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Number: 164/442
Name: Metal founding > Means to shape metallic material > Continuous or semicontinuous casting > Including product supporting or withdrawal means > Roller
Description: Apparatus wherein the means to remove or support the product includes an annular or cylindrical member which rotates and contacts the product at points on its periphery.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8544426 Coolant passage apparatus for internal combustion engine Oct. 1, 2013
8505611 Twin roll continuous caster Aug. 13, 2013
8387681 Strand guiding apparatus for continuous casting equipment Mar. 5, 2013
8387682 Twin roll continuous caster Mar. 5, 2013
8342231 Cast strip withdrawing apparatus for continuous casting facility Jan. 1, 2013
8302664 Strand guide, in particular for a continuous casting installation for steel slabs Nov. 6, 2012
8267154 Roll and roll arrangement for a continuous casting installation Sep. 18, 2012
8261811 Roll line in a continuous caster Sep. 11, 2012
8256494 Metal-strip guiding apparatus Sep. 4, 2012
8186422 Method for the continuous casting of thin metal strip and continuous casting installation May. 29, 2012
8162033 Strand guiding device and method of operating it Apr. 24, 2012
8136575 Twin-roll continuous casting machine and rolling equipment Mar. 20, 2012
8100166 Continuous casting plant and method of operating a continuous casting plant Jan. 24, 2012
8047263 Device for the horizontal continuous strip casting of steel Nov. 1, 2011
8033318 Plant for producing metal strip Oct. 11, 2011
7971629 Strand guide roller Jul. 5, 2011
7926547 Strand guiding roller Apr. 19, 2011
7845389 Method and device for dynamically resting roller segments that support and/or guide both sides of a cast bar made of metal, particularly steel Dec. 7, 2010
RE41553 Strip casting apparatus Aug. 24, 2010
7631685 Pinch roll apparatus and method for operating the same Dec. 15, 2009
7617862 Strand-guiding roller Nov. 17, 2009
7325586 Internally cooled billet guiding roller Feb. 5, 2008
7281567 Casting roll and a method for producing a casting roll Oct. 16, 2007
7178578 Continuous casting roll Feb. 20, 2007
7159642 Method and strand guide for supporting, guiding and cooling casting strands made of steel, especially preliminary sections for girders Jan. 9, 2007
7152660 Rotary lead-through for the coolant inflow and outflow of a back-up and/or conveyor roller which is rotably held in a bearing arrangement at the end Dec. 26, 2006
7096923 Segment roll for continuous casting machines Aug. 29, 2006
6957688 Roll apparatus of continuous caster and cylindrical roller bearing for supporting roll of continuous caster Oct. 25, 2005
6945311 Method for the vertical continuous casting of a steel strip Sep. 20, 2005
6913065 Device for continuously casting metals, especially steel Jul. 5, 2005
6892794 Method and device for continuous casting and subsequent forming of a steel billet, especially a billet in the form of an ingot or a preliminary section May. 17, 2005
6883585 Crystallizer with rollers for a continuous casting machine Apr. 26, 2005
6883586 Strip guide for a strip-casting unit and adjusting device for the roller segments thereof Apr. 26, 2005
6837301 Strip casting apparatus Jan. 4, 2005
6834707 Method and apparatus for the continuous production of cast or remelted billets using an electroslag method Dec. 28, 2004
6810942 Device for the continuous casting of metals, especially steel, for use in a solidified bending method Nov. 2, 2004
6810943 Method and device for producing thin slabs Nov. 2, 2004
6779587 Method and device for adjusting one or more roll segments in a continuous casting installation for casting metals, especially for steel materials Aug. 24, 2004
6736189 Guide segment fitted with rollers on a continuous casting installation May. 18, 2004
6712123 Method and device for change of section of a billet of a continuous casting plant during continuous casting Mar. 30, 2004
6634416 Device and process for fast changing of parts of the bar guide in continuous-casting plants Oct. 21, 2003
6619375 Casting roll Sep. 16, 2003
6609556 Method and device for casting prefabricated products in a continuous casting device Aug. 26, 2003
6568460 Method and apparatus for adjusting the profile of a continuously cast slab, particularly of a thin slab May. 27, 2003
6540010 Device for hydraulically adjusting the rollers of strand guiding segments of a continuous casting installation Apr. 1, 2003
6533023 Feeding strip material Mar. 18, 2003
6527042 Roll for the continuous casting of metal strips comprising a cooling circuit Mar. 4, 2003
6520245 Guide element of a continuous casting plant Feb. 18, 2003
6484793 Guide roller Nov. 26, 2002
6467533 Machine and method for continuous casting of steel Oct. 22, 2002

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