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Number: 148/DIG.24
Name: Metal treatment > Defect control-gettering and annealing

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6117749 Modification of interfacial fields between dielectrics and semiconductors Sep. 12, 2000
5998283 Silicon wafer having plasma CVD gettering layer with components/composition changing in depth-wise direction and method of manufacturing the silicon wafer Dec. 7, 1999
5976956 Method of controlling dopant concentrations using transient-enhanced diffusion prior to gate formation in a device Nov. 2, 1999
5882989 Process for the preparation of silicon wafers having a controlled distribution of oxygen precipitate nucleation centers Mar. 16, 1999
5840590 Impurity gettering in silicon using cavities formed by helium implantation and annealing Nov. 24, 1998
5629216 Method for producing semiconductor wafers with low light scattering anomalies May. 13, 1997
5569611 Method of manufacturing a bipolar transistor operating at low temperature Oct. 29, 1996
5508207 Method of annealing a semiconductor wafer in a hydrogen atmosphere to desorb surface contaminants Apr. 16, 1996
5506155 Method for manufacturing a substrate for semiconductor device using a selective gettering technique Apr. 9, 1996
5478762 Method for producing patterning alignment marks in oxide Dec. 26, 1995
5407838 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device using implantation and subsequent annealing to eliminate defects Apr. 18, 1995
5401669 Process for the preparation of silicon wafers having controlled distribution of oxygen precipitate nucleation centers Mar. 28, 1995
5393686 Method of forming gate oxide by TLC gettering clean Feb. 28, 1995
5322810 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device Jun. 21, 1994
5312764 Method of doping a semiconductor substrate May. 17, 1994
5272119 Process for contamination removal and minority carrier lifetime improvement in silicon Dec. 21, 1993
5244819 Method to getter contamination in semiconductor devices Sep. 14, 1993
5228927 Method for heat-treating gallium arsenide monocrystals Jul. 20, 1993
5198071 Process for inhibiting slip and microcracking while forming epitaxial layer on semiconductor wafer Mar. 30, 1993
5183767 Method for internal gettering of oxygen in III-V compound semiconductors Feb. 2, 1993
5094963 Process for producing a semiconductor device with a bulk-defect region having a nonuniform depth Mar. 10, 1992
5051375 Method of producing semiconductor wafer through gettering using spherical abrasives Sep. 24, 1991
5006475 Method for backside damage of silicon wafers Apr. 9, 1991
4977103 Method of making an article comprising a III/V semiconductor device Dec. 11, 1990
4888305 Method for photo annealing non-single crystalline semiconductor films Dec. 19, 1989
4885257 Gettering process with multi-step annealing and inert ion implantation Dec. 5, 1989
4868133 Semiconductor wafer fabrication with improved control of internal gettering sites using RTA Sep. 19, 1989
4851358 Semiconductor wafer fabrication with improved control of internal gettering sites using rapid thermal annealing Jul. 25, 1989
4837174 Method for producing thin conductive and semi-conductive layers in mono-crystal silicon Jun. 6, 1989
4766086 Method of gettering a semiconductor device and forming an isolation region therein Aug. 23, 1988
4740481 Method of preventing hillock formation in polysilicon layer by oxygen implanation Apr. 26, 1988
4682407 Means and method for stabilizing polycrystalline semiconductor layers Jul. 28, 1987
4679308 Process for controlling mobile ion contamination in semiconductor devices Jul. 14, 1987
4671845 Method for producing high quality germanium-germanium nitride interfaces for germanium semiconductors and device produced thereby Jun. 9, 1987
4637123 Method of standardizing and stabilizing semiconductor wafers Jan. 20, 1987
4617066 Process of making semiconductors having shallow, hyperabrupt doped regions by implantation and two step annealing Oct. 14, 1986
4605447 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices Aug. 12, 1986
4584026 Ion-implantation of phosphorus, arsenic or boron by pre-amorphizing with fluorine ions Apr. 22, 1986
4575466 Treatment process for semiconductor wafer Mar. 11, 1986
4559086 Backside gettering of silicon wafers utilizing selectively annealed single crystal silicon portions disposed between and extending into polysilicon portions Dec. 17, 1985
4547957 Imaging device having improved high temperature performance Oct. 22, 1985
4548654 Surface denuding of silicon wafer Oct. 22, 1985
4547256 Method for thermally treating a semiconductor substrate Oct. 15, 1985
4544417 Transient capless annealing process for the activation of ion implanted compound semiconductors Oct. 1, 1985
4521256 Method of making integrated devices having long and short minority carrier lifetimes Jun. 4, 1985
4456489 Method of forming a shallow and high conductivity boron doped layer in silicon Jun. 26, 1984
4437922 Method for tailoring oxygen precipitate particle density and distribution silicon wafers Mar. 20, 1984
4432008 Gold-doped IC resistor region Feb. 14, 1984
4366338 Compensating semiconductor materials Dec. 28, 1982
4364779 Fabrication of semiconductor devices including double annealing steps for radiation hardening Dec. 21, 1982

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