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Class Information
Number: 175/422
Name: Boring or penetrating the earth >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
175/1 With seismic shock generating 48
175/108 Common drive or advancing means for concurrently boring along laterally spaced axes 20
175/11 Boring by directly applying heat to fluidize or comminute 40
175/113 With means to simultaneously feed and rotate tool from a single mechanical element 70
175/122 With means to feed drive 97
175/135 With above-ground means to impact an earth-penetrating means 58
175/161 With above-ground means to move tool to a dumping location offset from bore 20
175/162 With above-ground means to feed tool 210
175/17 With heating or cooling (1) within the bore, or (2) drilling fluid 67
175/170 With tool drive prime mover or above-ground mechanical motion converting drive means 86
175/18 Ice boring 47
175/19 Boring without earth removal (i.e., compacting earth formation) 244
175/2 Boring with explosion in inaccessible hole 36
175/202 Above-ground means for relatively moving below-ground tool elements 38
175/203 With above-ground means to advance or retract boring means 175
175/205 With means providing pressurized gas contact with drilling liquid 24
175/206 With above-ground means for preparing or separating drilling fluid constituents 280
175/207 With above-ground means for handling drilling fluid or cutting 182
175/219 With particular accommodation for personnel (e.g., seat or protector) 49
175/220 With above-ground guide for relatively advancing tool 122
175/226 With sample covering or coating means (1) dispensed into sample receiver, or (2) fluent 31
175/227 With storage means for bit lubricant carried by bit or shaft 61
175/230 With expansible bore wall anchor (e.g., packer) 81
175/231 With means movable relative to tool below ground to control eccentric fluid emission 23
175/232 With means movable relative to tool below ground to stop flow toward bore bottom 29
175/24 Automatic control 190
175/244 With means movable relative to tool to receive, retain, or sever undisturbed core 46
175/256 With releasable means normally holding jointed shaft sections in angular relation 38
175/257 Tool removable or insertable through or around driving or driven shaft or casing 84
175/263 Cutter element laterally shiftable below ground (e.g., expansible) 57
175/293 Below-ground (1) hammer, or (2) impact members 72
175/307 With cutting edge cover 8
175/308 With receptacle 23
175/313 With mechanical cleaner for bit or cutter element 25
175/314 With well-type screen 43
175/315 Combined 27
175/316 With relatively movable parts to facilitate cleaning without disassembly 10
175/317 With means movable relative to tool or shaft to control below-ground passage 114
175/319 Below-ground mechanical motion converting means relatively moving plural cutting edges 13
175/320 With tool shaft detail 457
175/327 Bit or bit element 47
175/39 With bit wear signal generating 81
175/40 With signaling, indicating, testing or measuring 750
175/423 Wedging slip assembly for supporting a pipe or rod 104
175/424 Miscellaneous (e.g., earth-boring nozzle) 265
175/5 Boring a submerged formation 197
175/51 With self-acting cyclic advance and retraction of tool or tool shaft 62
175/52 With magazine for successively moving unconnected, oriented tool or shaft sections to use position 202
175/53 Enlargement of existing pilot throughbore requiring accessibility to existing opposite bore ends to insert and remove tool 183
175/54 Boring by below ground recirculation of unsupported elements (e.g., shot) 24
175/55 Tool actuation by reaction of rotating eccentric mass 63
175/56 Natural vibration characteristic of an element of boring means related (1) to natural vibration characteristic of another element, or (2) to frequency of an imposed motion 136
175/57 Processes 658
175/73 Means traveling with tool to constrain tool to bore along curved path 425
175/77 Side wall tool fed laterally without rotation from inaccessible hole 37
175/78 Means carried by housing insertable in inaccessible hole to advance side wall tool laterally 80
175/79 Tool shaft advanced relative to guide insertable in inaccessible hole to change direction of advance 53
175/84 With above-ground cleaner for boring means 45
175/85 With orienting or racking means for unconnected tools or sections of shaft or casing 339
175/86 With below-ground personal accommodation 14
175/87 Convertible 19
175/88 With means carrying cuttings laterally of bore axis comprising (1) chute, (2) conveyer, or (3) vehicle 28
175/89 Tool element or continuously driven flexible or articulated endless member 14
175/91 Boring means including a continuously rotating bit describing a noncircular cross-sectional bore 32
175/92 With below-ground tool drive prime mover 74

Patents under this class:

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