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Class Information
Number: 2/265
Name: Apparel > General structure > Attaching buttons or fasteners
Description: Devices comprising either (1) means for attaching buttons or other fasteners (hooks, eyes, snap fasteners, etc.) to garments by means of strips upon which the fasteners are mounted or directly upon the garments themselves, (2) structure forming a buttonhole combined with additional garment structure more than necessary to form or reinforce the buttonhole, or (3) buttonholes formed in strips or tapes which are adapted to be attached to garments.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
2/266 Buttonhole strips 9

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8584913 Method for reconnecting a button to a garment and apparatus therefor Nov. 19, 2013
8499362 Armor vest with mechanical quick release mechanism Aug. 6, 2013
8407817 Garment with interstitial fastener Apr. 2, 2013
8359664 Systems and methods for providing modular camouflage Jan. 29, 2013
8347416 Method and apparatus for modifying an article of clothing Jan. 8, 2013
8272072 System for reversible garments absent sewn seams Sep. 25, 2012
8201271 Armor vest with mechanical quick release mechanism Jun. 19, 2012
8074299 Protective ensemble Dec. 13, 2011
7987522 Systems and methods for providing modular camouflage Aug. 2, 2011
7707698 Adjustable fastener for clothing May. 4, 2010
7013539 Weld button for garments Mar. 21, 2006
6722544 Substantially noiseless fastening systems for apparel and carrying packs Apr. 20, 2004
6449818 Garment link Sep. 17, 2002
6442808 Button fastener Sep. 3, 2002
6375772 Method for fastening buttons by welding and a device for making said method Apr. 23, 2002
6257295 Button shank wrapping machine Jul. 10, 2001
6029867 Apparatus for winding round the stem of a button Feb. 29, 2000
5954242 Button attaching device Sep. 21, 1999
5950240 Arrangement for retaining an article of wear to a jacket or other garment Sep. 14, 1999
5938025 Lost button replacement method and apparatus Aug. 17, 1999
5704933 Elastic strap fastening system with button fasteners Jan. 6, 1998
5671507 Fastener for attaching a button or the like to a garment or piece of fabric Sep. 30, 1997
5606780 Button for adjusting article size Mar. 4, 1997
5082151 Method and apparatus for winding round the stem of a button sewn onto an article of clothing Jan. 21, 1992
5044012 Assembly and method for protecting ornamental accessories on garments Sep. 3, 1991
4996933 Method for folding zipper side tapes and garment panel edges for attachment thereof Mar. 5, 1991
4975986 Means for removably securing accessories to wearing apparel and the like Dec. 11, 1990
4939794 Adjustable neck and cuff closures for dress shirts Jul. 10, 1990
4847917 Glove construction with means for removably securing accessories Jul. 18, 1989
4773343 Button attachment method Sep. 27, 1988
4658443 Invisible seam assembly and modular outfit Apr. 21, 1987
4628545 Apparel article having zipper connection and its method for fabricating Dec. 16, 1986
4452662 Device for the fastening of buttons to a piece of garment or other textile product Jun. 5, 1984
4425391 Button and buttonhole tape Jan. 10, 1984
4359008 Apparatus for providing a zipper closable garment pocket entry Nov. 16, 1982
4353760 Forming articles with slide fasteners and attached sewing guides Oct. 12, 1982
4333182 Button anchor method and apparatus Jun. 8, 1982
D262838 Button spacer Feb. 2, 1982
4312077 Method of fastening buttons and the like to a textile material and an apparatus for practising such method Jan. 26, 1982
4265190 Sewing aid for slide fastener and method May. 5, 1981
4251311 Button assembly apparatus Feb. 17, 1981
4212698 Apparatus for setting fabric loops Jul. 15, 1980
4120054 Button assembly for textile material Oct. 17, 1978
4112556 Zipper construction Sep. 12, 1978
4112723 Hydrostatic extrusion apparatus Sep. 12, 1978
4063312 Button securing device Dec. 20, 1977
4001924 Fitting for attachment to a piece of fabric Jan. 11, 1977
3968523 Method for producing a zipper closable garment pocket and a pocket provided thereby Jul. 13, 1976
3965952 Plastic snap fastener Jun. 29, 1976
3962729 Zipper fly construction for garments Jun. 15, 1976

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