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Class Information
Number: 148/134
Name: Metal treatment >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
148/22 Compositions 92
148/33 Barrier layer stock material, p-n type 184
148/400 Stock 178
148/900 Ion implanted 32
148/901 Surface depleted in an alloy component (e.g., decarburized) 14
148/902 Having portions of differing metallurgical properties or characteristics 150
148/95 Process of modifying or maintaining internal physical structure (i.e., microstructure) or chemical properties of metal, process of reactive coating of metal and process of chemical-heat removing (e.g., flame-cutting, etc.) or burning of metal 36
148/DIG.1 Amorphous semiconductor 120
148/DIG.10 Bipolar transistors-ion implantation 218
148/DIG.100 Lift-off masking 86
148/DIG.101 Liquid phase epitaxy lpe 13
148/DIG.102 Mask alignment 66
148/DIG.103 Mask, dual function e.g., diffusion and oxidation 30
148/DIG.104 Mask, movable 13
148/DIG.105 Masks, metal 88
148/DIG.106 Masks, special 187
148/DIG.107 Melt 14
148/DIG.108 Melt back 5
148/DIG.109 Memory devices 17
148/DIG.11 Bipolar transistors 201
148/DIG.110 Metal-organic cvd (ruehrwein type) 65
148/DIG.111 Narrow masking 46
148/DIG.112 Nitridation, direct, of silicon 23
148/DIG.113 Nitrides of boron or aluminum or gallium 52
148/DIG.114 Nitrides of silicon 59
148/DIG.115 Orientation 34
148/DIG.116 Oxidation, differential 38
148/DIG.117 Oxidation, selective 161
148/DIG.118 Oxide films 122
148/DIG.119 Phosphides of gallium or indium 39
148/DIG.12 Bonding e.g., electrostatic for strain gauges 242
148/DIG.120 Photocathodes-cs coated and solar cell 55
148/DIG.121 Plastic temperature 0
148/DIG.122 Polycrystalline 174
148/DIG.123 Polycrystalline diffuse anneal 47
148/DIG.124 Polycrystalline emitter 84
148/DIG.125 Polycrystalline passivation 17
148/DIG.126 Power fets 121
148/DIG.127 Process induced defects 9
148/DIG.128 Proton bombardment of silicon 23
148/DIG.129 Pulse doping 2
148/DIG.13 Breakdown voltage 12
148/DIG.130 Purification 7
148/DIG.131 Reactive ion etching rie 96
148/DIG.132 Recoil implantation 2
148/DIG.133 Reflow oxides and glasses 64
148/DIG.134 Remelt 7
148/DIG.135 Removal of substrate 218
148/DIG.136 Resistors 82
148/DIG.137 Resists 35
148/DIG.138 Roughened surface 30
148/DIG.139 Schottky barrier 67
148/DIG.14 Capacitor 105
148/DIG.140 Schottky barrier contacts 92
148/DIG.141 Self-alignment coat gate 71
148/DIG.142 Semiconductor-metal-semiconductor 11
148/DIG.143 Shadow masking 68
148/DIG.144 Shallow diffusion 12
148/DIG.145 Shaped junctions 44
148/DIG.146 Sheet resistance (dopant parameters) 3
148/DIG.147 Silicides 166
148/DIG.148 Silicon carbide 62
148/DIG.149 Silicon on iii-v 12
148/DIG.15 Capping layer 46
148/DIG.150 Silicon on sapphire sos 188
148/DIG.151 Simultaneous diffusion 52
148/DIG.152 Single crystal on amorphous substrate 33
148/DIG.153 Solar cells-implantations-laser beam 40
148/DIG.154 Solid phase epitaxy 32
148/DIG.155 Solid solubility 3
148/DIG.156 Sonos 8
148/DIG.157 Special diffusion and profiles 14
148/DIG.158 Sputtering 32
148/DIG.159 Strain gauges 30
148/DIG.16 Catalyst 28
148/DIG.160 Superlattice 51
148/DIG.161 Tapered edges 39
148/DIG.162 Testing steps 30
148/DIG.163 Thick-thin oxides 38
148/DIG.164 Three dimensional processing 54
148/DIG.165 Transmutation doping 17
148/DIG.166 Traveling solvent method 3
148/DIG.167 Two diffusions in one hole 15
148/DIG.168 V-grooves 43
148/DIG.169 Vacuum deposition (includes molecular beam epitaxy 113
148/DIG.17 Clean surfaces 94
148/DIG.170 Vapor-liquid-solid 4
148/DIG.171 Varistor 1
148/DIG.172 Vidicons 6
148/DIG.173 Washed emitter 2
148/DIG.174 Zener diodes 13
148/DIG.18 Compensation doping 44
148/DIG.19 Contacts of silicides 123
148/DIG.2 Amphoteric doping 4
148/DIG.20 Contacts, special 180
148/DIG.21 Continuous process 6
148/DIG.22 Controlled atmosphere 15
148/DIG.23 Deep level dopants 23
148/DIG.24 Defect control-gettering and annealing 74
148/DIG.25 Deposition multi-step 84
148/DIG.26 Deposition thru hole in mask 135
148/DIG.27 Dichlorosilane 11
148/DIG.28 Dicing 76
148/DIG.29 Differential crystal growth rates 12
148/DIG.3 Anneal 142
148/DIG.30 Diffusion 15
148/DIG.31 Diffusion at an edge 14
148/DIG.32 Diffusion length 4
148/DIG.33 Diffusion of aluminum 30
148/DIG.34 Diffusion of boron or silicon 18
148/DIG.35 Diffusion thru a layer 41
148/DIG.36 Diffusion, nonselective 8
148/DIG.37 Diffusion-deposition 46
148/DIG.38 Diffusions-staged 17
148/DIG.39 Displace p-n junction 12
148/DIG.4 Annealing, incoherent light 35
148/DIG.40 Dopants, special 37
148/DIG.41 Doping control in crystal growth 38
148/DIG.42 Doping, graded, for tapered etching 7
148/DIG.43 Dual dielectric 75
148/DIG.44 Edge diffusion under mask 7
148/DIG.45 Electric field 25
148/DIG.46 Electron beam treatment of devices 33
148/DIG.47 Emitter dip 2
148/DIG.48 Energy beam assisted epi growth 39
148/DIG.49 Equivalence and options 14
148/DIG.5 Antimonides of gallium or indium 13
148/DIG.50 Etch and refill 362
148/DIG.51 Etching 202
148/DIG.52 Face to face deposition 2
148/DIG.53 Field effect transistors fets 107
148/DIG.54 Flat sheets-substrates 15
148/DIG.55 Fuse 90
148/DIG.56 Gallium arsenide 62
148/DIG.57 Gas flow control 26
148/DIG.58 Ge germanium 30
148/DIG.59 Germanium on silicon or ge-si on iii-v 42
148/DIG.6 Apparatus 43
148/DIG.60 Gettering 75
148/DIG.61 Gettering-armorphous layers 42
148/DIG.62 Gold diffusion 10
148/DIG.63 Gp ii-iv-vi compounds 20
148/DIG.64 Gp ii-vi compounds 74
148/DIG.65 Gp iii-v (generic) compounds-processing 118
148/DIG.66 Gp iii-v liquid phase epitaxy 20
148/DIG.67 Graded energy gap 43
148/DIG.68 Graphite masking 4
148/DIG.69 Green sheets 3
148/DIG.7 Autodoping 24
148/DIG.70 Guard rings and cmos 37
148/DIG.71 Heating, selective 43
148/DIG.72 Heterojunctions 253
148/DIG.73 Hollow body 18
148/DIG.74 Horizontal melt solidification 2
148/DIG.75 Imide resists 8
148/DIG.76 Implant 8
148/DIG.77 Implantation of silicon on sapphire 25
148/DIG.78 Impurity redistribution by oxidation 2
148/DIG.79 Inert carrier gas 7
148/DIG.8 Bi-level fabrication 3
148/DIG.80 Infra-red 19
148/DIG.81 Insulators 18
148/DIG.82 Ion implantation fets/coms 127
148/DIG.83 Ion implantation, general 38
148/DIG.84 Ion implantation of compound devices 114
148/DIG.85 Isolated-integrated 194
148/DIG.86 Isolated zones 21
148/DIG.87 I2l integrated injection logic 27
148/DIG.88 J-fet (junction field effect transistor) 53
148/DIG.89 Josephson devices 6
148/DIG.9 Bi-mos 144
148/DIG.90 Laser anneal 83
148/DIG.91 Laser beam processing of fets 55
148/DIG.92 Laser beam processing-diodes or transistor 39
148/DIG.93 Laser beam treatment in general 173
148/DIG.94 Laser beam treatment of compound devices 35
148/DIG.95 Laser devices 152
148/DIG.96 Lateral transistor 30
148/DIG.97 Lattice strain and defects 80
148/DIG.98 Layer conversion 5
148/DIG.99 Led, multicolor 36

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