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Class Information
Number: 165/134R
Name: Heat exchange >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
165/104.11 Intermediate fluent heat exchange material receiving and discharging heat 235
165/108 Recirculation 134
165/109.1 With agitating or stirring structure 346
165/11.1 With alarm, indicator, signal, register, recorder, test or inspection means 539
165/110 With first fluid holder or collector open to second fluid 300
165/119 With solids separator for exchange fluid 174
165/120 With impeller or conveyor moving exchange material 85
165/128 Thermosyphonic flue type 35
165/132 Heating or cooling means in open communication with reservoir 107
165/133 With coated, roughened or polished surface 667
165/134.1 With protector or protective agent 560
165/135 With thermal or acoustical blocker 297
165/137 Convertible 79
165/138 Combined 42
165/139 Internally branched flow, externally ported 73
165/140 Three non-communicating fluids 443
165/142 Spur tube projects into enclosure 143
165/143 Plural casing-conduit units, line or common header connected 83
165/144 Line connected conduit assemblies 148
165/146 Gradated heat transfer structure 233
165/148 Radiator core type 121
165/154 Non-communicating coaxial enclosures 276
165/157 Casing or tank enclosed conduit assembly 192
165/164 Flow passages for two confined fluids 302
165/168 Conduit within, or conforming to, panel or wall structure 263
165/172 Side-by-side tubular structures or tube sections 232
165/177 Tubular structure 349
165/185 Heat transmitter 2,809
165/186 Miscellaneous 24
165/200 With timer, programmer, time delay, or condition responsive control 91
165/4 Regenerator 198
165/41 With vehicle feature 809
165/45 Geographical 574
165/46 Flexible envelope or cover type 427
165/47 Structural installation 556
165/58 Heating and cooling 105
165/67 With external support 338
165/69 Resilient vibration damper isolating exchanger element 134
165/70 With leakage collector 173
165/71 With purge, or drainage, cock or plug 84
165/72 Covered access opening 37
165/76 With repair or assembly means 590
165/80.1 With retainer for removable article 183
165/81 Expansion and contraction relieving or absorbing means 247
165/84 With means flexing, jarring or vibrating heat exchange surface 107
165/85 Agitator or impeller motor operated by exchange fluid 39
165/86 Movable heating or cooling surface 276
165/900 Cooling towers 164
165/901 Heat savers 223
165/902 Heat storage 153
165/903 Convection 90
165/904 Radiation 67
165/905 Materials of manufacture 401
165/906 Reinforcement 140
165/907 Porous 129
165/908 Fluid jets 193
165/909 Regeneration 250
165/910 Tube pattern 47
165/911 Vaporization 79
165/912 Combined or convertible heat exchange modes 13
165/913 Condensation 89
165/914 Filming 15
165/915 Foaming 2
165/916 Oil cooler 200
165/917 Pressurization and/or degassification 71
165/918 Heated and cooled food cabinets and/or trays 61
165/920 Particulate heat exchange 30
165/921 Dew point 61
165/94 With scraper removing product from temperature modifying surface 115
165/95 With cleaning means for heat exchanger 551
165/96 With adjustor for heat, or exchange material, flow 302
165/DIG.1 With alarm, indicator, recorder, test, or inspection means 3
165/DIG.132 With adjustor for heat flow 3
165/DIG.135 Movable heat exchanger 6
165/DIG.162 Only direct-contact heat exchange between two separately supplied fluids 15
165/DIG.163 Including a means to form fluid film on heat transfer surface (e.g., trickle) 5
165/DIG.182 Indirect-contact cooling tower 7
165/DIG.183 Indirect-contact evaporator 12
165/DIG.184 Indirect-contact condenser 2
165/DIG.224 Including a means to form a fluid jet 0
165/DIG.225 With solid conveyor 3
165/DIG.228 With fan or pump 4
165/DIG.318 With driven agitator 1
165/DIG.327 Thermosyphonic having vertical air draft passage 1
165/DIG.342 Tank with heat exchanger 2
165/DIG.355 Having separate flow passage for two distinct fluids 7
165/DIG.44 Having flexible heat exchange surface conforming to a solid structure (e.g., applicator, etc.) 7
165/DIG.454 Having side-by-side conduits structure or conduit section 2
165/DIG.51 Having expansion and contraction relieving or absorbing means 16
165/DIG.510 Having heat exchange surface treatment, adjunct or enhancement 3
165/DIG.532 Heat exchange conduit structure 1
165/DIG.539 Having a heat storage mass 14
165/DIG.72 Agitator or impeller motor operated by first heat exchange fluid 7
165/DIG.76 With scraper for removing product from heat transfer surface 0
165/DIG.9 Having a solid heat storage mass for absorbing heat from one fluid and releasing it to another (i.e. regenerator) 7
165/DIG.92 With valve or movable deflector for heat exchange fluid flow 7

Patents under this class:

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