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Number: 148/DIG.147
Name: Metal treatment > Silicides

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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4783379 Explosive crystallization in metal/silicon multilayer film Nov. 8, 1988
4780429 Method of fabrication of MOS transistors having electrodes of metallic silicide Oct. 25, 1988
4774204 Method for forming self-aligned emitters and bases and source/drains in an integrated circuit Sep. 27, 1988
4771013 Process of making a double heterojunction 3-D I.sup.2 L bipolar transistor with a Si/Ge superlattice Sep. 13, 1988
4764481 Grown side-wall silicided source/drain self-align CMOS fabrication process Aug. 16, 1988
4755256 Method of producing small conductive members on a substrate Jul. 5, 1988
4753897 Method for providing contact separation in silicided devices using false gate Jun. 28, 1988
4751198 Process for making contacts and interconnections using direct-reacted silicide Jun. 14, 1988
4737474 Silicide to silicon bonding process Apr. 12, 1988
4731318 Integrated circuit comprising MOS transistors having electrodes of metallic silicide and a method of fabrication of said circuit Mar. 15, 1988
4717625 Photomask material Jan. 5, 1988
4711017 Formation of buried diffusion devices Dec. 8, 1987
4707197 Method of producing a silicide/Si heteroepitaxial structure, and articles produced by the method Nov. 17, 1987
4679301 Process for producing silicide or silicon gates for an integrated circuit having elements of the gate-insulator-semiconductor type Jul. 14, 1987
4679310 Method of making improved metal silicide fuse for integrated circuit structure Jul. 14, 1987
4669180 Method of forming emitter coupled logic bipolar memory cell using polysilicon Schottky diodes for coupling Jun. 2, 1987
4665608 Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices May. 19, 1987
4660276 Method of making a MOS field effect transistor in an integrated circuit Apr. 28, 1987
4643777 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising resistors of high and low resistances Feb. 17, 1987
4635347 Method of fabricating titanium silicide gate electrodes and interconnections Jan. 13, 1987
4622735 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device utilizing self-aligned silicide regions Nov. 18, 1986
4622736 Schottky barrier diodes Nov. 18, 1986
4619038 Selective titanium silicide formation Oct. 28, 1986
4619035 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including Schottky barrier diodes Oct. 28, 1986
4593454 Process for manufacturing an integrated circuit with tantalum silicide connections utilizing self-aligned oxidation Jun. 10, 1986
4589196 Contacts for VLSI devices using direct-reacted silicide May. 20, 1986
4581815 Integrated circuit structure having intermediate metal silicide layer and method of making same Apr. 15, 1986
4581623 Interlayer contact for use in a static RAM cell Apr. 8, 1986
4570328 Method of producing titanium nitride MOS device gate electrode Feb. 18, 1986
4569124 Method for forming thin conducting lines by ion implantation and preferential etching Feb. 11, 1986
4558507 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device Dec. 17, 1985
4545116 Method of forming a titanium disilicide Oct. 8, 1985
4459163 Amorphous semiconductor method Jul. 10, 1984
4389257 Fabrication method for high conductivity, void-free polysilicon-silicide integrated circuit electrodes Jun. 21, 1983
4384301 High performance submicron metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor device structure May. 17, 1983
4358891 Method of forming a metal semiconductor field effect transistor Nov. 16, 1982
4336550 CMOS Device with silicided sources and drains and method Jun. 22, 1982
4333099 Use of silicide to bridge unwanted polycrystalline silicon P-N junction Jun. 1, 1982
4332839 Method for making integrated semiconductor circuit structure with formation of Ti or Ta silicide Jun. 1, 1982
4330931 Process for forming metal plated regions and lines in MOS circuits May. 25, 1982
4305200 Method of forming self-registering source, drain, and gate contacts for FET transistor structures Dec. 15, 1981
4285761 Process for selectively forming refractory metal silicide layers on semiconductor devices Aug. 25, 1981
4283439 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by forming a tungsten silicide or molybdenum silicide electrode Aug. 11, 1981
4278704 Method for forming an electrical contact to a solar cell Jul. 14, 1981
4276688 Method for forming buried contact complementary MOS devices Jul. 7, 1981
4271424 Electrical contact connected with a semiconductor region which is short circuited with the substrate through said region Jun. 2, 1981
4265935 High temperature refractory metal contact assembly and multiple layer interconnect structure May. 5, 1981
4263058 Composite conductive structures in integrated circuits and method of making same Apr. 21, 1981
4228212 Composite conductive structures in integrated circuits Oct. 14, 1980
4227944 Methods of making composite conductive structures in integrated circuits Oct. 14, 1980

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