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Number: 148/DIG.61
Name: Metal treatment > Gettering-armorphous layers

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5908307 Fabrication method for reduced-dimension FET devices Jun. 1, 1999
5874317 Trench isolation for integrated circuits Feb. 23, 1999
5738942 Semiconductor silicon wafer and process for producing it Apr. 14, 1998
5674777 Method for forming silicon-boron binary compound layer as boron diffusion source in silicon electronic device Oct. 7, 1997
5668020 Method for forming impurity junction regions of semiconductor device Sep. 16, 1997
5296405 Method for photo annealing non-single crystalline semiconductor films Mar. 22, 1994
5171710 Method for photo annealing non-single crystalline semiconductor films Dec. 15, 1992
5130260 Method of gettering unintentional mobile impurities in silicon wafer by using a damaged layer exposed to the reverse surface thereof Jul. 14, 1992
4994399 Method of gettering heavy-metal impurities from silicon substrates by laser-assisted intrinsic gettering Feb. 19, 1991
4843037 Passivation of indium gallium arsenide surfaces Jun. 27, 1989
4740481 Method of preventing hillock formation in polysilicon layer by oxygen implanation Apr. 26, 1988
4697333 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using amorphous silicon as a mask Oct. 6, 1987
4693759 Method of forming a thin semiconductor film Sep. 15, 1987
4682407 Means and method for stabilizing polycrystalline semiconductor layers Jul. 28, 1987
4679308 Process for controlling mobile ion contamination in semiconductor devices Jul. 14, 1987
4617066 Process of making semiconductors having shallow, hyperabrupt doped regions by implantation and two step annealing Oct. 14, 1986
4603471 Method for making a CMOS circuit having a reduced tendency to latch by controlling the band-gap of source and drain regions Aug. 5, 1986
4589928 Method of making semiconductor integrated circuits having backside gettered with phosphorus May. 20, 1986
4588447 Method of eliminating p-type electrical activity and increasing channel mobility of Si-implanted and recrystallized SOS films May. 13, 1986
4585671 Formation process of amorphous silicon film Apr. 29, 1986
4561171 Process of gettering semiconductor devices Dec. 31, 1985
4559086 Backside gettering of silicon wafers utilizing selectively annealed single crystal silicon portions disposed between and extending into polysilicon portions Dec. 17, 1985
4469715 P-type semiconductor material having a wide band gap Sep. 4, 1984
4276114 Semiconductor substrate and a manufacturing method thereof Jun. 30, 1981
4230505 Method of making an impatt diode utilizing a combination of epitaxial deposition, ion implantation and substrate removal Oct. 28, 1980
4226898 Amorphous semiconductors equivalent to crystalline semiconductors produced by a glow discharge process Oct. 7, 1980
4216030 Process for the production of a semiconductor component with at least two zones which form a pn-junction and possess differing conductivity types Aug. 5, 1980
4193783 Method of treating a silicon single crystal ingot Mar. 18, 1980
4177473 Amorphous semiconductor member and method of making the same Dec. 4, 1979
4167015 Cermet layer for amorphous silicon solar cells Sep. 4, 1979
4149915 Process for producing defect-free semiconductor devices having overlapping high conductivity impurity regions Apr. 17, 1979
4147564 Method of controlled surface texturization of crystalline semiconductor material Apr. 3, 1979
4144099 High performance silicon wafer and fabrication process Mar. 13, 1979
4137457 Method of producing implanted areas in a substrate Jan. 30, 1979
4132571 Growth of polycrystalline semiconductor film with intermetallic nucleating layer Jan. 2, 1979
4111719 Minimization of misfit dislocations in silicon by double implantation of arsenic and germanium Sep. 5, 1978
4089992 Method for depositing continuous pinhole free silicon nitride films and products produced thereby May. 16, 1978
4084986 Method of manufacturing a semi-insulating silicon layer Apr. 18, 1978
4042419 Process for the removal of specific crystal structure defects from semiconductor discs and the product thereof Aug. 16, 1977
4036666 Manufacture of semiconductor ribbon Jul. 19, 1977
4018626 Impact sound stressing for semiconductor devices Apr. 19, 1977
3997368 Elimination of stacking faults in silicon devices: a gettering process Dec. 14, 1976

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