catalyst regeneration Dec. 7, 1993
5260240 Process for the demetallization of FCC catalyst Nov. 9, 1993
5258570 Activated zeolite beta and its use for hydrocarbon conversion Nov. 2, 1993
5258114 Ultra large pore cracking catalyst and process for catalytic cracking Nov. 2, 1993

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