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Number: 205/139
Name: Electrolysis: processes, compositions used therein, and methods of preparing the compositions > Electrolytic coating (process, composition and method of preparing composition) > Coating moving substrate > Indeterminate length (e.g., strip, wire, fiber, etc.) > Predominantly aluminum substrate
Description: Subject matter wherein elemental aluminum is the major or predominant constituent of the substrate.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8580101 Outdoor-suitable antique copper color aluminum material and process Nov. 12, 2013
6780303 Continuous nickel plating process for an aluminum conductor and corresponding device Aug. 24, 2004
6596150 Production method for an aluminum support for a lithographic printing plate Jul. 22, 2003
6475367 Electrodeposition method Nov. 5, 2002
6368483 Aluminium workpiece Apr. 9, 2002
6368485 Forming electrolyte for forming metal oxide coating film Apr. 9, 2002
6127050 Archival imaging medium and method therefor Oct. 3, 2000
6099709 Method of producing an electrode foil for use in aluminum electrolytic capacitors Aug. 8, 2000
6024858 Method of producing an aluminum support for a planographic plate Feb. 15, 2000
5851373 Method for anodizing aluminum material Dec. 22, 1998
5779871 Process of manufacturing aluminum surfaces for technical lighting purposes Jul. 14, 1998
5731124 Method for preparing an aluminum foil for use as a support in lithographic printing plates Mar. 24, 1998
5693208 Process for continuously anodizing strips or wires of aluminum Dec. 2, 1997
5665219 Process for continuous manufacture of an electrical conductor made of copper-plated and tin-plated aluminum Sep. 9, 1997
5651871 Process for graining and anodizing a metal plate Jul. 29, 1997
5641391 Three dimensional microfabrication by localized electrodeposition and etching Jun. 24, 1997
5556531 Process for the aftertreatment of aluminum materials substrates of such materials and their use for offset printing plates Sep. 17, 1996
5314607 Apparatus and method for anodizing supports for lithographic printing plate May. 24, 1994
5296127 Composite-coated flat-rolled sheet metal manufacture Mar. 22, 1994
5245847 Process for zinc electroplating of aluminum strip Sep. 21, 1993
5178967 Bilayer oxide film and process for producing same Jan. 12, 1993
5120404 Method of producing an electrode foil for use in aluminum electrolytic capacitors Jun. 9, 1992
5091062 Web barrier packaging material Feb. 25, 1992
5082537 Process and apparatus for roughening a substrate for photosensitive layers Jan. 21, 1992
5015340 Method of continuous coating of electrically conductive substrates May. 14, 1991
5013402 Method of manufacturing double-sided wiring substrate May. 7, 1991
4976827 Process for pretreating strips and foils of aluminum or aluminum alloys Dec. 11, 1990
4872946 Method of manufacturing supports for lithographic printing plate Oct. 10, 1989
4865699 Process and apparatus for anodizing aluminum Sep. 12, 1989
4808279 Process for preparing magnetic recording material Feb. 28, 1989
4689272 Process for a two-stage hydrophilizing post-treatment of aluminum oxide layers with aqueous solutions and use thereof in the manufacture of supports for offset printing plates Aug. 25, 1987
4681668 Anodic aluminium oxide film and method of forming it Jul. 21, 1987
4606975 Process for the two-stage anodic oxidation of aluminum bases for offset printing plates and product thereof Aug. 19, 1986
4566952 Two-stage process for the production of anodically oxidized aluminum planar materials and use of these materials in manufacturing offset-printing plates Jan. 28, 1986
4554216 Process for manufacturing support materials for offset printing plates Nov. 19, 1985
4534834 Process for continuous pretreatment by electrochemical oxidation of strip or foil of aluminum Aug. 13, 1985
RE31901 Continuous electrolytical treatment of aluminum or its alloys May. 28, 1985
4502933 Apparatus for electrolytic treatment to metal web Mar. 5, 1985
4492615 Process for plating a long span of metal with a metal layer Jan. 8, 1985
RE31743 AC Etching of aluminum capacitor foil Nov. 20, 1984
4470884 High speed aluminum wire anodizing machine and process Sep. 11, 1984
4410558 Continuous amorphous solar cell production system Oct. 18, 1983
4406757 Anodization method Sep. 27, 1983
4341610 Energy efficient process for continuous production of thin semiconductor films on metallic substrates Jul. 27, 1982
4309951 Method for deburring sheet metal parts, such as can covers Jan. 12, 1982
4293617 Process for producing strippable copper on an aluminum carrier and the article so obtained Oct. 6, 1981
4248674 Anodizing method and apparatus Feb. 3, 1981
4227291 Energy efficient process for continuous production of thin semiconductor films on metallic substrates Oct. 14, 1980
4226680 Process for electrolytic coloration of anodized aluminium Oct. 7, 1980
4214961 Method and apparatus for continuous electrochemical treatment of a metal web Jul. 29, 1980

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